A Magical Halloween!

November 05, 2009

So the next day, it was Psychology department to do a halloween event!
'A Magical Halloween' was chosen as the headline!
It was okay, but not the best. Honestly, to me, it was quite dead. There were no live bands, no games, no good music, no decorations at the foyer, nothing. But one thing unique about Psych's halloween was that it had a haunted house! And the theme was Harry Potter or Hogwarts style! It was really nice!! And it managed to scare me off though I thought that it wouldn't be scary since it was Harry Potter. The scary part was at the Prisoner of Azkaban when the prisoners suddenly screamed in hysteria and also the ending of the haunted house, when 2 ghosts or was it dementors appeared and jumped right in front of my eyes! I literally ran and screamed my lungs out and hid behind one of the guys that was visiting the haunted house too! Oh and u know whats funny, when we were walking in the haunted house, the eeire feeling was definitely there, I meant it was so quiet so mmg feel gila la kan, and then suddenly my fone rang!!! AHAHA POTONG STEAM GILA! Sorry people! hahahaa I forgot to silent my fone! hahahaah! We laughed like lunatics! hehe

The halloween was not what I expected to turn out to be like, (I expected open dancefloor partying kind of thing) but I must say I give 2 thumbs up and thousands of props to the committee for creating and decorating the awesome haunted house ! Im sure it was a hard work because it was 1 km track! hahaahh! Oh I met Emma there! She dressed up as a cheerleader! She was a bit dissapointed too with the halloween because she said last year's was SUPER GOOD AND SUPER PARTYING! Maybe this year, the team's intention was different. Lets see what's gonna happen next year! ;)

Bumped into awesome Hamid with his vampire-like makeup! Damn, he's always so good with makeup! He shall do mine next year! hahah

With my bestie, Emma as the cheerleader! ;)

Till the next post,
Lina Pumpkin

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