My 19th Birthday!

December 17, 2008

I friggin' finnaly turned 19 on the 17th November! hehe ;)

There was so much stuff running in my head during the birthday week!

The actual plan was to celebrate with Umar, Atikah and Azleen at The Apartment in KL, but they seemed so busy, so we decided to postpone it whenevere we are already free! *should be this month, though, since we're all on holidays! That's it, aku nak call diorang nanti!*

Then I turned to the pumpkins, but then I decided that it was better to wait for Syu to come back home from Aussie and we all could go for some karaoke session!

SO, I turned to my family, since my mom and my sis are around, daddy was in Frankfurt.

My mom, sisters and I, we went makan at Chillis, since I was craving for the pina chilada smoothie *melts*. Man, that thing kan! It's such a fucking heaven on fucking earth! hehe :D And of course, we ate other stuff too, like the delicious classic nachos and yummylicious chicken crispy and others.. I forgot!

Later on, it was time to look for my birthday present from Mom!!!

Me, being the typical bag-a-holic chic, I wanted a handbag from Paris Hilton which I never bought from! This would be the first for the collection, more to come! I seriously shit love this handbag! I love the colour, the design, the whole style! Arghh! It's so appealing to me! I'm so friggin satisfied when I bought it! :D

Later at night, I got bored! So I pergi cari any friends that were available to hang out, unfortunately, NONE! lol. But Neesa huns wanted me to drop by her house 'cause she said she had a surprise pour moi! She baked me cupcakes! wheeeeeeeeee~ J'adoreeeeeeeee cupcakes, cakes and all those other sweet sweet stuff! I have a sweet tooth, is that what you lots call it ? hehe :)

About a week later, dad got home from work, and teeheeee...he bought me a laptop!! wooot! I got a Sony Vaio model CS16G!! AWESOMNESS! It is so damn pink and I LOVE IT SO TOO DAMN MUCH! In fact, I'm using it now..hehe.hello fluffy pinky! Yes, its name is fluffy pinky! My new best friend ;)

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