Winter in UK #1

January 11, 2010

So finally, the mood to blog about the trip has finally arrived. Im going to do like a few days in one keep on checking my blog to see the rest of the posts of the trip!

Day 1

My flight was around 11 am on 22nd December. And just so you know, this is my first time going on a plane alone.. all these while Im always with my family or friends. But this time I was alone..and the flight was to London. I was kind of panic because 1)Im not good in carrying my luggage..I tend to forget them or like be all clumsy with it  2)I hate going through immigration, let alone all by myself. It sux if they ask questions that I can't understand well, plus with the British accent which Im kind of slow at.  3)I don't want to be a target. I always think to myself that I have bad people around me who are pretending to be good passengers, when actually they are thinking of plans how to kidnap me because they know Im alone and I sit in First Class. They probably want me as hostage. 
So you see, that was how paranoid I was while checking in my luggage. I had a lot on my mind. Ahh. But guess what.. this is MY chance to be independent and nothing could stop me from going on this trip. I kept on telling myself ' it is just the flight that you will be alone, Azleen will be there at the arrival hall waiting for you'. That made me smile whenever the thought of Azleen would be there at Heathrow..already waiting for me with my favourite Millie's cookies.
My flight was alright..First Class was not full. It was just me, a small family and a young girl who was traveling alone too. I wanted to make friends with her but she looked like one hell of a snooty bitch.. so I didn't say anything. She seemed that she didn't want to talk to anyone either. Argh. I hate snooty bitches. Whatever. Thank God for MAS's awesome inflight service.. I managed to watch a number of good movies such as Up, Papadom, and All About Steve. I kept on looking at my watch..I couldn't wait to meet Azleen!!

The moment the plane touched down at Heathrow..It was white. Everything outside the windows was white. I was so worried of how cold it could be! The pilot announced that the temperature was 2 degress celcius.. yikes! As the cabin door opened, I straight away made my way to the immigration and thank God for Fast Track invitation.. I didn't have to be in the long queue. Immigration plus luggage collection..I think it took me less than 10 minutes! Awesome! Pushed my trolley to the arrival hall..and there.she.was!

I was so friggin HAPPY when I saw Leen!!!! And she brought me cookies!!! God! I LOVE THIS GIRL!
We squealed like 8 year old girls who just got themselves autographs from their favourite boy bands! haha!
Ouh not to forget, Saber (her boyfriend) was there greeting me too! I was so glad to see both of them!
We hailed a cab to our hotel which was Jury's Inn. It was just a 5 minutes ride from Heathrow! We would be going to Glasgow the next day! yay :)

At Heathrow..sampai terus ambil gambar!! haha!

I'd love to continue Day 2 but unfortunately I have to go to bed. Because COLLEGE is starting today! I have class in like less than 10 hours time! Oh God. I love going to college or studying if WE DON'T HAVE TO DO ASSIGNMENTS. I love my course. I love my lecturers (some). But the fact that assignments will be piled up like crazy, it makes me angry. Super duper angry and stressed. I hope this semester won't be a hassle! I hope all these new lectures that I'll get are nice! Fingers crossed!

Day 2 will be continued later tonight!

For now, I shall sleep.

Good night!


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