Penang trip!!

December 22, 2008

Before I forget any interesting and amusing details while my trip to Penang with the girls that day, I shall blog and brag about it right now! Truth to be told, this was actually the very first Pumpkin's on trip together! Though not all pumpkins could make it, but still, the fact that it was just us, pumpkins, no family involved, was great enough ;) Syu, me , Far and Neesa were the 4 pumpkins that managed to get on with the trip. Nina had to balik kampung, Emma had exams, Aiysha and Ad just couldn't go. Oh well, there's always a next time when ALL OF US can go on a trip together, right ? ;)

Smileys for the adventure!

Having breakfast at some cafe in KLIA! Syu kacau my moment! haha

All set for a jolly jolly holiday!

Day 1
Our flight was on the 11th December at 7.35 am. Gila awal, right ? Well, we had a pretty good reason for that, the earlier we arrived, more things could be done and plus, we stayed for only 3 days and 2 nights, so we didn't want to waste any time at all. The night before the day, all of us sleptover at Far's place, 'cause she volunteered to drive to KLIA, i meant, the driver drove us. hehe. Woke up with the sleepy eyes and heavy heads around 4.30 am and kicked off around 5 am to the airport. Surprisingly, there were quite a lot of people at the airport, I guess many people wanted to take the early morning flight. Since we had not had our breakfast yet, we decided to stuff out tummy with at least some food before the flight, 'cause the flight would only be serving bloody peanuts! haha. So after checking in, we headed to a restaurant and later did our Subuh prayers. It was a good idea that none of us had our bags checked in, we only had backpacks. hehe. Our style macam backpackers, tapi tak backpack pun, style je lebih! keke :D

Duduk berjauhan pun still can camwhore!

Our flight went smoothly, reached around 8.30 am. At first I thought that Far's cousin would pick us up at the airport but something came up so like tak jadi. We definitely couldn't go to the hotel yet, sure the rooms tak ready lagi, so we decided to go to Queensbay Mall to stuff our tummy again. When you're in Penang, there's always an appetite to eat! The taxi took about 20 minutes ride from the airport to the mall, around 20 bucks if I'm not mistaken. OH MY GOD! How more stupid could we be!! We reached the mall around 9 something, and obviously DUH DUH DUH the mall wasn't opened yet! hahahahah! We were like, how cone the automatic sliding door wasn't working! Oh my god. I felt so stupid! hhaha! So we looked around, there were some shophouses near the mall, and there was only ONE bloody restaurant that was available for breakfast, some Malay cafe. Jadi la tuh, as long we got to have some Teh Ais pun dah okay! :)

The christmas theme for Queensbay Mall is doraemon. How interesting!

The Mall is ready for us!

Budget breakfast! haha

Around 10am-ish, we headed to the mall again dengan muka tebalnya! My god, im sure the guards were observing how dumbos we were! haha. Some of the shops had opened and we went to forever 21! HAHA. Pegi Penang, pegi forever 21! OMFG! Queensbay Mall's Forever 21 was fucking hugeee! It was like.. x10 of One Utama's branch!! AWESOMENESS! We controlled ourselves from shopping in the mall, 'cause we knew we could get so much better stuff at Batu Ferringhi's most popular night bazaar! It was almost 12pm that we decided to go to our hotel, we really needed a rest 'cause we woke up so early in the morning! We looked for taxi like shit and finnaly found one! It cost us about 60 bucks to get to Lone Pine Hotel in Batu Ferringhi. I thought the price was pretty okay, since Batu Feringghi could take up until 45 minutes. And OH MY GOD! The pakcik taxi driver couldn't stop talking at all! I knew that he was trying to be friendly and all, but come on, we were so tired and he was talking non stop!! From about what's the attraction in Penang (was good) to the good foods in Penang (still pretty okay) to about his wife and kids (not okay!) . But Lord, was he funny as hell that we couldn't stop laughing, but still, he was kind of annoyying! haha !

One word for Lone Pine Hotel : BEAUTIFUL!
Ya Allah, the place was sooo sooo relaxing looking, so peaceful, quiet, and very nature-ish with the tall trees everywhere facing the beach! Oh Lord, it was soo soo beautiful! The decor of the hotel is very uniqe, it's not like other hotels with elevators and stuff. Lone Pine has no elevators, there's only like on-ground rooms. It's more of like connected chalets. The swimming pool was not that great, but that didn't matter at all 'cause all we wanted was the beach! Who cares about pool, I even have a swimming pool at home! hehe. But seriously guys, Lone Pine was perfect. The toilets and the rooms were okay, and we got 2 queen size beds for about 280 bucks per night! Not bad, kan ? One more thing I love about Lone Pine is that, it has hammocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hammocks! Beach holidays can never be called complete without great comfortable amazing hammocks! Ouh and while we were relaxing at the hammocks, of course, those jet ski people would like promote their service everytime they see you. Kind of annoyying but hey, how else could they promote it right ? But we told the guy that let us settle down our bags first, would see him in the evening since we were too tired to do water sports at the moment.

Neesa sleeping!

Far getting all posey posey!

My spot was the only spot yang kena sun! haha

Syu dah tired!

Around 1 pm, after we had settled our bags in the room, Hamish (Far's friend) *sorry if it's wrongly spelled*, picked us up for lunch in Padang Kota, which was near Gurney Drive. The journey was kind of long, 'cause of the jam in the city (no surprises here) but it's okay! It was all worth it in the end. Hamish took us to this foodcourt where it is specially known for its famous 'Mee Sotong' and the 'Coconut milk shake'. Damn it, it tastes heaven!!! Truly loved it but it was so dang spicy! And as usual, when I eat spicy food, my head goes itchy and my ear goes numb and my lips go swollen and my hands start to tremble! *geeez*

After lunch, we went back to our hotel. Syu and Neesa wanted to rest, so they slept for a few hours while me and Far went to the beach! Thank you so much God, for this day the waves were pretty damn good! I love huge waves, baru la ada feel main pantai! hehe rugi la syu and neesa, tertido plak diorang ni! hehe. Well, me and Far had an awesome time with the waves and we mandi pantai until sunset! The sunset was pretty too :) Ouh and the jet ski guys came to us again, but now we said we would do it the next day! hehe sorry uncle!

That night, the adventure began!!! Foodcourt and night bazaar were conquered by us! Well, I think we conquered the foodcourt, 'cause, as typical Malaysians, we could lepak there all night long! Trust me, after 10pm, all the tourists were gone! Locals started to pour in! cool, eh!

So we kicked off with a great dinner! Yes it was the most delicious dinner!!!! Neess had Asam Laksa Penang, while me, Syu and Far had some 'stingray bakar', fried oyster and fried Kuey Teow!!!!! Omg! Seriously man, it's heaven on earth man!!! The fried oyster and fried kuey teow wereeeeeeeee sooooo sedappppppp! *shit, now im feeling it in my tongue!* We ordered everything large 'cause we were so tamak!!! But who cares! It was damn sedap and we definitely wanted more and more and more! ;) Longbeach Foodcourt is always so crowded! Banyak tourists of course, can say that 70% are whites and the rest are tiny Asian! huahaha.Later on , we headed to the night bazaar which was along Batu Feringghi, like the whole stretch of it. Dang! Mata rambang gila!

I bought some Cds (ehem) and a very cool necklace! We all got it together actually! The necklace has like a stone pendant where the person would carve our name on it in arabic or chinese! Awesome! Couldn't help it but to consume it! All 4 of us! Wah, untung gila the aunty that night! :D We decided to go till the end of the night bazaar! Yeah I know, crazy right! The night bazaaaaar is so long! But it was worth it when we spot this good looking guy who was selling nuts! We call him 'abang kacang'. We kind of approached him... ok ok not kind of! We did approach him! Me and Far la..gatal sgt la kitorang nieh! But we couldn't resist his charm and his sexy accent when he spoke Arabic. He's an Indian guy actually but he doesn't look Indian! Nampak macam Melayu gilaaa! So we did some clarifications with the guy and we bought some kacang from him.We then continued our journey and back to the hotel! Kaki dah penat...huhu..

Later around midnite, Far dah tido! haha. She was exhausted. Me, Neesa and Syu were still like damn awake, tapi kaki penat jugak. So, we lepak at the garden near the beach, staring at the sky and talked about our oh-so-weird lives! It was a full moon that night..breathtaking, I tell you! And the sounds of the ocean and the smell of nature, the night couldn't be any more beautiful ;)


Neesa with her asam laksa!

Muka happy dpt makanan sedap!

Stingray bakar! yummm!

Our heaven on earth!

Full moon, but blocked by the tall trees!

Staring at the sky full of stars..semua tgh berangan jauhhh!

I want to work here one day!

Waiting for our necklaces to be finished! Result : coolness!!

Day 2
Me and Neesa woke up early to have some breakfast at the hotel and later joined by Syu and Far. AND AGAIN, the jetski people saw us and promoting the watersports, but then we told them that we would do it this evening, 'cause we planned to go to the city in the afternoon! Sorry again uncle :)
After breakfast, we took a taxi to the city to meet up with Neesa's friend, Kim. She lives in Penang so she was going to take us to the interesting places that we would like! Our meeting point was supposed to be this place called 'Merlin Hotel' but we didn't see any hotels at all in that area. As usual, the roads in Penang are always so congested that we didn't know where were we exactly. So we decided to meet at Maybank, as it was the only place that we could see!
Kim was such a sweet and friendly girl and my oh my, she can be a great tour guide! hehe
She tooks us for lunch at 'Merlin Cafe' which was said to have the best Nasi Kandar in town!
Tak sah kalau tak makan Nasi Kandar if you're in Penang okay :D Yeap, the Nasi Kandar was delicious!!! Puas gila with the lauk and all!

As for deserts, we headed on to the backpackers heaven, which is Penang Road! There, we had the best ice kacang and cendol ever!! omg! The day was so hot and sunny and stuffy that it was damn nice to have ice kacang there and then! Really really yummy! It was funny how the ice kacang stall works though! The stall was so far away from the sitting area! haha. The places where you could sit to eat was like under some abandoned shophouses or something. Kind of scary, but it was worth it all!

The famous Penang Road!

Sipping the yummy yummy ice kacang! so refreshing man!

That's what Im talking about, buddy!

Yes, we were eating our ice kacang below it!

Our next destination was the famous 'Spice Garden' located in the hills along the way to get to Batu Feringghi. Spice Garden, as the title says it, it's full of spices like Cinnamon! But the word 'garden' wasn't really the truth. The entrance was about 10 bucks if i'm not mistaken, for student rate. To me, it was more of like jungle-trekking! haha but hey! That's what you call adventure right! Everything shouldn't be that easy to go through! While we were exploring the wonders of the spice garden, we came across a huge swing which was tied to the strong trees. OHMYFUCKINGGOD! The swing was so scary! It's like, it has nets to support you if you fall but what if you put extra strength and speed to the swing, im sure you terpelanting tergolek golek down the hills! Scary shit!!! But it was tres tres fun! We had so much fun screamings and laughing! Poor far kena gigit banyak nyamuk, lol she was wearing shorts! Thank God I wore a longsleeve top and proper pants :D After the long walk in the forests, before we finished our track, we rest our feet at the cafe, located on top of the hill, where you can catch a breathtaking view of the gorgeous sea! There, we were observing monkeys and squirrels jumping up and down in the trees, fighting all day long. It was amusing to watch it, though! haha.

Yeah, screaming our lungs out! scary shit swing!

Our love for nature :)

With Kim!!! Kim roxxxxx!

Neesa trying to look ayu while tumbuk spices! hahhaah tak jadi la beb! hahah

awwwwh :) Gotta love this one!

Around 4.30 pm, Kim drove us back to the hotel. Thank you so much Kim for taking us around, thank you so much for your time, we really appreciate it! We really hope to see you again, dear :)

Next activity : BEACH TIME!!!!!
Finally, Uncle Ah Leng, we were up for some water sports, bebeh! Told ya we would keep our promise! Come on, we are good girls ;) We braced ourselves for some banana boat! OH God, Man we couldn't stop screaming all along!! Sakit tekak semua lepas naik banana boat! One hell of a ride! It was awesome!!! Later Syu was being extra adventurous this day that she decided to head on for some parachute!!! Go Syu! Ya Allah, me, Neesa and Far were so friggin' worried about her! But hey, she took off and landed safely on the ground, thank God :D
The beach wasn't that great on this day, the waves were not as huge and fun as the previous day! But oh well, it was fun stufng our faces in the air laut yg sunggguh masin itu!

Yeap, that's our Syu darling up there having the time of her life while we down here worried sick!

Go syu!! Living our dreams!!

Ready for the beach??

Uncle Ah Leng making sure our Syu will be safe up there!

Ouh and we were exfoliating and scrubbing our body too using the sea sand while checking out some hotties having stroll along the beach. We had our eyes on this one guy when later we found out he was gay! damn it! There goes our chance! Gosh we burst out laughing all day!
As for dinner, again the same thing, heaven on earth was truly calling us! We had the best kuey teow and fried oyster! Yeap, gotta have 'em as much as we could before we head home!! And knowing us girls, we did one more shopping as this was our last night in Penang. Me and Neesa bought some cute little pouches and bags while Far bought more Cds, me too actually and what did Syu buy ? She didn't buy anything that night I think. Ouh and before we pulang hotel, we lepak one more time at the foodcourt! Lepak-lepak, termenung, sembang sembang, order more drinks and drinks. Shit, we were so wasted! HAHA. But it was fun though, killing time with great conversations and drinks!

Day 3
Far and Neesa needed to get up early 'cause their flight home was in the morning. Me and Syu's flight was in the afternoon. Far had to go home early, due to some family meetings she had to go.

So me and Syu, we lepak lepak at the beach again till it was our time to go to the airport. Omg, we observed so many incidents happened at the beach. I don't want to mention any, takut nanti ada pihak yg tak puas hati. But if you really want to know, I will tell you secretly by email. :D Our flight was at 3pm and we reached the airport around 2.30 pm and sempatmakan mcd lagi! ahahahahaha but hey, we didn't miss the flight :D Awesome, right!

Hnstly straight from the bottom of my heart, this short escapade was extremely fun! What more, when it was with some of my favourite girls in the world! I know we had a lot of good, funny and even bad memories here but it was all worth it in the end!

I thank you Haneesa, Far, and Syu for being the funniest and wackiest travellers! Thank you Kim, and Hamish for taking us around! Thank you Uncle Ah Leng for giving us the thrilling ride of the watersports! Thank you Uncle Oyster for serving us the best kuey teow and oyster in town! Thank you Auntie Cendol for cooling off our body with your ice kacang n cendol! And thank you to our parents, for giving us the permission to go on this trip and paying for our hotels and flight tix, and giving us money to spend on our trip! Thank you thank you thank you! :D of the days in the toilet, Syu accidentaly brushed her teeth with shaving cream, instead of toothpaste! HAHA. She was too blur to notice it! DAMN FUNNY!

The last smile of the trip :)

Killing time for our flight!

The view from Lone Pine hotel...this is the place where we lepak most of the time!

Lone Pine Hotel

Our own private door to the beach!
Much love, hugs n kisses,
Lina Pumpkin a.k.a travel babe!

My 19th Birthday!

December 17, 2008

I friggin' finnaly turned 19 on the 17th November! hehe ;)

There was so much stuff running in my head during the birthday week!

The actual plan was to celebrate with Umar, Atikah and Azleen at The Apartment in KL, but they seemed so busy, so we decided to postpone it whenevere we are already free! *should be this month, though, since we're all on holidays! That's it, aku nak call diorang nanti!*

Then I turned to the pumpkins, but then I decided that it was better to wait for Syu to come back home from Aussie and we all could go for some karaoke session!

SO, I turned to my family, since my mom and my sis are around, daddy was in Frankfurt.

My mom, sisters and I, we went makan at Chillis, since I was craving for the pina chilada smoothie *melts*. Man, that thing kan! It's such a fucking heaven on fucking earth! hehe :D And of course, we ate other stuff too, like the delicious classic nachos and yummylicious chicken crispy and others.. I forgot!

Later on, it was time to look for my birthday present from Mom!!!

Me, being the typical bag-a-holic chic, I wanted a handbag from Paris Hilton which I never bought from! This would be the first for the collection, more to come! I seriously shit love this handbag! I love the colour, the design, the whole style! Arghh! It's so appealing to me! I'm so friggin satisfied when I bought it! :D

Later at night, I got bored! So I pergi cari any friends that were available to hang out, unfortunately, NONE! lol. But Neesa huns wanted me to drop by her house 'cause she said she had a surprise pour moi! She baked me cupcakes! wheeeeeeeeee~ J'adoreeeeeeeee cupcakes, cakes and all those other sweet sweet stuff! I have a sweet tooth, is that what you lots call it ? hehe :)

About a week later, dad got home from work, and teeheeee...he bought me a laptop!! wooot! I got a Sony Vaio model CS16G!! AWESOMNESS! It is so damn pink and I LOVE IT SO TOO DAMN MUCH! In fact, I'm using it now..hehe.hello fluffy pinky! Yes, its name is fluffy pinky! My new best friend ;)

Ladies Night!

December 14, 2008

Checking out the party scene! Yes it was damn packed!

Left ro Right : Sue Ann, Grace, Syu, me, Far

Jo Ann and friend in the middle. Sorry I forgot your name! hehe
Oh yes it's Ladies night! And the feeling's right! Oh what a night!

Resting my back near the dj booth :D

Syu being silly! hehe

Pumpkins at the club, yaw!

Yes, I fell in love with the DJ!

Another good shot.... uh-hmmmmmm ;)

Smileys from HELP students! hahah

Whoah, from diggin worms at the age of 7, till clubbing at the age of 19! Best buds for life ;)

Diva Pumpkin rocking the dancefloor!

With Graceface!

Pumpkins forever, my honey buns :)

With hot hot Sue Ann :)

During the exam week of the semester, which was the first week of December, can you believe it ? My friends and I went clubbing??? LOL. Well actually, that goes for me, 'cause the rest had finished their exams (4th Dec 08) already except for me! Mine was on the 6th but whatever, it was Malaysian Studies, yeah I just need to pass for that subject, not aiming for even a B or anything! hehe :) So yeah, I went clubbing even my exam wasn't finished yet! hehehe :)

Anyways, we went to Euphoria in Sunway for the Ladies Night. We choose this night 'cause it was ladies night, so we all could go in for free (duh), the songs that were played were all types, so yeah, not only certain genre of songs, but all which were really damn good! So yeah, this was the perfect night!

We kicked off around 8.30pm, Syu and Far came with me, later on we picked up Sue Ann and Grace and off we went! It wasn't that jam, but we didn't know where was the club located exactly! So we went round and round in Sunway, asked for directions and voila! We found it! Fucking hugeeee from the outside! Parked our car and walked to the club, and looked for the entrance. At first, we queued up for a long time, then some bouncers saw us that we were in the line with the boys which we were not supposed to but we didnt know, so we followed the bouncer to another entrance, and here we were! We were in the club! wooooh for us!
Funny that the party had not started yet when we got in! No one was on the dancefloor yet, eveyrone just stood by the bars and couches and mingled around. But around 11pm, the dancefloor started to pack with sea of people, dancing to the great tunes played by the DJ!

Yeap, we all danced like crazy! SASAU!! ahahah! Our fav songs were played all night long! Good job DJ Patrick! Gosh, he was such a hunk! Hot stuff :) Danced danced danced too much till our feet hurt! So towards the end, we started lepak-ing near the toilet, taking off our heels and rest our bloody feet!

Oh oh oh! We met up with Jo-Ann and Jon Ti and Sheryl and Evangeline and Sherwan too! lol! It was like reunion! hehe :)
We stopped partying around 1.30 am, 'cause we were friggin exhausted, so soo soo exhausted!

And trend orang Malaysia, after clubbing sure pegi kedai mamak sebab nak minum teh ais! haha! So yeah,we went to Devis Corner in Bangsar and reached home around 4 am :)
Such a great night out with the girls! Definitely will do this again soon :)
Anyone interested, call me and join in the fun, love!