Strass Et Paillettes

November 13, 2009

Event : HELP'S ADP AND Mass Comm Annual Ball 2009
Date : 6th November 2009
Venue : Hotel Impiana KLCC.

The moment that all students been waiting for! Tak lain tak bukan, annual dinner untuk kami semua yang penat belajar and buat assignments! A night out for all the students to look as glamorous as the hollywood celebrities and enjoy the occassion! My girls and I made our way to the hotel around 7pm and reached just in time for the ball to start. The theme definitely suit the decorations. There was a red carpet and a nicely done backdrop for the attendees to take lots and lots of photos!

Strass Et Paillettes is a French sentence which means all glitz and glamour. Therefore, Hollywood was brought up and became part of the theme. So it was actually Hollywood glamour la!

Happy sgt to see beautiful girls in pretty dresses and good looking men in suits. It's like, u only see these once a year! That's why I never say no to annual dinners! I love seeing how people dress up, who are their partners, etcetra. You get what I mean la kan! I love classy events, enough said! The annual ball went pefect! Really! PERFECTO! Mark my word! The event was scheduled to be over at 11pm, but it was finished at 10.45pm! Wow! Food was great!! OMG GREAT! There were like about 10 trays of lauk (Malay food), and a corner for desserts AND a corner for appetizers. Oh it was a buffet by the way! I love buffet more than fine dining. Fine dining macam sekat sekat perut, takleh nak tambah sgt! Kalau buffet, jgn ckp la.. 10 round pun kita boleh sapu! The moment the hosts announced that we could eat.. terus I bangun, amik pinggan, cepat cepat beratur!! Sedap semua makanan that night! While we were eating, there were performances by various bands and a slide show of pictures of the students. Funny pics, hahaha. Habis semua orang embarassed gila! Oh the bands were good! SO GOOD! I fell in love with this one band which consist of Indonesian students. Their voice was so beautiful! I was melting and smiling away! PLUS, they sang my favourite songs!! AII!! Memang la! Bertambah cair!!

I was glad to see all my close friends were there! Gayle, Andy, Grace Chin, Grace Wong, Jo Ann, Jia Liang, and Michelle! I think I would just cry if none of them wanted to go to the ball! hehehe. There were lucky draw, but no games, which was good! I mean, I think games is really a waste of time. But of course, an annual ball or prom is not complete without giving out awards and the announcement of prom king and prom queen. Funny awards man! Like :-
  1. Most likely to go home and study after prom.
  2. Most likely to forget what happened on prom night the next morning.
  3. Most likely to start dancing and get the party started.
  4. Most likely to finish all the food at the buffet.
  5. The couple most likely to 'leave prom together.
And guess what.. my best friends Andy and Gayle won the 5th award! hahaahah! They are the sweetest couple in the department! ;) And guess who won the 4th award? U know Mike Campton? Host for 8TV Night Live? haha yeah he's a HELP student by the way! After everything, it was time for the open dancefloor! The DJ that they hired was good!! He played varieties! 80s.. rock.. 70s.. pop.. rock..R&B.. awesome gila!! But the dancefloor was only until 12 am, but the party was not over yet! MALAM MASIH MUDA YA!! An after-party was arranged for the students at one of the famous clubs in KL, which was SPACE. It was my first time clubbing at SPACE and I fell in love with it! Why? Good music, good people (there were hot guys everywhere in the club), good interior, and friendly staff! Mula-mulanya plan nak balik before 1.30 am.. tapi tgk tgk, dok shock dancing and dancing..jam dah pukul 2.30am! haahah Couldn't believe my eyes when I was dancing for 2 hours with my crazy of almost 4-inch heels! Omg. Nuts! But I had fun anyway! Forget the pain! Such a memorable night for me. It might be my last prom here as a HELP student. I MIGHT be leaving to UK for my final year! So that's why that night I was enjoying myself pretty well!! :) Can you believe that the ticket price for the ball was only RM95..including the after-party? SO CHEAP KAN! Especially with the good food and all! Memang berbaloi gila la!! Puas!! Oh additional information for you readers, I burnt a lot of calories that night by those crazy dancing that I did! Feeling agak ringan now ever since that night! But you can't imagine how sore and painful and aching my body was the next day! It was a really awesome night with my friends! :) Oh chop.. u know u know! That night, at the ball, my earrings were being so annoyying! When I wore them at home, it was okay, it was sticking at my ear..but when I reached the hotel, one of em kept falling down and I had to search on the floor like countless times! I bought it for 30 bucks man! :( Sedih btul! End up I bukak terus! Tak tahan! So as u can see in my pictures, my telinga tak glamour malam tuh! Some pics can see my earrings, some pics takde earrings. :( hahahah. Takpe la..rambut I tebal.. sometimes tak nampak pun earrings! hehe.

Jom layan the pictures kalau dah curious sgt kan! hehe >_<

Bersama Tan Sri Jia Liang!

A new friend found! Forgot you name. Sorry buddy :)

With the couple that won the award. The sweet Gayle and Andy!

Errr..tak tau nak comment apa for this one! Dah penat sgt time tuh! haha.

Pics yg kabur kabur ni was at SPACE. Clubs kan always very smokey! hehe. With hot red lips Ms Grace!

With my best girls! :) Gayle,me,Grace,Jo,Grace C,Michelle

Mari kita berdansa!!!!!!

Love the disco lighting!

Love that red rose, Gayle!

The center piece of the table. roses are always a thumbs up ;)

With Mr Jon Ti! Love the hat. Oh. He's ALWAYS with his hat!

HAHAHA. Mich and Grace tgh menggedik!

Lets camwhore sesama sendiri!

Grace Chin and I :) Love that maxi dress!

Persembahan yang cukup mantap!

Makanan yang cukup lazat!!!!!!

Our emcees of the night, Mike Campton and Shannon Koh, our very own HELP students!

Michelle and I before the event started. Sampai je, terus tangkap gambar!!

The whole setting! LOVELY! GORGEOUS!

Thanx Gracey for the pic! hehe saje je ni :)

Jon Ti put on his awesome super round shades for the night ;)

Hmm. Understand? hehe.

Lovely picture :)

Resting our feet after hours of dancing. That's Grace, me and Christine!

A Hollywood shot of us at the red carpet! Cewahhh!

Grace was obsessed with those bling bling pillows at the club! haha.

Dancing with my darling Grace!

Lina Pumpkin

*picture credits to Grace Chin, Riz, Christine :)

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