Winter in UK#6

January 26, 2010

Right now Im out of words. As in.. I don't feel like typing much but Im in the mood to post fab pictures!
So here goes! The last pictures taken from the trip!

New Year's Eve at George Square, Glasgow! George Square is something like Dataran Merdeka! But funny, to be at George Square required a ticket for admission but we didn't know so all we could do was to stand at the area! Kind of dissapoiting to know that such a public event required tickets! Kind of weird. But oh well, I guess Malaysia is ruling in this case! The fireworks were just okay but too short! I think Curve punya lagi lama kot!! and lagi power! But it's alright, finally I got to experience celebrating New Year's in another country! It was fun seeing 90% of the people on the streets were drunk and shouting around and some even passed out and puked everywhere. Girls took off their heels, walked in barefoot! We wanted to go the bar or club but the queue was too damn long and no way we would want to wait in line in this weather! was cold! effing -10 degrees! Salute you people! :) I forgot to bring gloves that night! My hand turned purple sadly. We took a cab home before all of turned purple!

I look like a retarded doll! Yikes!!


The next day is public holiday. Oh guess what, on 2nd January too! Cool! So we couldn't do much of course. Just stayed home, cooked, cleaned and I had to start packing for home! Booooo!!

The luggage was full! uh-oh

On the 3rd of January was sort of my last day in Glasgow because the next day we would be going to London. So to make me happy and feel satisfied, we had one last look to jalan-jalan! We went to George Square again to take more pictures, ate at some of my favourite restaurants for the last time..

 Time is running. Beautiful one!

It's the tallest cinema building in the world!

Ouh..remember I told you about Glasgow Winterfest? Well, we passed by the place countless times but didn't go on the rides. So since it was my last day, we had to go on the rides! AT LEAST ONE! So we decided on the merrygoround! I mean, the other rides are just crazy to gon in this kind of weather! Merrygoround is good enough :) It was 2.50 pounds per person. Not too bad! Hey, it was my last day!

Your lovely kiddos!

It's a slide!!!

Now this is what I call a REAL Christmas tree! Finally!

4th January was the day. The day that I was leaving Glasgow for London and to Malaysia, my home.
We didn't take a bus to London. Instead.. we took a flight! A budget airline specifically! Wow.. lina azhari..on a budget airline.. for the first time in my life! hahaha!
Well.cerita dia macam ni.
First, we had to take a train from Central Station Glasgow to Prestwick, which was the airport for budget know likw LCCT. It was a half an hour ride to the airport. When we got there, the airport was dead..empty! Good! haha. Tak lah panjang nak check in bags rite! Oh talking about bags, thank God we brought 2 luggage because to get on Ryan Air, one is allowed to bring a luggage up to 15 kg per item. So since I shopped like a fricking diva, I had to transfer some items to the other bag and keep on going back to the timbang to weigh my bags, to make sure that both were not more than 15kg. hahaha. Can you believe have to pay 20 pounds for every 1kg extra! damnnnn! Thank God my dad warned me about Ryan Air and thank God we checked the website to make sure of everything! Pheeeewhh..if not dah melayang brapa pound dah! a
About 10.45 pm, it was our call to board the plane! I was excited, nervous, nausea..everything all at the same time! I've never been on a budget airline! haha. This flight would take us to London Stansted Airport. And you know what was funny! When the plane touched down, a funny sound was blasting on the speakers of the flight to announce that the plane had arrived ahead of schedule! hahaaahahah! You know those kind of sounds like 'tadaa'. I swear, I laughed like a hyena!
London Stansted was also dead. I guess cuz it was midnight. We had to look for a bus ticket counter! The bus took off around 12 am and we managed to buy the tickets like 15 minutes before! Phewwh! It was a 2 hours bus ride to Heathrow Terminal 5. We didn't care what Terminal that it would lead us long it's Heathrow!
Terminal 5 was drop-dead gorgeous! The most beautiful airport I've seen!! We needed to go terminal 4 actually because my flight home would be at terminal 4. There was a shuttle bus among terminals but it past midnight so it was closed! ahhH! We were buntu for awhile. There was a hotel nearby, which was Sofitel if im not mistaken. I forgot what hotel was it. It looked so luxurious and we knew it could be expensive. Tapi dengan muka tebalnya, we went in and asked for the room rates. thanks. We didn't have that much money. haha. So we took a cab to terminal 4 where Jury's in was! The first hotel that I stayed when I arrived in Heathrow. 60 pounds per night for one room of 3 persons! Not bad! Plus it was near terminal 4! Easy for me to get to the airport the next day!
Thank God there was a room for us. I cleaned myself and went to bed..
Woke up early in the morning because my flight was at 10.45am . I checked in early around 8.30 am before doing anything else. haha. So before going to the departure area.. I had my last breakfast with my lovelies and took the last picture :(


I didn't know even departure pun ada fast track for the whole scanning machine thing! Cool! So i got into the departure hall quite fast. I had to go in early because mom wanted me to go to Harrods to buy some goods. So to kill time..while waiting for boarding.. I walked around the same place like a lost kid and at the same time shopping! woohoo sempat lagi! haha.
Announcement was made. Goodbye United Kingdom..hello Malaysia! The land of food and sunshine! :)

The first meal that was served in the flight! Yumm!

I love Malaysia because of the picture above:)
Till we meet again freezing UK! 

So itulah ceritanya.. :) 
Not in the mood to type lah sangat. I lied.
Damn. Once I start, I cannot stop.

Good night!


Winter in UK #5

January 23, 2010

Hey everyone!
Hope all of you are doing fine! :)
Okay Im a girl who fulfills her lets continue with my UK post :)


This was the BEST day ever!
30th January 2009 is defo a date to remember!
I met my favourite singer, Jamie Kimmett!! OMFG.

Okay okay. During the day, we wanted to do some last shopping of the trip. I promised myself, after this day, I was not gonna shopping at all dah! This was the last one! haha. Needed to control muhself real bad!
We went out early in the morning so we could get things done by afternoon because at night, we were going to A GIG!

 Last minute shopping! Dorothy Perkins and M&S!

I was so excited that I couldn't rest. I felt so restless!
We pushed off around 7pm and it started snowing like hell! Of all the times! Dah lah we had to wait for the taxi outdoor! No taxi came stopped by. SO SAD! So we called like a private taxi agent kind of thing, where the taxi drivers drove their own car and they charged less than the normal public taxis! haha.
So a nice car came to get us with the oh-so good looking driver! Leen wrote down the address of the music venue just in case the driver didn't know where it  was located. But what the heck right, the driver was a young guy and thank God he knew where he was heading! He looked like he was a gig lover :) HOT!

The moment we got to King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (YES, that's the name of the music hall, cun kan!) we straight away went in and only to find that the place was so full of men with beer in their hands that we were the only Asians there. IT.WAS.AWKWARD. Everyone gave us the look like ' who thell are these Asian chicks? What are they doing here?' Seriously! They gave us THE stare. We looked at the time and the show started at 8.45 pm, and it was only 8pm. Sigh. So.. since Leen and I don't drink, we didn't want to sit at the pub looking like two lost tourists who were so jakun, so we went out and waited at a nearby stairs until it snowed HEAVILY AND BADLY, that we decided to stay near the door which has like some kind of roof la. The place ws underground though, FYI. So unique I tell you!

Finally, people started to queue to enter the hall. I was keeping my eyes out for Jamie.
And yes I spot him! OMG. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was him! him! So cute!!! His style was just too good! At first he past by me and didn't notice me I guess. I wanted to call out his name, but he seemed busy talking to people, shaking hands and getting ready on the stage. So I told myself, hopefully we could talk after the gig. Just wait. :)
He kicked off REALLY GOOD! Oh, this was the first time Leen listening to Jamie's songs and boy she liked em! yay!! :) He sang all his hits, which definitely managed to make my heart flutter and melt and burn..all at the same time! Well done Jamie! He was so good that 30 minutes of him was totally not enough!

Oh by the way, there were other bands performing too! Want to know what's the best part? Ehem ehem.


He was singing..and suddenly he paused. 
He thanked the crowd for coming and omg..surprise surprise! He was like ' We have people here from Malaysia tonight. Came to Glasgow to see my gig'  OMGGG. I think I almost pissed in my pants. He acknowledged us to the crowd! SO SWEET OF HIM! Everyone was cheering and the spotlight was on us! Omg. I felt like a celebrity!
Soon it was 9.15pm, and his show ended! This is it.. I told myself. I wanted to talk to him!
So Leen and me stood at one corner and he was heading toward our direction.. so.. apa lagi! Kami pun bertegur sapa! We just talked and talked about Malaysia.. he was talking about Scotland.. his experience in Los Angeles and stuff like what we do and study and all! He was asking me what do I think of Scotland and even asked if I was going to move there! hahah. That was a bit random but I find it cute! Gawd! It was SO NICE talking to him! He is so laid-back and cool that I felt so comfortable with him! I couldn't stop smiling and if only the place had more lights, I think he could see that I was blushing the whole time. I was like star-struck or something. ffuuuuh. :) I had the BEST time that night! He was so friendly and sweet! Love him! :)

We didn't stay for the next bands because we were tired and wanted to head home and go to bed.
Tidur lena la malam tuh! :)
After the gig, in the taxi on the way home, at home, on the bed.. I couldn't stop smiling. It's like a dream come true.. :)

It was so nice meeting you! Hope we will meet again!!


Gone too soon...

January 14, 2010

I had a long afternoon nap today until I suddenly woke up from a bad nightmare.

I went online to check my facebook and such..and I couldn't believe my eyes. Her facebook page is commented by many people saying 'R.I.P. Sandra Wong'. I didn't want to believe it.

My good friend Ashreena hit me on msn and explained everything. Sandra got into a car accident this afternoon in Malacca. She was with her dad and sister. They survived. Unfortunately, Sandra did not make it.

I couldn't believe it.

She is such a sweet girl and has been very very nice to me.
I love her!
Her smile.. her stories..her being hyper all the time in class.. her friendliess.. her intelligence.. her jokes.. Im going to miss everything about her!
I miss you Sandy.
I wish we had more time.
Thanks for all the memories we shared. Thanks for all the laughter we had. Thanks for all the conversations we had especially on music and concerts since we both love the same artistes most of the time.. Sorry we couldn't go to AAR concert together that day..If only you had called me earlier..Im sure we would have one crazy road trip to get there and sung our lungs out..!
You will be remembered by everyone!
My prayers are with you dearest Sandra..

I miss you Sandy.

Winter in UK #4

January 13, 2010

Right now listening to We the Kings's songs. Their songs remind me of highschool. Ah. Gawd. I feel so old. Bleh.


We decided to spice up our hoildays by baking and relaxing at home! Since it is my talent (alamak..perasannya!), Leen needed my help! We walked to town to buy some baking needs and groceries! On the way, we passed by a very scary-looking graveyard. It is probably more than 500 years old! And there were a few huge tombs at the top of the hill.. oh yeah..the graveyard is on a hill by the way. The huge tombs were probably important people of Glasgow of ages ago! I think the cemetery (better word) looks really awesome and ancient! I'm a sucker for ancient stuff! I think it only looks scary during probably looks so damn beautiful in spring right! :)


On the way to the market, my heart was so eager to check out this which is located at George Square. It's like to remember the people who had contributed to the country I think.  I think it's beautiful!

And this building was located right in front of it! It's office! cooliesss

And for lunch, I had chicken and chips again. Omg.. I tell you.. fried chicken in Glasgow is like mouthwatering!! It's too good!! How do they do it! I bought this at Chicken Ranch! Anyone going to Glasgow, I recommend you to go there!

So we got our ingredients.. time to bakeeee!! :)

On the way...

Defo fresh from the oven!!

Tadaaaa! Cute tak?? hehe. Simple simple je! But tasty tau!

To be honest, kami melayan banyak movie sambil makan! Macam macam...


If im not mistaken.. we just stayed home today. Watched a bunch of movies..Leen did some laundry.. the rest of us did some house cleaning as it was tres messy! haha. Cleaned the la! Today Leen nak masak so I helped Azleen cooked dinner. Well I didn't think I cooked anything. I just chopped the vegetables of what I remember. with fire? BIG NO-NO.

Winter in UK #3

January 12, 2010

Hey lovelies!
Today is the second day of college and I have this feeling it's going to be a very heavy, boring, and dull semester! I had a new lecturer today for two subjects (Information Technology and Social Research Methods). I must say that the lecturer is alright, I mean he can teach..he can explains things properly.. BUT his English is just horrible! I can't stand it! Not just me.. more than half of the class is distracted by his bad grammar and pronunciation! I'm not saying my grammar is perfect, but come on, he is a lecturer! Shouldn't he be the one guiding us??? God. I pity him because it was his first time teaching in HELP, first semester, FIRST CLASS for him to teach today and already got teased and joked by the students. Poor guy. It's so so distracting. I hope I can survive this semester. Today he pronouned 'specified' as 'speciFEED' and 'paradigms' and 'paraDIGEMS' . OMFG. But it's okay, WE will help him :)

Enough crap about college. Now lets continue my UK trip!


IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! Which means, ALL shopes are closed! Leen and I were brain dead, thinking of what could we do on a public holiday. Finally Leen decided to take me to her university and walk around town..just to check out what shops do Glasgow have so that I could be ready for tomorrow's BOXING DAY! (will elaborate the next day)

I thought Christmas Day is meriah just like how Malaysia is! Kita jangan cakap la..apa apa festival pun mesti meriah kan! I seriously mati mati ingat Christmas Day in overseas is like way more happening than us! Tengok tengok.. it's DEAD. I mean..Malaysia if ada festival mesti ada open houses..orang jalan jalan rumah.. Tapi kat Glasgow takda! Omg..everyone just stayed home! I could even count how many people I saw on the streets that day! I mean at least our malls are packed!! hhaahaha! Diorang memang totally TUTUP.

Not a single soul!

So Leen took me to the town for the first time and taught me the names of the street. ehem. correction. The names of the SHOPPING streets! We have Buchanan Street and Argylle Street. Both to me are equally good. I saw interesting labels that I could shop at the next day! Ouh before that, we spent a little time touring Leen's university, which is University of Strathclyde. It's a really nice place and it's kind of big too! I can imagine how it'll look like in spring and summer, defo way prettier!!

This is known as the deadliest street among Strathclyde students cuz it is SO steep and can you imagine, they have to carry their textbooks around and must use this street? SAD!

This is defo random..A huge pin?? Cool huh! It's some kind of landmark for the courtyard of the university.. I THINK.

Ouh and just so you know.. it's wet and slippery EVERYWHERE. I almost fell countless times! Like 70% or 30% to the ground! Damn it man! But funny gila la..when we all tried to avoid from jatuh! haha.


Oh..bukan that boxing yang tumbuk tumbuk tuh! This is like the Day of Goodwill, where zaman dulu they box up presents and give to charity.. if im not mistaken. If wrong, please correct me! But now, Boxing Day is known as SHOPPING DAY! It's when all items are on crazy sale! Cut cut cut down price! It can be as low as 90 cents! But in Glasgow it was not that good! The sale was just normal, just like any other day's sale. But I heard in London is a total chaos! Gucci boots for only 30 pounds? GUCCI! OKAY! Oh God. I'd go crazy if I were in London at that time. Thank God I was in Glasgow. Tak lah gila sangat. Tak lah perabih duit sangat! hehe. But.. I shopped a lot too!

Debenhams was opened at 7 am but other shops opened around 9 or 10 am. So we went into Debenhams first. Their Debenhams is GIGANTIC. It's like 4 or 5 floors. But it was not just the brand Debenhams.. it had other brands too like Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and other stuff. I wanted to test if my debit card was working before I shopped a lot later. So I bought about 3 or 4 belts from Dorothy Perkins in Debenhams and swiped my debit card to pay. And it worked! Yay! But it's kind of sucky because they gave you the look if you're the owner of the card.. because people in Glasgow usually use their pin number when they pay whereas I (foreigner) must sign because duh..maybank is not available in Scotland. I don't know if you get what I mean.. but agak annoyying bila nak bayar! Hello! DO I LOOK LIKE IM A BURGLAR! haha. But  they didn't say anything.. but it's just that when I had to sign, they would look at you to see if you know how to follow the exact same signature as on the card. Gawd.

It was 10 am and we rushed to Primark (the cheapest good clothing store there is) and I went bizerk!!! I spent about 80 pounds.. which is like RM450 of 30 items. Worth it! I bought lots of girl boxers, leggings, jeggings, tops, jeans, pajamas! Wow! Variety! And later I needed to go to H&M to look for my lil sis's tops. I had to go to the kids section because she is so blardy thin! When I wanted to pay, my debit card was declined! OMG. My jaw dropped! I was like ' What?? No! I have like few thousands in my account! How is this possible' Well well well. I had no frickin idea that this little guy (debit card) has a limit! WTF. I could only spend RM500 per day! damn it!! Thank God I had cash with me at that time or else I had to put the items back where they belong and walked out of the store with  cherries on my cheecks! So roughly I could only spend about 90 pounds perday! aiyaa!! Well now I know!

I admit, Primark is good but stupid. Why? Because they use paper bags! Since I shopped a paper bags were torned okay!! Because the weather was wet and the rain and snow were falling down! Oh and that was my first time rasa snow turun!!! bestt!!! I felt like a miracle just happened before my eyes and that Im in heaven! Semua putih jeee!  :)
Leen and I had to run to a nearby store to buy a plastic shopping bag! It was HILARIOUS! My paper bags were totally ruined!! So we bought a huge plastic bag and stuff all our items in it and carried it around! Tak larat nak jalan balik because we shopped like crazy.. we hailed a taxi home!
The blue bag is the plastic bag! It's really big actually!

Yes..the room was starting to get messy :)
Only girls are allowed to have messy room!


We decided to loiter around town! Had some good lunch and dinner.
And OH YEAH! I bought tickets to Jamie Kimmett's gig! At first the counter guy was like ' who?'.. then I was like.. takkan takda kot! Peliknya! Rupa-rupanya.. it's a gig with lots of bands! And Jamie was like the opening or something! Nasib 5 pounds je! haha! I was jumpy jumpy throughout the day! Couldn't wait to go to his gig!
We decided to watch a movie, Avatar 3D! And this would be my first time tengok wayang overseas!
The cinema's building is slim and slender..about 9 floors I think! And the queue to buy tickets was so bloody long and thank God for kiosks machine, I just used my debit card to buy the tickets! kan senang!! haha. Avatar was 0-KAY.  Not as good as I expected. It only got better toward the end. The starting  of the movie is just too draggy and I almost fell asleep! haha.
Oh..AND. Guess what?? Cinemas kat situ FREE SEATING! Tak ke gila!!! It's like.. lets say you're late to the movies with your boyfriend..and what if only one seat is on the right.. and the other seat left is on the other side of the cinema.. then kena seperated! SAD RIGHT! Thank God  we came early! We bought the tix at 4 pm but our movie was at 8pm or something! haha And..their cinema is not carpeted! But nonetheless, their cinema hall is HUGE! Lets camwhoe while killing time.
OH OH.. LOOK at my winter coat! Macam budak baik nak pegi church kan! hahahaha! It's so vintage! I love it! :)

That's it for now!


Winter in UK #2

January 12, 2010

Hey all!!
Yang ni post kedua about my UK trip!
Enjoy :)


The next day (23rd December 2009), we had to check out at 12pm of course. I was the only one who woke up early. I guess because I was really hungry! Thank God for Millie's cookies, it was still available waiting for me to be eaten! So I pun makan makan..siap siap..while waiting for Leen, Saber and Hamilton to wake up. Oh yeah, Hamilton is one of their good friends who's studying in the same university too. They woke up around 11.30am and rushing rushing bersiap! haha. While waiting for them to get ready, I was busy with my camera. I flipped through the curtains and was amazed to see a pile of white land near the hotel. I think it was a farm or something..because I saw some horses wandering around. The land was covered with lots of snow! I.WAS.SO.AMAZED.  My eyes terbeliak gitu! I couldn't wait to get out of the hotel! I couldn't wait to touch the snow!!

The plan for today was to go get a train from Heathrow to Victoria Coach Station (bus station), put my luggage there and walked around London while waiting for our bus at 11pm to Glasgow. So we walked to the train station from the hotel and I was so JAKUN with all the snow on the streets. I kept on bending now to touch them and bring it around and throw it again..and touch it again..and throw it again! Omg. syiok gila I tell you!! haha. Bough out train/tube tickets about 7 pounds each and soon we were on our way to Victoria Station. It was so funny..I mean..kena bawka my huge luggage around.. nasib it was not that heavy..itu sebab tak start shopping lagi tau! haha. Tapi kesian si Saber and Hamilton dok usung je bag tuh ke hulu ke hilir..naik stairs pun ada! Kesiannn! Nasib at Victoria Station tuh there's a place for you to leave your first we all assumes je ada..skali takda ...NAYA! Nasib ada.. it cost me about 8 pounds for one luggage! Nasib one luggage.. tapi actually mula mula got 2 luggage! The other luggage was Hamilton's food yang dikirim oleh maknya kat Malaysia.. Tapi nak save money, we stuffed that 2nd luggage into my bag. Nasib my bag ni awesome! Kata Samsonite!! So guys, if you want to go travel and don't know what brand of begs should you buy.. BUY SAMSONITE! They can FIT IN EVERYTHING!
Luggage dah settle and now it's time to plan out where to go while waiting for the bus! Saber wanted to go to Arsenal nak check out the Emirates Stadium and his old house if it still exist. Oh yeah, he was born in Arsenal tau! I am also a fan of why not pegi rite! We took the train to Arsenal and walked to the was quite a distant from the train station..but it's okay! It was worth it! This would be my first time at an English football club stadium!!

And omg..the stadium is HUGE! HUGE ASS! HUGE! And beautiful too!!

While walking to the stadium..mesti sempat nak snap a picture! I love this! Beautiful kan the neighbourhood!

Me and Leen sayangku!!

Hamilton and Saber. I think without them, we would not know where to go. Their sense of geography is excellent! :)

Are you a fan of Arsenal? You are.. jangan jelesya! muahaha

After hours of walking, it was time to eat! There were not many restaurants along the way! But we bumped into a restaurant that is owned by an Arabic family and it was Halal of course! So this was my lunch :

Chicken and Chips!! Chicken dia sumpah macam KFC! Oh FYI, mostly all the fried chickens available in UK..they all taste like KFC! haha! Cool kan??

After lunch, we headed down to Saber's old house! It was on Chatterton Road! We simply took pics in front of the house hoping the people that are staying there now didn't mind! But there was no one home so apa lagi!! Mari bergambar!


We were lucky no one was around yea! As the night approaching, we went back to Victoria Station around 6pm..had some good food there and waited until 10 pm!
Honestly, I've never rode on a bus for more than an hour! Never in my life. I was kind of scared though at first. Plus with the bad weather and all. Rumours saying there would be blizzard! OMG. My heart was pounding like African drums!
The bus was actually at 11 pm but we gotta go there early because there were SO many people! Everyone nak balik kampung for Christmas! I think the station tuh was like Puduraya..not that I've been to Pudu before but I guess this is how bus station works? haha. You know how they announced the departure? There would be a man among hundreds of people asking around loudly ' Glasgow direct trip. Anyone going to Glasgow stops'. So WE had to raise our hands like monkeys so that he would see us! Well thank God he saw us and quickly we made our way to the bus..hopped in.. and soon fell asleep. 7 hours people! We reached Glasgow the next morning..around 8 am! And I could was COLDER! SHITES! The bus ride was okay.. I mean the bus was comfortable and smooth..I salut the bus drivers. They actually follow the rules on the road..bukan macam bus drivers Malaysia. Bongok..nak stay in right lane! Nak bunuh orang ke apa! Godd! Alhamdulillah.we reached Glasgow safely!
Then we took a cab to get to Leen's house which was located at an area called Firpark close!

I was mesmerized to see the whole town looked like in fairy tales. I mean..snow covered rooftops. It's as though I was in a fairytale book!! Plus Scotland is known for it's preserved ancient castles/houses that turned into offices! So can you imagine.. castles covered in snow!?? Lawa tau!!

It was Christmas eve when we reached Glasgow. I thought there would be celebration like fireworks or something..but tengok tengok.. takde pun! hahaha. If kat KL, I think fireworks dah meletup dah everywhere! We love festivals, don't we! Since there was no celebration at the and Leen felt like playing snow! So we bergolek golek kat snow!!

 Thick snow right outside Azleen's room!

All the plants were covered with snow and ice!!

 The snow was really comfy..just like pillow :)

Lets throw some snow yeah!

We had so much fun..bergolek.. and throwing snow at each other! And we even tried to make snowman..but fuck it..we failed BADLY! How the heck do you make snowman ?? Can anyone tell me?? haha we were so clueless!

So that's it for today!
Imma head to bed!
Good nite!