Ladies Night!

December 14, 2008

Checking out the party scene! Yes it was damn packed!

Left ro Right : Sue Ann, Grace, Syu, me, Far

Jo Ann and friend in the middle. Sorry I forgot your name! hehe
Oh yes it's Ladies night! And the feeling's right! Oh what a night!

Resting my back near the dj booth :D

Syu being silly! hehe

Pumpkins at the club, yaw!

Yes, I fell in love with the DJ!

Another good shot.... uh-hmmmmmm ;)

Smileys from HELP students! hahah

Whoah, from diggin worms at the age of 7, till clubbing at the age of 19! Best buds for life ;)

Diva Pumpkin rocking the dancefloor!

With Graceface!

Pumpkins forever, my honey buns :)

With hot hot Sue Ann :)

During the exam week of the semester, which was the first week of December, can you believe it ? My friends and I went clubbing??? LOL. Well actually, that goes for me, 'cause the rest had finished their exams (4th Dec 08) already except for me! Mine was on the 6th but whatever, it was Malaysian Studies, yeah I just need to pass for that subject, not aiming for even a B or anything! hehe :) So yeah, I went clubbing even my exam wasn't finished yet! hehehe :)

Anyways, we went to Euphoria in Sunway for the Ladies Night. We choose this night 'cause it was ladies night, so we all could go in for free (duh), the songs that were played were all types, so yeah, not only certain genre of songs, but all which were really damn good! So yeah, this was the perfect night!

We kicked off around 8.30pm, Syu and Far came with me, later on we picked up Sue Ann and Grace and off we went! It wasn't that jam, but we didn't know where was the club located exactly! So we went round and round in Sunway, asked for directions and voila! We found it! Fucking hugeeee from the outside! Parked our car and walked to the club, and looked for the entrance. At first, we queued up for a long time, then some bouncers saw us that we were in the line with the boys which we were not supposed to but we didnt know, so we followed the bouncer to another entrance, and here we were! We were in the club! wooooh for us!
Funny that the party had not started yet when we got in! No one was on the dancefloor yet, eveyrone just stood by the bars and couches and mingled around. But around 11pm, the dancefloor started to pack with sea of people, dancing to the great tunes played by the DJ!

Yeap, we all danced like crazy! SASAU!! ahahah! Our fav songs were played all night long! Good job DJ Patrick! Gosh, he was such a hunk! Hot stuff :) Danced danced danced too much till our feet hurt! So towards the end, we started lepak-ing near the toilet, taking off our heels and rest our bloody feet!

Oh oh oh! We met up with Jo-Ann and Jon Ti and Sheryl and Evangeline and Sherwan too! lol! It was like reunion! hehe :)
We stopped partying around 1.30 am, 'cause we were friggin exhausted, so soo soo exhausted!

And trend orang Malaysia, after clubbing sure pegi kedai mamak sebab nak minum teh ais! haha! So yeah,we went to Devis Corner in Bangsar and reached home around 4 am :)
Such a great night out with the girls! Definitely will do this again soon :)
Anyone interested, call me and join in the fun, love!

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