Melbourne 2008

August 09, 2008

I should shut up now and stop complaining the same thing; which is... 'why I haven't been spending my holidays well?'.


A mission was accomplished on the 28th of August 2008! I had a suhweeet escape for myself!

I went for a vacation! *phewh* It's been a long time I know, and I have been complaining a lot about being bored at home, haven't I ? *giggles*

For the first time ever in my life, I went to a place in Australia which was not Brisbane. *I've been to Brissy 4 times*. Give it up for ...MELBOURNE! The city of yummylicious food, great shopping, and fantastic nightlife! Although the plan to go clubbing there was canceled, but a little birdie told me that Melbourne is the place to be for clubbers! Next time, I'll make sure I'm on it! No worries Syu, it was a bit last minute right. Some other time, then! :P


Not only the clubbing plan was last minute! In fact, the whole trip was effffing last minute! It was really funny how it all got through, though. Well, I asked my parents if I could go visit Syu in Melbourne for at least a week, since I was on holidays and I desperately needed a vacation! I thought they would say no, since I've never gone overseas without the whole family. This would be the first time...up up and away, just me and my sister! Surprisingly, papa said yes and mama just agreed with pa. But I could tell from ma's face that she was really really extremely worried of us being away in a foreign country! But we kept on reassuring her that we needed this experience, or else how will she going to let us study in overseas soon ? Papa straight away booked the tix for 22nd, but didn't know for which flight of what time! Funny, huh ??

Only on the 21st I got the tix and found out what time! So what else was I waiting for! It was time for the chaos to begin... PACKING!! *it really was a hardwork!* Well, it was winter in Melbourne, so it was a bit tough for me but I survived!

My flight was early in the morning, and Lord knows I'm not a morning person. Why of why! But whatever, better than nothing right! My sister and I bid our goodbyes to family. we come!! *my dad acted like we were leaving for like a month, it was only for a week, pa!* heheheh

Our arrival flight was smooth and comfy and we touched down around 8pm on Tuesday. Did the whole immigration, luggage check and voila! It was time to look for Far and Syu! The airport was well damn packed and it was hard to look out for them. This is why humans invented mobile phones.. but I couldn't get any network..PERFECT! *panic attack already* So me and my sister(Yana) just walked around hoping to see some familiar figures and thank God we found them. I came from behind them and tapped them on the shoulder and.... 'AAAAAAH!' yeap! we screamed while hugging each other so tightly!!!!! People around us was like ' what the fish man, these asian girls!' *giggles*

We looked for a taxi and some hot stuff came to us and asked us if we needed a taxi. So we walked to his taxi, I didn't know it was a private taxi..! No wonder the taxi was soo soo cool! The taxi driver himself was cool too, not to mention HOT! Well duh right, he's Egyptian and he's young, 20-ish! *hehehe, you see, even taxi driver pun hensem* The journey to Syu's place took about 30 minutes and it cost around 50 dollars. Not bad, eh!

We rested our feet for a while before getting some supper. My first meal in Melbourne! *gila particular* . Later on we headed to a Lebanese restaurant named 'Min Zaman'. Syu and Far were in the mood for some shisha while me and my sis were plain hungry. We ordered some dips, 3 kinds I think, and mine was the best! I won! HAHA! Mine was called ' Salsa Herra'. So folks, if you go to this restaurant, I recommend that one for you ;)

Supper at Min Zamaan.

Look at Syu!

Messing around in the tram

Syu and Far did some funny things and weird facial expressions with the shisha, they were so into it! You guys were so funny! It was getting late so we got on the tram without tickets *bad girls*. Well it was like midnight, so there was no tram inspector to check us, even the tram was empty! It was just us! We melalak like hell in the tram..singing all sorts of tunes like drunkards!

We went home around 2 am and slept for a fresh start for the next day :)

We woke up early the next morning and got ready to have a big day out! Let the vacation began!

Finally we bought out tram tickets and headed on to Melbourne Central to meet up with Kong and Khalid. They are my good friends back in highschool. Trust me, Melbourne is like reunion bebudak TTDI okay! We had our brunch at a Greek restaurant, 'Stalactite' I think! Their kebab was awesome!!!! Sedap gila!! and the portion was big, but I finished it! I needed a lot of energy for the day.

With Khalid at Stalactite! Yummm!

Basically, that day was a shopping day! Syu being the best tour guide ever, took us to Chapel Street! My oh my, everything was like on SALE! Christmas sale!! I bought a winter jacket and used it on the spot 'cause I couldn't stand that hot pink leather jacket I was wearing! It was heavy, my shoulders and my back couldn't tahan anymore! hehe. So I bought this black winter jacket which was on sale, from 100 bucks to 30 bucks! woooh!

Chapel Street!

There's one shopping bag!

The day was still too soon to go home, so we decided to head to Melbourne Museum. I already had the feeling that it was closing 'cause it was already 4 pm, and you know, these kind of places always close around that time! So yeah, when we got there, my guess hit the jackpot! It was close! We missed by 15 mins! SAD, right! But no problem, there was like a nice park near we didn't hesitate to take a stroll and be camwhores ;) and talked about 'tangkap basah'!! Damn randomn, right?? We burst out into loud laughter about that topic! We just couldn't stop making fun of it! *hehehe*

So peaceful, isn't it ?

Look at that colourful thing! Cool, huh!

Ahhhh..the tree is beautiful!

Later for dinner, we stuffed ourselves at an Indonesian restaurant named 'Es Teller' ? I think! And we saw Adam!! Ad's brother! Told ya it's a TTDI reunion! hehe. I had 'Nasi Goreng Seafood'. Just so you know, I'm doing me best in this post to tell you the name of the restaurants that we went to, so that you can know a lil bit of something of what's good to eat here! This post can be useful for those who wish to visit Melbourne :)

We were supposed to go to Melbourne Aquarium the next day, but due to some difficulties in time, we canceled that destination. Syu decided to take us to Skydeck instead, which was an incredible place!!

In the morning, we met up with Syu's bestie, Soon Tzu, really an adorable guy! We had brunch at some cute little hidden cafe which was located at some hidden alley!! The place reminded me of that alley in Harry Potter, oh that Diagon Alley! I think the area is called 'degraves street'. Later Kong and Khalid joined us. I had some chicken pasta! YUMMY! The day was extra cold. It got colder each day, though!

Breakfast smiles :)
We then went for some knowledge enhancement, which was none other than the museum! Not the one that we wanted to go the day before, a different one. The admission was free. Awesome place! There were like Egyptian stuff, Asian..Europeans! Very nice! This day we didn't really use the tram. We walked most of the time. Ouh and Far joined us after the museum tour! We had some hot chocoloate at Bernetti's to warm ourselves, and waited for Razmy and Azaliya to join us to Skydeck. Skydeck is a building..not really like a tower. The special thing about this building is that, it has this amazing thing called 'The Edge' which you have to pay 10 bucks extra to be in it. The floor in 'The Edge' is transparent and if you're afraid of heights, I advice you not to try it. It is I think 88 floors high. And when you're in 'The Edge', they put on some shattering glasses sound just to scare the shit out of you! I didn't go on it though 'cause I'm afraid of heights, duh! None of us did! Semua penakut! *giggles*

At the museum entrance!

Best friends forever!

Having hot choc at Bernetti's !

Khalid and Kong!

Far and Syu sipping their favourites!

Syu poserrrr!

OH! I sprained my ankle while we were walking, gila kan! Spoil mood okay! haha.

OMG! Forgot to tell you! When we were heading for our breakfast spot, Syu tripped! 'Cause she saw a hot guy! DAHSYAT! Sampai tripped! hehe. Well to be true, the guy was really hot! He was like glowing in the sun and the blonde hair really caught our eyes! I don't know how else to explain how hot he was, 'cause he was sooo sooo gorgeous!! He was like.and angel! Glowing!

The scary Skydeck! haha!


Yes, I'm afraid of my heights!!

Funny thing was that, at that night, we were extra extra hungry! We went to Nandos! Semua tamak gila! We all ordered half chicken! And then semua got lazy....but we still didn't want to go home just yet! Later Khalid and Kong felt like having some shisha, so we headed to Min Zaman again ..and then baru balik! haha.

Lepaking at Min Zaman!

The next day was more relaxed as we only went to the zoo. Yana didn't join 'cause she sprained her ankle the day before. We had brunch at Victoria Market area and met up with Far there. We took a tram and it was quite far from Syu's place. We were kind of lost actually as we weren't sure which stop should we take! So we asked around for directions and yeah, the zoo was a lil bit far. We walked through like the greens..the football field! Too bad for us no one was practising footie! If not we could have cuci mata sikit! ;) The time we got there, the zoo was about to close in about an hour and 30 mins time, but still we wanted to go for it, after all the long walk! The entrance was about 18 dollars, concession price! The zoo was fine, but it is not as good as Australian Zoo in Brisbane. The good thing about that zoo is that, it has gorillas!!! awesome!!!! From what I observed, the zoo actually has a lot of monkey species!

Gorilla! takde keje panjat pokok!

Mr Piggy!

Beautiful, isn't it ?

I had the best dinner ever that night! The place was Pancake Parlour. OMGosh! You can find all sorts of pancake cooked in different styles! As for me who loves chocolate as hell, ordered a plate of 'Chocolate Strawberry Jubilee' ! MY OH MY! Let me tell you what was in it! It was a chocolate pancake, covered with yummy chcolate syrup and chocolate flakes, and some vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top, and strawberries were all over the plate! And believe it or not, big round of applause for me, I FINISHED IT! It was a hard work, okay! Worth the money! :)

The evil evil devil!!


2 days left till we back in KL. We wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to shop as much as our feet can stand! So on the Saturday, is another shopping spree! Our breakfast was marvellous! It was at some cute French cafe with sexy French waiters! Oh god, I love it when they explained the menu... *melts* I think it was called 'Cafe Catelle' or something. I had Eggs Atlantic. Ya Allah, eggs with English muffins is a bliss! We met up with Kamil. See ? Another TTDI reunion! hehe. As to start our shopping-thon, and before we forgot, we started off by buying some souvenirs for friends and family back home. How sweet of me! :) And then baru start shopping for me, myself and I! I bought a sweatshirt, serious lawa gila! It has cool prints on it! Later we went in Supre and it was on sale! WOOH! I bought 3 tops from Supre and all for like 30 bucks!
It was a lil bit of a rainy day actually, but we still managed to shop! That's what we girls fight for, huh! 'Nasi Lemak House' was our choice for dinner. Never in my life, I've heard of different style of nasi lemak. There were like nasi lemak kelantan, nasi lemak langkawi and whatnot! WOOH! I had nasi lemak langkawi, it had like some calamaris! Funny, eh! But it was delicious! Nasi lemak mahal, 10 dollars! OOPS!

Sunday was aquarium day! YAY! finally! But before meeting up with Far, Khalid and Kong...Syu took us to St. Kilda! Gorgeous place! It is a beach! Extra extra cold and windy! Had Pasta Napolitana for breakfast at Deverolli's. Gila kan ? Pagi pagi dah pasta! haha. To save money for the day, so that we didn't need to have lunch. Again, we shopped at St Kilda. I bought another sweatshirt, though! It looks like those punk sweatshirts of pink and black print..Avril Lavigne would die to have it! hahaha. Bought it at Jay Jay's for 10 dollars. How suhweeet!

Esplanade market!

It was also a rainy day. huhuh. Esplanade Market was nice! They have artsy craft things!

What did I buy there? : A ring and a photo album. Both were handmade! Later on we took a tram and it stopped right in front of the Melbourne Aquarium. Perfect! no more walking!

I loved the aquarium! Far thought it was okay, but then she said Aquaria was better. I don't know, I've never been there. hehe. Melbourne Aquarium was filled with lots of kids. I had to fight with the kids to see the fish. Sorry, kiddos! My ass was in your face all the time, I know! HAHA. oh oh! We got to see the divers feeding the sharks and the turtles..the stingrays and all! I was mesmerized by the action! It was around 5 pm, when we decided to have snacks. So much of wanting to have snacks, I ended up eating Nasi Briyani!. hAH!

Shark behind us!

Mr Shark!

Look look!


We walked by the river near the foodcourt and be the worst camwhores ever!
*blush* I shopped again! This time I bought a blue cardigan for only 10 bucks too!

And you know, suddenly it rained heavily! NONE of us brought umbrellas!! We ran for our lives and ended up entering 'San Churros'. UH-OH! Another weightgain session! OMG! Their hot choc was so damn thick. It was like they didn't even put any water! It was like they just melt the chocolate bars! HAHA. but still it was yummy and really warmed by body! The churros was none other than SUPERYUMMYLICIOUS!

We talked so much and so loud, that we felt like we were hanging out at kedai mamak. haha! Everyone else was like, having some hot choc while having soft conversations. But not us, man! We were laughing out loud, doing stupid actions with the food and the drinks. See what chocolates can do to you ? It gets you all hyped up!

Duck faces!!!

Turn around and flash your smile!

Having the time of our lives in San Churros!

Ohkay, the journey finally came to an end. Going back to KL the next day. Funny that Syu had class that morning, but Far teman us! Thanx for your time for just teman-ing us! hehe. Far got us a taxi and off we left Syu's home for the airport. Goodbye, Melbourne :(
So.....what did you think of my little escapade? I sure did have lots of amazing moments here! Never could have done it without my peeps in Melbourne. I know I've spoiled myself with tons of scrumptious food that I could not resist stuffing myself with! *giggles*
THANX A MILLION to Syu, Far, Khalid, Kong and our new friend Soon Tzu for having us there and taking us around! You guys are the BOMBS! :)
---> A whole lot more of pictures can be viewed at my facebook! Thanx!
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