Shaddai Shelter Home Visit

July 31, 2008

20th of July was truly a memorable day for me!!

Circle K members; Jia Min, Amy, Mechell, Zen, Jhinroe, Vanitha, LiYen, LiWei, me and two nice volunteers; Kahyan and Kai - spent our noon at Shaddai Shelter Home in Old Klang.

That morning, I woke up with a huge grin on my face for I knew that I was going to spend the day with a lot of children. Honestly, this was my first time visiting a shelter home and I was really excited to meet them.

Circle K'ers, the volunteers, and club advisor Ms Debbie gathered at the Lower Foyer of Main Block at around 9.30am to sort things out. First thing's first, we need to transfer the donations (food and clothes) from the Student Council store room to our bus. God, that was a hardwork! Early morning sweat really can boost your day, I say! And it's been a damn long time since I woke up before 12pm. *blushes* So yeah, get the fact that my energy that day was really low low low but hey! I worked it all out, though! Amazing, huh ?

Look at the morning blues!

Me and JhinRoe

Getting ready to do good deeds for the day!

Ms Debbie giving us a brief on the journey.

Amy explaining to me about the games.

Our journey to the shelter home took about 15 minutes. We seriously thought that Old Klang was like damn far! We thanked God for we arrived at our destination safely as you know me, damn afraid of buses! It was a hot sunny day and I definitely had to have my sunglasses all day long!

I focused my eyes on the shelter home the moment we arrived. Honestly, I thought it would be big and have over 100 children but then it was just a humble home providing shelter for about 20 children :) I was kind of relieved 'cause I could sometimes lose my patience if I had to handle so many children! *now that's a confession*.

The moment we stepped into the house, it was kind of awkward cause we didn't know what to do or what to say, I guess we all were first-timers! When Ms Debbie arrived, thank you to her for she 'threw' away the awkwardness! *phewh*

Zen set up his laptop and music for the games, Ms Debbie unpacked the food and the rest tried to gather the children to form a circle as to start off our first activity which was obviously the introduction. We provided a ball and what we had to do was to throw the ball to anyone and that person must mention his/her name. This session is basically called 'Breaking the Ice'. Ouh just so you know, the children were from the age of 16 and below and there were more boys than girls!

Next up was a game called 'Hot Potato'. Till today I don't know what the title got to do with the game. We had to pass a ball around again in the same circle but with the music on. It's something like pass the parcel but those who got the ball when the music stopped, would be punished by Amy. And the punishment at first was drawing on the person's hand but later we changed to any form of punishment as to make the game more exciting! So yeah, why is it called Hot Potato ? But whatever, the game was really really funny!

awww, they're so cute!!!

Pass on the ball!!

Yeap, I got punished and I had to dance. How embarrassing, especially in front of the kids!

He got punished too! So he had to dance!! He was damn good!

After playing 'Hot Potato', which was those who had been punished must dance, now the next activity required everyone to dance! I think it's called 'New Friend Found'. From what I observed, it was more of like those campfire dance and like you changed your partners and this game has a meaning from the title! The song was really cute too! If you want to know how the song goes, buzz me and I'll sing it for you! *hehe* Ouh and to my surprise, these children are fast learners!!

This thing is tres cute especially when the children sang along!

It was noon and we all got hungry! So it was time for a break and the children grabbed some lunch prepared by some of the Circle K members. There were sandwiches, nuggets, french fries, fruits, jelly and nutritious drinks! Good for the children! *hehe*

Food is the best!

Camwhore during lunch break! muahah! sempat!!

After stuffing ourselves with yummylicious food, it was time for another game! The game was 'Guess the Word'. This game was the most most exciting one of all because the situation got more tense as everyone tried to guess the word! The funny part was how they acted out the word was so hard to guess by us but the children could guess it!! How smarttt!! It was really strange, though! Hmmmmm...

Acting out the word with silence for the audience to guess!

Later on we played 'Simon says'! Game nieh lagi best but tiring 'cause we had to sit la, stand la, squat la, raise your hand la! Macam macam la.. but still it was damn fun!

The last game was 'Matching'. This game was education-related as the children must match the pictures they got with the words written on cards in our hands. This could enhance their knowledge and how much they know! This game had added more fun and excitement in the house!

All the kids berebut to match the pictures with the words! hilarious!

Mission to make them happy accomplished, so we headed back to college around 3 was sooner than we estimated!

It was sad to leave them..and we wish we could stay longer but no worries, children! We promise we will visit you again! Maybe next time we can go to the zoo or something! Right, kids??

Straight from the heart, I love them all. They're cute, funny, SMART, sweet, talented...!

They should never be left behind for they are normal human beings just like us!

This trip had taught me a lot of lessons and one of them is to appreciate and thankful of what I already have!

Those who wish to donate or visit them, feel free to contact me and I'll give you the contact details.
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Lina :)