Aidilfitri 2009

September 29, 2009

Wishing again to all Muslims out there a very blessed Aidilfitri 2009!

My raya was very meriah and fun!! As usual, my family will balik kampung which is located in Sg Petani, Kedah. Hehe.. is it just my family ke or your families also? Sebab, kitorang routine sama je.. tak pernah tukar dari I lahir sampai skrg! ahah! Example like pagi bangun raya, salam salam, visit kubur, pastuh pegi rumah Tok Jang who is my grandma punya sister and then balik rumah grandma balik, tunggu second cousins tuh datang..adik-beradik grandma(Atok). Korang punya routine pun semua macam tuh jugak eh ? I have this feeling, yes! hahah. Raya at my Atok's place usually paling havoc is the first 3 days la of raya! And on raya eve, all the girls or the kids semua akan duduk kat dining table, letak biscuits dalam balang or potong kek and hidang siap siap. Bila semua biscuit raya dah ready, baru lah semua orang dalam rumah tuh boleh tido.. hahah. BY THE WAY, thank God alhamdulillah Atok's house as wifi! Omg. I can't live without internet. See what technology do to you?? Teruk kan! I need to check my myspace, facebook and twitter. Nasib ada! Kalau tak, I had to use GPRS which would cost me a lot! Okay okay. So now I nak elaborate on my raya celebration that day!

Day 1

Like I said, SAME ROUTINE. hahaha. Everyone expected to be woken up with a happy face and to the sounds of Takbir Raya on tv. And the same line to wake up the kids will be 'Bangun bangun. Raya raya' with that tone that only mothers can do. You get what I mean? hehe. So kitorang pun semua bangun, muka mengantok sebab the night before dok main cards dalam bilik, sembang sembang and tengok youtube sampai 3 pagi. hahah. So... the boys were the ones who had to shower and dess up first because they had to go to the mosque for Raya prayers. The girls..well at least in my family, we hardly go to the Raya prayers because we wanted to clean the house and arrange cutleries and everything on that morning itself. As soon as the gentlemen were back from the mosque, barulah raya start! Memang teramat sangatlah riuh rumah Atok. Semua.. especially the kids la kan cari adults cuz nak salam and dapat duit raya! It was definitely touching masa salam salam and mintak maaf atas segala dosa dan salah. And as usual, Atok akan nangis which then made my mom shed some tears too! hahaahha. After all the salam salam and collecting duit raya, we headed to kubur to visit my Tokwan's grave.. The tanah perkuburan looks so much nicer now. Well, cleaner at least. It used to be so messy. Thank God now its okay! The next agenda would be visiting Tok Jang who lives near the graveyard. I pity her la.. she's so sick now but she's still trying to hold on, which is good :) Chit chat for awhile with some cousins and off we went back to Atok's house for some fiestaaa! We kemas kemas again for the last time before the guests arrived! The guests were of relatives usually and some close neighbours that were around. Atok's openhouse memang sentiasa havoc and happening! Memang boleh dikatakan full house gila lah! This Raya, Atok ordered laksa and nasi beriyani and lauk lauk yg sgtttt sedap! *drools* The ladies of the house, including me, was quite busy serving the guests, checking out which balang yang biscuits dah habis and refill lauk-pauk. But we did find some time to sit down and chit chat with the guests. So much fun got to catch up with relatives whom I meet only once a year, and that is of course during Raya je. And what shocked me the most is that some of my cousins already had kids! I forgot they even got married. I was trying to figure out why were there so many babies in the house? hahaha. Inilah akibatnya kalau jumpa setahun sekali je. haha. But it was good nonetheless! And at night, agenda wajib kami ialah bermain bungapi and mercun!! Only Pak Lang's family was brave enough to light up the mercun! Kami semua yang lain memang pengecut! hehe :)

with cousins <3

terangnya rumah Atok!!

Look what Im holding! A handful of duit raya!!!

Straightnya Adam diri.. macam nak kawad je! hahah

Group picture! Love em all!


Early morning, getting ready for the big day!

The yummy Raya cakes and biscuits!

With cousin Hasif and long time neighbout Kat!

Day 2

It was Mak Ngah's turn to do openhouse, who is my dad's sister. Her colleagues, students and the same relatives that came for the first day were present. Again, we were pigging out on tons of Raya food! But today was a bit tired because had to help Mak Ngah with the serving and all. *phewh* and FYI, I managed to tweet and facebook in between to update my fans! Cewah.. bila masa si Lina ni celebrity? Prasan je lebih. hahaha.

Day 3

The whole day did...nothing. Because at night would be a fiesta at Mak Lang's openhouse. We played countless of fireworks and fire crackers! I think almost a hundred batang! hahaah. Really dangerous but tak kisah.. ni Raya.. tak wajib kalau tak main bunga api dan mercun! Baru lah meriah kan ? Memang best! hehe

So what else can I elaborate you on? I think basically that was just it. Raya is all about food, relatives, fireworks and fire crackers. It's the same thing every year, but somehow Im not that tired of it because it's always worth the fun!

Lina Pumpkin