Pics from Langkawi

November 12, 2008

All set for a jolly jolly weekend!

Ending my thirst with delicious fruit punch!

Scary catfish!

Vain-ing in the sun!

It's very rare to see me under the sun like this! There's a mood and time for it.. okay! So don't just assume that I CAN be under the sun. Ask my permission before taking me to a sunny holiday! hehe Don't surprise me or it will just spoil everyone's mood!

Island Hopping! whee~

Gorgeous resort!

Garden view from my room!

Langkawi 2008

November 11, 2008

Me had a relaxing weekend with sprained ankle last week! How interesting~~

The family and I went to Langkawi for the weekend, from Saturday till Monday.

The flight was on Saturday morning, around 8 am, board the plane and off we went!

I was kind of shocked when Dad didn't rent any car! He usually rents whenever we're in Langkawi. He said this time he wanted a relaxing weekend without driving around and worrying of getting lost! Kononnye, he wanted a luxurious weekend! *chewah* . So when we reached the airport, greeted by the hotel's representative. We stayed in Meritus Pelangi Resort and Spa!

One word to describe the resort : GORGEOUS!

If I'm not mistaken, it is a 5 star hotel! I totally love the way they decorated the place! It's so Bali-ish plus village-ish! Mostly everything was wooden! When I got there, I was truly stunned by the number of tourists at that resort. Believe it or now, it was like 90% whites! HAHA! There were only like 2 or 3 Malay families. Trust me, I felt like I was not in Malaysia. Thought I was in Gold Coast or something! I was frustrated by the type of people staying there..most of them were like old old super duper old granpa grandma old couples! Like above 50! OMGash! Couldn't flirt with anyone! They all so old! *eww* Oh well! Maybe God wanted me to to take a break from checking out guys for awhile and spend time for myself! Thank you, God!

On the first day, which was that very Saturday, we went for Island hopping! LorD I was praying for strength 'cause of my bloody sprained ankle! WAA! SAKIT LAA!

Island hopping was tres tres tres fun!! First we went to Pulau Dayang Bunting! Im so amazed 'cause suddenly there's like air tawar at laut yg air masin! HAHA. Cuaca sungguh bagus pada hari itu! Sunny and windy all along, just like what I expected! Alhamdulillah :)

My parents were soo soo looking forward to this place 'cause of that catfish thing! Can you imagine ? Soaking your feet in a pool of black scary looking catfish ? Wouldn't it bite you ? They do but it's your luck. But the guys say they usually don't. They're special. *ooooo* So yeah, we all soaked our feet in! I was hoping my pain would go away, it kind of did though! AND OMGash! GELI NAK MAMPOS! geli geli! The catfish were like gliding and playing around your feet! ahhh! I can still feel the tickles!

The boat ride from the jetty to all the islands were quite far, about 30 minutes! Not bad!

The next island, I don't know what is it called. But it was full of eagles! Like hundreds of them flying the air!! Beautiful, I tell ya! Beautiful! Subhanallah :)

The third island was Pulau Beras Basah. What's with the names of the islands, man? It really puzzles me for a minute. We didn't go to that one, just passed by only! Basically it was just a beach for people to lepak lepak.. we didn't want to waste out time there 'cause the beach at our hotel was way wayyy better looking :) So we skipped that one and headed back to the hotel! Had some lunch at a gerai laksa near the beach. To me the laksa was just OKAY, but I still don't know why my family is nuts about it! Hmmph.. My dad said it's so addictive and OMGASH! He wanted to ask the cook if she put ganja or daun ketup in it! Pa..memalukan! HAHA! He was just joshing, obviously! Dinner was marvellous. All of us were too damn lazy to get out of the hotel. Therefore, we had our dinner at the hotel's restaurant - both western and asian meals. I was shocked by the price of the food! But what the hell ? This is a 5 star restaurant and Dad gave chance to us to eat at the hotel that night. So what was I waiting for ? I ordered whatever the hell I wanted to eat. Funny thing when we were having dinner, we were entertained by a peformance of some Borneo dance. OMGash! It kind of scared the hell out of me!

The original plan for the next day was to go to some mangrove to check out some animals and whatnot.. But none of was still NOT in the mood to get out of the hotel. Hotel breakfast is always best. Ate as much as I could! J'adore buffet! ;) Today, we lepak by the beach the whole day. I just love the sun, wind, the waters, trees, sand and the peace-ness of the beach. It hit my target of expectation. How lovely! Had breakfast and went back to sleep. I woke up around noon, was too tired from the night before. So when I woke up, my family was already happily soaking themselves in the warm waters of the beach! GRR! So I had lunch by myself at the pool bar. I ordered too much again but hey I finished it okay! That is me! I will finish what I've started! Signed the bills to my room and headed to the inviting beach! I was so glad to be there. I finally felt peace, quiet and relaxed. Now, I feel so rejuvenated and fresh!! I was hoping I could flirt with some hot hunks since I was alone.. but like I said before, people there were so damn old! I wished I was at the next door hotel, called Casa Del Mar! Now THAT is what you call a SUHWEEET ESCAPE! *gatal* . There were so many hotties..lots of male models of what I observed! *squinting my eyes*.The family decided to have dinner outside, but my feet was starting to hurt again felt so lenguh, I couldn't walk properly again! So I stayed in my room while waiting for my dinner to come, which was like at 10 pm! HMMPH! That night, my sisters and I had a stroll around the hotel. My oh my!! The settings of the hotel is so soo romantic until it crossed my mind that when I get married soon, I want my honeymoon to be more Spain!! Langkawi is just GREAT! :) I was truly mesmerized by the beauty of the hotel that night! Everything just comes to live jazz band appealling! I've gots to love it! Ouh and we hung out at the hotel lounge too..listening to some live jazz band...beautiful beautiful voice! All so so romantic songs! Love it even more ;)

The third day was our last day :( Hah...I feel so good now! Lega gila finnaly dapat pegi beach!

Took the flight home and reached around noon. Balik rumah terus online, bagus betul! haha.

Thomas was online on facebook, funny thing that he was leaving for Langkawi in 2 hours time! Haha..if only I stayed one more day, could have hung out with him there I guess. Oh well.

Alritey, I think I've said too much!

Catch ya freaks, later!

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