Runway 101

June 11, 2009

For the first time ever, HELP UC had a model search/fashion show organized by IPRMSA (Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Student Association). The event was titled ' Runway 101'. All the publicity and advertising of the event was paid off, as many students came for the auditions and the 13 beautiful ladies were chosen for the grand finale. I definitely couldn't miss this event, so me and Emma bought our tickets and headed to this glamorous event on 5th June, Friday. Such a good way to spend our Friday night! We arrived at just in time! The moment we sat, the fashion show started!

The contestants started off with casual dressing sponsored by Colours. I LOVED the clothes! The ladies were strutting their way on the runway with full grace and confident. All of them could be the winners! They were great! The show was hosted by Shanon, our very own HELP student. She was awesome!

Apart from all the cheering and support from the fans to the contestants, even the audience got the chance to be in the spotlight. Before the second show, there was a short break and the audience got to play a game which is too hilarious! Since the event was all about ladies, it was time for the gentlemen to shine. Some guys volunteered to join in the fun, and they had to catwalk on the runway. Not male modeling, but female modeling! Omg..I don't know what to say. Too goooood and funny! Oh! They were perfomances too by a band called ' Nigel and Friends'. OMG. THEY.WERE.AWESOME! Come on, ' right round' acoustic version! WOW! Only they could do it without sounding foolish! Good job guys :D

Now it was time to get serious. The judges had to focus on the contestants, and the audience too. We got the chance to vote for our favourite girl. The contestants was modeling evening gowns by local designer, Desmond Chok! The dresses were BEAUTIFUL.My jaw dropped and I really want this dress modelled by Sok Yen.

Ouh forgot to tell you! There were 3 judges ; Mr Bill Quah (HELP's ADP Lecturer), Juanita (Malaysia's Dream Girl winner) and Adelaine Chan (Miss Malaysia 2007).

Judges getting ready for the final show!

This is my friend, Andelisia from Indonesia. She was fabulous I tell you! :)

The guest model! Gorgeous gorgeous dress!

After the 13 ladies had their final show, only 6 contestants managed to be in final stage, which was the Q&A session like in those beauty pageants we see on TV. All of them could answer the questions with full confidence, but only 3 had won the judges heart.

  • 1st : Jessica
  • 2nd : Sandra
  • 3rd : Katijah

Waiting for the announcement of the 6 finalists.

the Q&A session!

The winners with the organizing chairperson, Dennis.

The event ended well, and that everyone got ready with their cameras and started taking pics with the contestants who were also amongst friends!

Emma, Andelisia, Me, and Linda.

With the winner (the white dress) of Runway 101 ! Congratulations, Jessica!
Overall, the event was a success since it was a first time. The lightings were fantastic, the setting/decor was simple yet glamorous, the food was good and I believe everyone had a fun time! And with that, IPRMSA is getting ready for Runway 101 Season 2 due to the positive feedbacks! Well then, to those who did not get the chance for the audition last time, now it's your time to try again! Don't give up :)
See you all in Season 2 of the magnifique Runway 101!