EH! Magazine's 10th Anniversary Party!

October 30, 2009

So Nina and I decided to check out how red carpet event works, or better yet, how fashion event works! This year is actually EH Magazine's 10th anniversary! So what other way could be better than having a huge party to celebrate its 10 years of success! The anniversary party took place at Centro Club, Sooka Sentral, KL on 24th October 2009. Don't know where Sooka Sentral is? Well, it's located RIGHT NEXT to KL Sentral! Literally next! Why? Because Centro was located right below the railway tracks! Holy crap! Trains have been passing us by while waiting in the line to get into the party! But Im proud of the technology that we have because the noise from the train was not at all loud! Cool huh! :) It was definitely my first time to be at this egg-like building of Sooka Sentral, which is only occupied with restaurants. Good food they have there though! Sooka Sentral looks awesome at night!

We reached there early because we wanted to grab the goodie bags which were only limited to first 200 guests! And lucky us we were quite at the front of the queue! :) Lancome was the main sponsor of the event and look what we got!
  • a Lancome lipstick
  • a fragrance sample of the latest Hypnose by Lancome
  • hair gel by Redken
We were kind of dissapointed because that was all? I mean, it said in the magazine that the goodie bags is worth RM280! Maybe the lipstick and the perfume are expensive? haha It's okay, at least there was something than nothing kan!

The ticket to the party!

While waiting for the celebs to arrive, kami camwhore dulu!!! hahaaahha!

About 8.3o pm, Malaysian favourite celebs arrived bit by bit! Oh you know, we entered Centro to check out how the place looked like before the celebs arrived and we went out and never came back in! haha. At first we kononnyer wanted to wait for the celebs to arrive and take pics with them, but tgk tgk we didn't even masuk balik pun because it was better outside 'hanging out' with the celebs! It was kind of waste to pay RM15 to get the tickets because we didnt event enter the party pun! hahah and There were NO bodyguards or security or whatever!! The celebs were free to roam around and interact with fans and take pics as many as they want AT the backdrop entrance itself where u know..u see those celebs posing before entering the venue! Me and Nina were there THE ENTIRE TIME! They had two backdrops, one for the posing posing, and one for their autographs wishing happy birthday to the magazine! Nina and I were standing too near to the autograph backdrop till we looked like we were guarding it! hahaha. It was fun waiting for these fashionistas and divas to arrive and observing telatah makcik makcik sesat kat situ yang terlebih syok! hahaha! :) Below are the pictures of celebs that I managed to take pics with! But actually there were more that came! Like Imran Ajmain, Fasha Sandha, Tengku Azura, Bio-Nik guy, AF personalities, and fashion and makeup professionals and other actors/actresses! Sadly the celebs that I wanted to take pics weren't there like Fazura, Siti, Maya Karin, and Nasha Aziz :(

With Ms Camelia, one of Malaysia's famous singer, model and fashion icon! I love that vintage Chanel bag!

With Diddy from AF season tak tau! hehe. He was so good looking. Actually I fell in love with him dah lama dah, cair masa first first dgr suara dia nyanyi in AF.. la la la la :)

Sorry kak! I forgot your name! But I know you are an actress, I've seen you in tv series, especially tv3! Yang cerita Bella tuh kan!

Watie, singer and actress! :) I LOVE her style that night! All black with the leather jacket on!

Diana Danielle, Malaysia's uprising actress found by Dato' Yusuf Haslam :)

And another actor yang I don't know the name! But yes, I've seen this guy in A LOT of series!

HEHE. So sorry la! Im bad with names!! :)

Me and Nina's comments about the event : It was okay, but not the best! The planning and the organization of the party was a bit messed up. Though it's good to let the celebs run freely with the fans, it is still better to have at least a tiny bit security so it doesn't look that messed up u know! I mean, it's a fashion event with lots of papparazzis and professionals.. so..u get what I mean la kan! hehe. Sad to see that no one took care of the autograph backdrop, some celebs didn't even know they had to sign it! What else? Hmmm.. venue was fantastic nontheless! Nice decors!

Overall, definitely not a regret attending this anniversary party! At least nina and I managed to see how it worked and what did the magazine staff and crew did at the party since we are interested to pursue our career in fashion and entertainment PR soon!

Lina Pumpkin