Welcome 2016!

January 16, 2016

Salam and hello everyone!
Alhamdulillah.. umur kita masih dipanjangkan, masih berkesempatan untuk menyambut dan menempuh tahun baru. Welcome 2016!

Soalan yang sangat sangat cliche lah kan, what are your news year's resolutions? Mine probably still trying to achieve 2015 punya! huahuahua.. Korang pulak bagaimana? Masih sambung ke atau dah ade azam baru? Ape ape pun, semoga kita lebih istiqamah dan kuat semangat to reach goal 2016.

Hammam Spa @Publika

August 31, 2015

Salam and hello everyone! Hammam hammam hammam! Siapa tak kenal Hammam Spa..ask any spa lover, mesti diorang kata "omggg Hammam terbaik" ataupun yang tak pernah pergi lagi "omgg nak pegi pegi pegi!" Termasuklah me..dari dulu nak pergi Hammam sebab heard and read a lot of great reviews about it and how your daki totally gone lepas pegi Hammam Spa. Finally dapat merasa..Had to save up some money for this because it's a bit expensive. Hiks!

Pada suatu hari yang cantik, Lina pun berhajat untuk mencantikkan diri, duit pun dah cukup..so I planned with my good friend Emma to have a day in at Hammam Spa, Publika. They have another branch which is at Bangsar Village, but tak sanggup nak redah jam Bangsar, we chose Publika as it was nearest to our home. 

When we sampai Publika, memang confuse habis lah. Knowing Publika, you must study the blocks baru boleh jumpa tempat yang nak dituju. Called Publika tanya which block sebab malas nak Google hehe. After 5 to 10 minutes pusing meronda..akhirnya jumpa jugak Hammam. Sampai sampai je, terjah couch yang lawa ni!


August 09, 2015

Salam and hi everyone! Alhamdulillah, time passes by so quickly, tup tup raya dah nak habis. Alhamdulillah tahun ni dapat balik kampung after 2 years sebab sister was dalam pantang etc. This year balik Kedah, my father's side. I really loved the suasana kampung, it's like a breath of fresh air and away from the hustle and bustle of KL.

Nak share ootd sikit boleh? This was the first time I wore jubah for Hari Raya, modern jubah. Ada satu je OOTD raya for this year..sebab 2nd day raya I went to London. Haaaa..that one upcoming posts yea! :)

Satin instant shawl: Icahfa
Modern Jubah : Custom-made, done by my tailor.
Bag : Prada
This year and for the first time, I chose red as my colour theme!

Cantik tak rumah atok saya dan bunga-bunga kat belakang tu?

hehe okay bye!

AviSpa, Avilion Resort @Port Dickson

May 13, 2015

Salam and hello everyone! When was the last I did a spa review? Now that's how LONG the last I went to a spa. Anyway, I have always wanted to post this review and finally found the time to do it. Now Im going to review the ever luxurious AviSpa at Avillion Resort in Port Dickson. Actually when I went here,  I didn't have my hijab on yet, so yang ada gambar free hair, BUT Im not going to post those pics of course, so therefore, no pics of me in this post..just snaps of the spa etc.

It was a day trip to PD on one weekend where my whole family and I felt like we just wanted to get out of the city and enjoy a short pantai daytrip. Of course the closest to KL is Port Dickson. We didn't plan to stay over at Avilion because we just wanted a day trip..so lepak-lepak at Avilion kononnya kami ni macam hotel guests but tak salah pun sebenarnya..boleh je. Plus I was planning to have a full day at their spa anyway :)

I made my appointment the day before, thank God it was available as I read reviews that AviSpa is very popular in Port Dickson. Body needed some serious major makeover!

When I was walking around the resort looking for the spa, I couldn't believe my eyes that the glasshouse IS the spa. I didn't want to believe it so I asked a staff that was passing by behind me to confirm and he said yes, and led me to the spa. I was so segan....sebab first time rasanya masuk spa luxury macam ni. Selalunya spa biase biase je.. but Alhamdulillah rezeki lebih time tu, memang felt like nak pamper body ni sekali sekala tak salah kan?

The first thing I saw when I stepped my foot in AviSpa. From there, I could tell the theme of the spa was white and blue which definitely symbolizes peace, quiet, and beauty of the luxury sea.

I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who handed me a registration/check in form before we got the body party started. I booked for body scrub and body wrap. I was given the freedom to choose whichever scrub or wrap that I liked from these cute array of samples which I could sniff and make a decision. I took Detoxifying Coffee Scrub and Snow Pearl Wrap( I think that's what's it called as it was supposed to whiten your skin).

Next, I was led to the locker room where I changed and kept my things. I decided to not bring my phone into the treatment room because I didn't want to play with it and I off my phone for a good 2.5 hours. Away from social media hooray! So..sorry sebab there won't be any pics of the treatment room. But let me tell you how it is and try to imagine yea.

Blue sink tiles, and white floor and curtains, white walls and there was a huge window covered with a big white curtain. I was curious of what's behind it..I assumed it was the view of the hotel etc. But I was wrongggggg. It was the view looking out to the sea. I was in awe, my jaw dropped, I was stunned. I couldn't believe that my spa treatment will be with the view of the sea ahead of me. My therapist came in, a beautiful middle-aged woman, very friendly and seemed very experienced. I could tell by her strong touch and grip when she scrubbed my body.

My treatment started with a mini foot spa where I soaked my feet in warm water full of fresh flowers. Makcik tu cuci cuci apa yang patut..and then I got onto my bed and the scrubbing began! Haaa..sental habis makcik! Kasi hilang semua daki daki and dead skins and jerawat and segalanya lah! The srub was roughly 45-minutes to 1 hour. Then I washed myself in the attached bathroom but without soap sebab lepastu nak wrap pulak! woohoooo. Next, she applied a good generous amount of polish and wrapped me like a mummy with a plastic wrap. Let it stay for about 45minutes to 1 hour. Terbaik okay! Memang I tertidur nyenyak... Lastly, she took my off my wrap and I had a good warm bath. The therapist said she would wait for me outside for tea and snacks. Ingatkan tea and snacks kat reception..but again I was wrong..wrong in a good way!

Look at this.

This is where I sipped my tea and took selfies like budak baru belajar selfie. Punya lah syiok! Look at the view guys.. it's magnificent and breathtaking. Memang perasan Paris Hilton habis lah time ni. Termenungggg jauh because terkejut.

I didn't want to leave for sure. I took my time relaxing at the paddock and crossing fingers that they won't shoo me away for being there for too long. Thank God they didn't. They let me take my time enjoying the view and my ginger tea with my robe on. Filled up some feedback form (I gave 5 bintang penuh for everything. There was not a single mistake I encountered the past 2.5 hours!) Changed into my clothes back at the locker room and thanked them for the great service and for making my day and trip a memorable one.

But before I left, they told me to go to the second floor of the glasshouse where there is like a  mini cafe looking out to the sea for hotel guests and spa guests only. Without hestitation, I went up and again I was blown away..

Sipping fruit juices and mocktails here. HERE! Memang bergambar sakan la kat sini.. puas! :)

Tak nak balik please! but reality called, till we meet again AviSpa. I will DEFINITELY come back for a full head to toe experience (kalau dah kaya nanti insyaAllah! haha). Recommend this luxurious spa to anyone who loves spa and beaches :) And every ringgit is worth it!

Body Scrub: RM180
Body Wrap :RM170

Service Quality : 5/5

Spa Experience : 5/5
Ambience : 5/5
Price : $$$
Will I come back? : YES

Rating Guide
1/5 : Poor
2/5 : Fair
3/5 :Average 
4/5 : Good
5/5 : Excellent
$ :Budget
$$ : Mid-range
$$$ : Splurge 


Hani's Rainbow Party

May 10, 2015

Salam and hello everyone. Okay actually, this post was supposed to be up like months ago, MONTHS AGO, like June 2014. But last year was a difficult year for me, I didn't have the 'mood' to update my blog. Soooo, this is it!

Remember my friend, Farhana who was the first among my best girlfriends to get married? Last year, her cute daughter, Hani turned 1! Oh my, how time flies. Sure I feel I'm getting older now. Anyway, her 1st birthday party was by far the cutest theme party that I've ever been to. The theme was Kawaii and Rainbow, decorated by Wondermama Candy Buffet and also some parts by Farhana herself.
Check out these pictures below, perhaps it can give you some ideas on how to throw a rainbow-themed party for children.

Venue: Stuff Your Face @Bangsar Shopping Centre

Everything was very detailed and super cute. The dessert spread was plenty, we were sugar high definitely!

The cute lil' Hani.

Thank you Far and family for having us! We had a great time indulging the yummy cakes and candies!


TGV Cinemas introduces Family Friendly

May 05, 2015

 TGV Cinemas Introduces Dedicated Sessions for Families
Parents can now enjoy more movies with their children in a Family Friendly environment

 TGV Cinemas, one of Malaysia’s leading exhibitor and multiplex cinema operators, launched its first TGV Cinemas Family Friendly session - a new concept targeting at parents with toddlers, at TGV Cinemas 1 Utama last Saturday.

The exclusive TGV Cinemas Family Friendly sessions provides a conducive setting for parents and their children to engage with one another and be themselves throughout the entire movie without any inhibition. TGV Cinemas also ensured the sessions are carried out with lower audio volume and brighter hall lights for the comfort of toddlers as well as diaper changing table for parents’ convenience.

Outside the cinema hall, TGV Cinemas clearly outlined the Family Friendly session house rules to parents such as beware of crying babies and running toddlers, kids are allowed to ask questions and kids are allowed to move around within the hall.

 “Often, parents avoid going to the cinemas because they are worried that their children may cause disturbance to other moviegoers. With the new TGV Cinemas Family Friendly sessions, parents can now visit the cinemas more often as these sessions are exclusively for them to watch movies with their kids,” said Celeste Koay, Senior Marketing Manager of TGV Cinemas.

TGV Cinemas have selected and scheduled a line-up of movies for the Family Friendly sessions suitable for both parents and kids.

The launch was attended by more than 150 parents, media and Malaysian celebrities such as Stefanie Chua (former first runner-up Miss World Malaysia 2009), Julie Woon, Dr Jezamine Lim , Hunny Madu and Yasmin Hani together with their babies and kids.  During the inaugural Family Friendly session, the cinema screened the latest blockbuster movie from Marvel - “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

 “There will be a mixture of latest releases, blockbuster titles and classic children movies for these Family Friendly sessions throughout the year. These sessions will not only give parents the chance to catch the latest movies but also the opportunity to bond and share their passion for movies with their children,” added Koay.

Currently, the TGV Cinemas Family Friendly sessions are available only at TGV Cinemas 1 Utama on weekends and looking forward to extending this concept to its other locations soon.

Ticket price for parents is only RM7/seat and kids below 12 watch for free.

“Thank you TGV Cinemas for introducing dedicated TGV Cinemas Family Friendly sessions. My wife and I are movie lovers and we used go to the cinemas on weekly basis. Since having our kids we have stopped going to the cinemas because we worried that our kids might disturb other moviegoers.  With Family Friendly sessions, we are excited to bring our kids with us to the cinemas”, said Ramamoorthy Sooriyanarayanan, 36, father of two kids aged 4 and 6 respectively.

Family Friendly session tickets can be purchased through TGV Cinemas’ website: www.tgv.com.my or walk-in to TGV Cinemas 1 Utama.

 Now parents don't need to avoid cinemas because of their lil' ones. Now all of us can enjoy together as a family with a comfortable atmosphere! Kudos to TGV for this brilliant idea! :)


My Top 9 Hijab Boutiques

May 03, 2015

Salam and hi everyone! It's been wayyyyyy too long since I stepped my foot here in this (sad) blog of mine. I've been very busy with work, personal matters etc, that I decided to give my blog a break. Sorry about that. Nonetheless, I think I'm back for good and cheers to many more fun blogposts to come. To those yang setia with my blog, alhamdulillah thank you so much for staying and to new comers, welcome to my life.

In this post, I would like to share my favourite places that I buy my hijabs from. Ever since I started wearing hijab, I've been having fun playing with different types of shawls, colours and style. Im blessed to be in this journey and thank you Allah, families and friends, for guiding me and protecting me always.

So let's see my top 9 picks!

  1. Rainbownista

Rainbownista is my favourite FAVOURITE online store to buy hijabs. They sell a variety types of shawl materials, such as cotton, silk, and glitter shawl at  an affordable price. They focus on colourful items, hence the name Rainbownista. Think fun rainbow colours! Besides selling shawls, Rainbownista's main hot selling items are kaftans and dresses. Nanti bila nak raya, or even now, they will restock more kaftans for you to choose from. Confirm rambang mata! Meh klik sini..

2. Al-Humaira Contemporary

The heaven of instant shawls and super comfy and pretty chiffon shawls! This place was the start of my love and minat for instant shawls! My first purchase from them was an instant chiffon shawl, so easy to pakai, sarung je settle..felll in love terus and ever since, memang selalu borong instant shawl kat sini! They come in many colours, you will be spoilt for choice.

3. Ariani

Some people find them reasonable, some say expensive. Well as for me, I like to wait for sales when it comes to Ariani. When they do sale, it's like crazy mad sale 50 to 70% off. I like to buy Syrian tudung here, yang senang sarung je tu...easier for me to go to school and handle my lil kids. Their silk chiffon shawls are precious too, pricey but great quality. If you find them pricey, wait for their sales as they have it quite often..selalu dapat sms from them about their sales! 

4. Icahfa

Icahfa is a vendor in Bazaar@Seven in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Their line-up of glitter halfmoon shawls catch my eyes all the time, besides selling beautiful jubah dresses. Their halfmoon shawls senang sgt nak bentuk, tak panas, suitable for nigh and day occasion. Many come here to buy a whole set for bridesmaids etc. They always have a lot of stock.. reasonable price. Great quality shawls! 

5. Qaira Hijab

Qaira Hijab is also one of my favourite places to buy instant lycra hijab..where you just sarung, and pull up the rest of the hijab and tadaa! Siap! Comes in many colours, like the above photo. Qaira also focuses on instant chiffon shawls, sewn together with inner/awning to make our life so much easier! Jubah stocks quite limited, but their hijab stocks are heavenly!

6. Naelofar

Founded by beautiful public figure, Neelofa. As you can tell by now that Im obsessed with instant hijabs, so Naelofar is definitely in my top 9 list. I love how they come up with pretty pastel colours and always have a lot of stock..don't worry about stocks finishing because they have a lot of agents around in Malaysia selling Naelofar. It's super comfortable, easy to put on, syariah complaint as it covers back and labuh in front. Everybody should have at least one Naelofar hijab in their closet..i love it that much!

7. Bokitta

Also one of Neelofa's hijab ventures, Bokitta is another instant shawl but instead of using lycra cotton like Naelofar, Bokitta uses chiffon/crepe material. It comes with a matching inner. Tak panas to pakai sebab the thin chiffon material but it's not see through as it is layered with a thin dark cloth inside. There's an elastic part at the chin so it's free size for everyone! How convenient!

8. Bidadari Contemporary

Colourful heavy chiffon shawls here!! I like their chiffon shawls because tak jarang and covered my neck! You don't need to wear inner neck..I know sometimes inner neck can be a little bit panas especially in Malaysian weather. Bidadari's heavy chiffon shawls are my favourite..they have plain ones and also dwi-tone shawls yg cute cute! Check out their two tone shawls!! So pretty!

9. Kenanga Wholesale Fashion Mall

Last but not least, our one and only Kenanga Fashion Mall where you can borong hundreds of hijabs, accesssories tudung and inners! I always go here to get cheap inners, because to me inners in boutiques are ridiculously marked up. In Kenanga, you can borong like 8 or 10 inners and bargain until RM35 to RM50 for all. Woohoo! 

There you go! Do you like these boutiques as well? Do share with me your favourites as well so we all can learn about more boutiques in our country, Malaysia.

Salam and have a good day!

*Picture credits are my screenshots from their official sites and Facebook pages.