Ne-Yo live in KL!!

January 11, 2010

My favourite R&B superstar, Ne-yo just hit the town few nights ago at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach!
I got free tickets from my good friend, El as she was one of the important people working on the event! Thank you El! I went with Syu, very last minute! haha! Thank God it was not a heavy traffic on the way to Sunway Lagoon! We reached the area and met up with Syu's good friend, Shoba and her boyfriend and soon we were walking to the surf beach for some booty shooking with Ne-yo's fantastic hits!!

Ne-yo sung ALL his hit songs and some from the new album which I was not that familiar yet because I have not bought the latest album, but I will soon! I had a great time dancing and singing along!! I love you Ne-yo!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for his show in Malaysia for like years, ever since So Sick was out everywhere!!! Thank you Ne-yo and THANK YOU PHUTURE FLOW (the event organizer)!!!

Check these out! Some pics and videos that I managed to capture. Not many good pics and vids because I was too busy DANCING! But at least I've got some stuff as memories :)


He even sang 'Let me Love You' by Mario! Beautiful!!

I have more videos though, but right now my internet is effing slow..and it probably takes about an hour to load a video! So I'll put more videos in other posts soon!
Okay I know you guys must be waiting for posts of my trip! But I'm not gonna do all 14 days in one post.. probably like few days in one post! Hope that's okay with y'all! C u then!


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