Winter in UK #2

January 12, 2010

Hey all!!
Yang ni post kedua about my UK trip!
Enjoy :)


The next day (23rd December 2009), we had to check out at 12pm of course. I was the only one who woke up early. I guess because I was really hungry! Thank God for Millie's cookies, it was still available waiting for me to be eaten! So I pun makan makan..siap siap..while waiting for Leen, Saber and Hamilton to wake up. Oh yeah, Hamilton is one of their good friends who's studying in the same university too. They woke up around 11.30am and rushing rushing bersiap! haha. While waiting for them to get ready, I was busy with my camera. I flipped through the curtains and was amazed to see a pile of white land near the hotel. I think it was a farm or something..because I saw some horses wandering around. The land was covered with lots of snow! I.WAS.SO.AMAZED.  My eyes terbeliak gitu! I couldn't wait to get out of the hotel! I couldn't wait to touch the snow!!

The plan for today was to go get a train from Heathrow to Victoria Coach Station (bus station), put my luggage there and walked around London while waiting for our bus at 11pm to Glasgow. So we walked to the train station from the hotel and I was so JAKUN with all the snow on the streets. I kept on bending now to touch them and bring it around and throw it again..and touch it again..and throw it again! Omg. syiok gila I tell you!! haha. Bough out train/tube tickets about 7 pounds each and soon we were on our way to Victoria Station. It was so funny..I mean..kena bawka my huge luggage around.. nasib it was not that heavy..itu sebab tak start shopping lagi tau! haha. Tapi kesian si Saber and Hamilton dok usung je bag tuh ke hulu ke hilir..naik stairs pun ada! Kesiannn! Nasib at Victoria Station tuh there's a place for you to leave your first we all assumes je ada..skali takda ...NAYA! Nasib ada.. it cost me about 8 pounds for one luggage! Nasib one luggage.. tapi actually mula mula got 2 luggage! The other luggage was Hamilton's food yang dikirim oleh maknya kat Malaysia.. Tapi nak save money, we stuffed that 2nd luggage into my bag. Nasib my bag ni awesome! Kata Samsonite!! So guys, if you want to go travel and don't know what brand of begs should you buy.. BUY SAMSONITE! They can FIT IN EVERYTHING!
Luggage dah settle and now it's time to plan out where to go while waiting for the bus! Saber wanted to go to Arsenal nak check out the Emirates Stadium and his old house if it still exist. Oh yeah, he was born in Arsenal tau! I am also a fan of why not pegi rite! We took the train to Arsenal and walked to the was quite a distant from the train station..but it's okay! It was worth it! This would be my first time at an English football club stadium!!

And omg..the stadium is HUGE! HUGE ASS! HUGE! And beautiful too!!

While walking to the stadium..mesti sempat nak snap a picture! I love this! Beautiful kan the neighbourhood!

Me and Leen sayangku!!

Hamilton and Saber. I think without them, we would not know where to go. Their sense of geography is excellent! :)

Are you a fan of Arsenal? You are.. jangan jelesya! muahaha

After hours of walking, it was time to eat! There were not many restaurants along the way! But we bumped into a restaurant that is owned by an Arabic family and it was Halal of course! So this was my lunch :

Chicken and Chips!! Chicken dia sumpah macam KFC! Oh FYI, mostly all the fried chickens available in UK..they all taste like KFC! haha! Cool kan??

After lunch, we headed down to Saber's old house! It was on Chatterton Road! We simply took pics in front of the house hoping the people that are staying there now didn't mind! But there was no one home so apa lagi!! Mari bergambar!


We were lucky no one was around yea! As the night approaching, we went back to Victoria Station around 6pm..had some good food there and waited until 10 pm!
Honestly, I've never rode on a bus for more than an hour! Never in my life. I was kind of scared though at first. Plus with the bad weather and all. Rumours saying there would be blizzard! OMG. My heart was pounding like African drums!
The bus was actually at 11 pm but we gotta go there early because there were SO many people! Everyone nak balik kampung for Christmas! I think the station tuh was like Puduraya..not that I've been to Pudu before but I guess this is how bus station works? haha. You know how they announced the departure? There would be a man among hundreds of people asking around loudly ' Glasgow direct trip. Anyone going to Glasgow stops'. So WE had to raise our hands like monkeys so that he would see us! Well thank God he saw us and quickly we made our way to the bus..hopped in.. and soon fell asleep. 7 hours people! We reached Glasgow the next morning..around 8 am! And I could was COLDER! SHITES! The bus ride was okay.. I mean the bus was comfortable and smooth..I salut the bus drivers. They actually follow the rules on the road..bukan macam bus drivers Malaysia. Bongok..nak stay in right lane! Nak bunuh orang ke apa! Godd! Alhamdulillah.we reached Glasgow safely!
Then we took a cab to get to Leen's house which was located at an area called Firpark close!

I was mesmerized to see the whole town looked like in fairy tales. I mean..snow covered rooftops. It's as though I was in a fairytale book!! Plus Scotland is known for it's preserved ancient castles/houses that turned into offices! So can you imagine.. castles covered in snow!?? Lawa tau!!

It was Christmas eve when we reached Glasgow. I thought there would be celebration like fireworks or something..but tengok tengok.. takde pun! hahaha. If kat KL, I think fireworks dah meletup dah everywhere! We love festivals, don't we! Since there was no celebration at the and Leen felt like playing snow! So we bergolek golek kat snow!!

 Thick snow right outside Azleen's room!

All the plants were covered with snow and ice!!

 The snow was really comfy..just like pillow :)

Lets throw some snow yeah!

We had so much fun..bergolek.. and throwing snow at each other! And we even tried to make snowman..but fuck it..we failed BADLY! How the heck do you make snowman ?? Can anyone tell me?? haha we were so clueless!

So that's it for today!
Imma head to bed!
Good nite!


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