Halloween Massacre Night!

November 03, 2009

Mass Comm department (my department) decided to host a halloween event for the very first time, I think? Cuz like, all these years in HELP, I've always heard of Psychology department hosting halloween parties! Multimedia Society and IPRMSA of MassComm collaborated to organise this annual event! 28th October 2009 was the chosen date and it happened at the famous lower foyer of HELP University College. The theme was 'HALLOWEEN MASSACRE NIGHT', so..later in the pictures you'll see that the decors is all about death and blood >_< *grins* The party was FUN!! It was definitely worth the 18 bucks, which was the price of the ticket. Food was good and the decorations were FANTASTIC! Kicked off with performances! As usual, there were live bands and dancers performing throughout the night! Games were held too so that the guests wouldn't feel bored standing watching the performances. But hey, the performances were good! I mean the bands were really rocking it! I felt like I was at a concert or something! It was THAT good okay!! The hosts really did a good a job trying to get the crowd's attention. It was tough for them because we were too busy camwhoring! haha. Andy, Lisa, Angel and one more girl I forgot her name (sorry), I salute you guys for doing such a great job!! I was so darn happy that 95% of the crowd actually dressed up!!! There were A LOT of characters there! There were witches, devils, wizards, reapers, vampires, jokers, zombie brides, clown, comic characters, ghosts, pop cultures, priests, cartoon characters, police women, nurses, doctors, angels, librarian, goths, rockstars, tourist and even a bank robber! There were more of course!! Endless list!! Check out my pictures below! The poster that has been posted everywhere in uni! >_< With good friend Gayle, as the dark angel! Didn't see her much that night, she was one of the organizers so was a bit busy :(

Take a closer look. There is a boy who dresses up as a nurse. There is Chun Li (blue), nurse, cowgirl, esmeralda of Hunchback of Notre Damn and police women! *phewwwittt* Mind you, guys were weasling at them all night long! haha

He dressed up as bank robber! ahah! wow! I think no one else ever thought of that except for him! Gila unique!! Bagus doh!

We had pontianak in the house!! Omg.. I had sleepless nights. haha. Asyik teringat her costume. It really felt like seeing a real pontianak. Ya Allah.. :P I give 2 thumbs up!! salute u girl!!

The ninja of the night!!! So popular that night! Everyone wanted to take a pic with him! haha

Tom Cruise, Peter Pan, Lady Bug, and one of cartoon characters which I forgot the name. Ouh, and the vampire is the host,Andy. ahahah.

Ventriloquist doll, Chun Li and and the witch (me)!!

Dead bodies everywhere at the party!!

They even had a Dance Dance Revolution game for those who didn't want to participate in other games!

With Afiqah, as the Greek Goddess! So beautiful and sweet :)

Grace dressed up as her mom of 20 years go, me and Intan. haha. Great idea, Grace!!

Another dead body! uh-oh

YES! I WAS THE WITCH FOR THE NIGHT! There were a number of witches, but I was the unique one cuz I got a broom with me! go me!!!


Josephine as a reaper!! scaryyy!!

Cleopatra, nurse, witch and goth!

Joker performed in a rock band! haha Best band of the night by the way!

Messing around with dead bodies before the night ended!

Sushan, me, Intan, Josephin, and Jessmine! Merahnya Jess!! :)

A picture with Mr Cruise, a goth behind, and Mr priest!


The party was up to my expectation! It ended well but us 5 girls (pic above) wanted more.. to drink actually. We were so frickin thirsty after the shouting and screaming for the performances and awards the guests won. So we went up (my college is underground) to McDonalds above to have some drinks. Omg. EVERYONE LOOKED AT US. Well mana taknya, we were in our costumes and thick heavy makeup! haha! But it was kinda funny to get that kind of attention and stare once in awhile ;) So we gossiped and goss goss goss like no tomorrow and laughing the night away at McD! Oh oh before that, we used the only exit that was unlocked to get to McD. We asked the guard if they were going to lock the exit, cuz if they were, then we would not use the exit of course. So the guard said with full confident 'no no, i wont lock it, u can use this exit'. We needed that exit to be unlocked cuz I parked my car at HELP's parking lot. So if they locked this door, there was no way I could get to my car. Hope y'all understand and can picture what Im trying to say here. So after we lepak at McD, we went back down to the exit AND IT WAS LOCKED! Holy crapppp! We were so nervous and panicked and knocked and bang the door as hard as we could countless times! There were people in there because the music was blasting so loud. Rupa-rupanya the technicians and guards were karaoke-ing while cleaning up the speakers that we used for the party just now! OMG. They couldn't hear our knocks of course! Horrible! So we went down to basement because there is an 'office' of security department. But there was NO ONE! OMG. This was totally like in horror movie!! Our otak dah buntu! haha. And Omg, the basement WAS DARK AND SILENT! SCARY!! So we went back up to McD, hailed a cab which dropped us off at the parking lot! We couldn't walk to the parking lot, because we would have to walk at highway! No way! hahaha! Stupid guards partying pulak!! We were so scared if anything happened to us! Oh God.. what a night!

Now this is what I call.. a REAL HALLOWEEN! ;)

Lina Pumpkin a.k.a happy witch!

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