That Summer in UK!

August 17, 2009

Hello beautiful people! I'm truly sorry for the ULTRA delayed post for my UK trip. Finally, I have the time now and lets get on with it before my time is over! Oh by the way, something is wrong with Blogger photo uploader. As you can see my pictures, there are some that look kind of retarded and unfinished. Well that is definitely not my fault! :) Lets read about my trip now, shall we?

Day 1

My flight was in the morning and I didn't sleep the night before. Why? Because I was packing, yes, at the very last minute. Remember the day before I was with Nina for the Shout Awards and all? Hehe. I totally forgot to pack. HA HA. So can you imagine me on the flight on that morning? I was like a ZOMBIE walking around in the airport and the moment I got on the plane, I asked the air hostess to make the bed for me and off to sleep. I woke up a few hours before we landed. Technically, I slept throughout the whole journey! woot! And glad that I was reenergized.. ceh.. like a charging battery! It was around 5pm when we reached Heathrow Airport, London. The place looked the same. So packed, crowded, stuffy, busy, stressed, scary,.. any other adjective you would like to add on? Oh feel free to do so because I don't like this particular airport! Never! Full of... okay Im not gonna say it! *God, Im so mean!* ANYHOO, after the whole luggage thing, my uncle (Paksu) was already waiting for my family and I at the arrival hall. My father and Paksu settled the issues of car rentals (we rent 2 cars) and off we went to Leeds to Paksu's house. Paksu has been living in Leeds for years for his studies! Woohoo! The journey from London to Leeds took about 3 or 4 hours. Funny thing was that the neighbourhood of Paksu's house was all RED. I was amused by it though. To save money, my sister and I stayed over for a night at Paksu's crib while my parents and the kids stayed in a hotel. It was definitely dark already when we got there, so Paksu bought us some mouth-watering Chinese takeout! And oh they gave fortune cookies too! I LOVE FORTUNE COOKIES! It makes you happy ALL THE TIME! I think it's the best part of Chinese culture ever! hands down bebeh!

The view of London from the plane

We're here!

Day 2

Today was the day where I was going to turn into a Scottish girl. HAHA. We woke up super early today because we were going to Edinburgh, Scotland! Woohoo! Here I come sexy men in kilts with bagpipes!! *giggles* The journey was again, about 4 hours and it rained on and off throughout the journey. But apart from the rain, the view was SUBHANALLAH! It's so beautiful! Well actually Scotland reminds me of New Zealand, but it's just that Scotland has castles and NZ don't. And this is my surprise to you.. On the way to Edinburgh, we stopped by ALNWICK CASTLE! This castle is one of the locations for the shooting of Harry Potter movies. This castle is mostly used for the scenes of the corridors of Hogwarts and the Quidditch field. Don't trust me? Check these pictures out and your jaw will drop down flat on the floor! *Thank God it was opened, or else usually it would be close for the shoot* Oh oh.. in the castle right, there was like a dragon dungeon kind of thing? Quite random. It was supposed to be scary but yeah, it was scary. Knowing me yang cepat melatah! But it was tres fun :)

It says 'Take Your First Flying Lesson'!!

Exploring the castle.

Welcome to Alnwick Castle!

You see, it's the field for Quidditch practice!!!!

Corridors of Hogwarts!! Remember? In the movies, it's always packed with students walking around!

The journey to Edinburgh!

We met this creature in the dungeon! FUGLY!

Alnwick Castle is definitely the place to be for beautiful pictures, if you're the type who loves antiques, musuems and history. This castle is for you! After warming up ourselves with some hot chocolate in one of the cafes in the castle, we continued our journey to Edinburgh. After 2 hours from Alnwick, here we were! WELCOME TO SCOTLAND!

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. The city is quite big and the weather was W-E-I-R-D! Really! It was like, the first 10 minutes it's hot and sunny, and the next 10 minutes it will get a lil bit windy, and the next 10 minutes it will rain. What the? So, just make sure I had to have my cardigan and umbrella with me at all times. It was lunch hour that my family was fricking hungry. We were pigging out on Briyani at this place called 'Kebab Mahal'. Yes I know you're laughing.. pegi Scotland makan Briyani? haha..don't blame me! I'd love to try Scottish food tapi memandangkan kedua ibu bapaku jenis yang paranoid, peluangnya tipis! Supposedly to be one of the best kebab places in the city. The food there mmg sedap! We drove around the city and checked out the beautiful Scottish houses. Our hotel (Travelodge) was about 10 minutes away from Edinburgh city and it was surrounded with lush gardens and hills. Check this out!

As soon as we checked in, my parents and the kids got tired.. but hell no would I want to miss any minute in Edinburgh. Plus, my sis wanted to go to Hard Rock to buy some souveneirs. So Paksu, my sis and I, we went back to the city to do a little bit of shopping for ourselves. Later we walked around the city and took a great view of some castles!

And the last stop of the night was Forth Bridges. It happens to be the coolest bridge in Scotland and it looks fantastic at night! It was magnificent! And yeah, it was EFFING COLD! :(

Day 3

The shopping therapy started TODAY! Woke up early again to walk around the beautiful city of Edinburgh with the whole family. The initial plan was to shop in London, but we thought that it would be packed and that the stock probably was less, so we decided to shop in Edinburgh since it was more relaxed here and not as crazy as London would be. I bought cute items from Topshop, H&M and we also went to Jenners which was something like Robinsons! Pretty place though! Everything was definitely on sale, up to 70%! Habis, kami borong semua! You must be wondering why haven't I mentioned anything on kilts or bagpipes? HAHA. Omg, my Scotland trip would not be complete without those! While walking around, we found one adorable Scottish man wearing kilts and playing bagpipes. Super cute!

This mosque is probably the coolest mosque i've seen in my life!

Awww! Isn't he cute?

Honestly, we didn't really do much of Edinburgh tourists attractions but we managed to go to Falkirk Wheel. The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift, which is actually the awesomest engineering shit I've ever seen in my life! It's awhsommeee! Google it for more info, Im no good in babbling about engineering topics. *grins* But it surely is mind-blowing!
We were in Edinburgh for only a day, so after Falkirk, we went back to Leeds but this time we stayed in Novotel because Paksu's housemate was back and we had that delicious Chinese takeout for dinner again! Yummmmyy!

Ouh wait! BEFORE Falkirk Wheel, we took a lazy drive around the beautiful nature of Edinburgh. I don't know how to describe the view...too beautiful. Take a look at these pics and you'll get what I mean ;)

Day 4

We had our awesome breakfast hotel, and the waiter was a cute French man (ooh la la). I just love the accent! We drove back to London which was the final destination of my UK trip. Entering London was fucked up! We were stuck in traffic for an hour, but I think it was more than an hour. Ahh. The usual fact about London. We sent our cars to its rightful owner. Actually, we rent the cars from 2 different companies, I still don't get it either. SO, Paksu, me and I had to take the tube to London city centre to meet up for dinner with my family at Malaysian Hall. Im curious about this infamous Malaysian Hall. It was okay, the food was fine :) The tube was wow.. I meant.. everyone was reading in the train, there was this one guy who was even doing his Law homework. Damn. I would just listen to my Ipod in the train! haha. After dinner, Paksu had to go back to Leeds. We bid our goodbyes and hailed a taxi (OMG, THE TAXI DRIVER WAS SUPER HOT) to Copthorne Tara Hotel and went straight to bed! Too tired to go walking in London at night.

Dinner at Malaysian Hall.

Day 5

OXFORD STREET. woot! Today was shopping day! It was definitely not enough in Edinburgh! Oh my, I bought A LOT of clothes! A LOT! cuh-ra-zee. Not gonna brag about it. Ok Lina, Sshusssshhh! Today, we got on the famous double decker buses to go around London. The shopping was totally fantabulous! Went to Selfridges, House of Fraser, Dorothy Perkins and hell lots more. The sale was wicked! WICKED! MARK MY WORD. W-I-C-K-E-D.

Oxford Street!

Day 6

We watched a play titled 'We Will Rock You!'. Ring any bells? Yes, QUEENS! ALL the songs were of that rock band Queens! The play was BRILLIANT!!! The main actor was kind of cute too. *blushes*. The play is a hit every night, and every night is full house and standing ovation! Can you imagine how good it is?? It's THAT GOOD!

Look at the crowd after the show! MADNESS!

Day 7

It's time to pack our stuff! It was a hard work trying to fit all the shopping we did into our luggage! As usual. HAHA. So...

Goodbye London, I'll come back next Spring! :)


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