Fantastic 20th!!!

November 22, 2009

My 20th birthday was a blast!!
Probably one of my best birthdays!
Though I didn't hold any party or celebration, but I've got awesome lovely presents from my family and friends!!

Thank you to the celebrities that wished me personally online~ Thank you so much to Mike from The All-American Rejects and Jamie Kimmett! Seriously, I never thought I would get birthday wishes from celebrities!!! I screamed my lungs out and almost fell off my chair when I saw the wishes!! haha!Look look closely the image above! See the guy with the username 'mikeaar'. This is twitter those who don't know! OMG. Mike Kinnerty wished me! Omg! :))

And this was a birthday message on Myspace form my darling Jamie Kimmett. Im flying off to Scotland end of this year in hope to go to his shows! :)

Thank you to all who wished me on Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Twitter, Messenger and other online websites!

And thank you to those who wished me via sms! I've saved all the messages by the way :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my best friend Adlina, for the surprise at my house with butter cake! Thank you! If not, I tak dpt makan cake on this birthday! Malas pulak nak kluar beli. Thank you for making it girl!! and thankx for the cute birthday mug!! THANK YOU!! :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my sweet Finnish neighbour for the candle holder at my doorstep! Very thoughtful of you :) Im going to miss you when you leave for Finland!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my sister Yana for the Paris Hilton purse! I've been dying to get it!! It must have cost you a lot. I kind of know the price. hahah. oops. I love you sisss! :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Grace Chin for the lipgloss in a cupcake!! So creative!! :) Thankx girl!!

THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH to my parents for buying me a new phone, a Blackberry that I've been eyeing for so long!! Thank you Mama and Papa!!! Terharunya!!!! :)) Love you Mommy and Poppy!

To sum up everything.. I want to thank to ALL OF YOU for the meaningful birthday wishes and beautiful presents!!!

Lots of HUGS AND KISSES from me!! muahhhhh! xoxoxoxoxo

Lina Pumpkin

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