Winter in UK #3

January 12, 2010

Hey lovelies!
Today is the second day of college and I have this feeling it's going to be a very heavy, boring, and dull semester! I had a new lecturer today for two subjects (Information Technology and Social Research Methods). I must say that the lecturer is alright, I mean he can teach..he can explains things properly.. BUT his English is just horrible! I can't stand it! Not just me.. more than half of the class is distracted by his bad grammar and pronunciation! I'm not saying my grammar is perfect, but come on, he is a lecturer! Shouldn't he be the one guiding us??? God. I pity him because it was his first time teaching in HELP, first semester, FIRST CLASS for him to teach today and already got teased and joked by the students. Poor guy. It's so so distracting. I hope I can survive this semester. Today he pronouned 'specified' as 'speciFEED' and 'paradigms' and 'paraDIGEMS' . OMFG. But it's okay, WE will help him :)

Enough crap about college. Now lets continue my UK trip!


IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! Which means, ALL shopes are closed! Leen and I were brain dead, thinking of what could we do on a public holiday. Finally Leen decided to take me to her university and walk around town..just to check out what shops do Glasgow have so that I could be ready for tomorrow's BOXING DAY! (will elaborate the next day)

I thought Christmas Day is meriah just like how Malaysia is! Kita jangan cakap la..apa apa festival pun mesti meriah kan! I seriously mati mati ingat Christmas Day in overseas is like way more happening than us! Tengok tengok.. it's DEAD. I mean..Malaysia if ada festival mesti ada open houses..orang jalan jalan rumah.. Tapi kat Glasgow takda! Omg..everyone just stayed home! I could even count how many people I saw on the streets that day! I mean at least our malls are packed!! hhaahaha! Diorang memang totally TUTUP.

Not a single soul!

So Leen took me to the town for the first time and taught me the names of the street. ehem. correction. The names of the SHOPPING streets! We have Buchanan Street and Argylle Street. Both to me are equally good. I saw interesting labels that I could shop at the next day! Ouh before that, we spent a little time touring Leen's university, which is University of Strathclyde. It's a really nice place and it's kind of big too! I can imagine how it'll look like in spring and summer, defo way prettier!!

This is known as the deadliest street among Strathclyde students cuz it is SO steep and can you imagine, they have to carry their textbooks around and must use this street? SAD!

This is defo random..A huge pin?? Cool huh! It's some kind of landmark for the courtyard of the university.. I THINK.

Ouh and just so you know.. it's wet and slippery EVERYWHERE. I almost fell countless times! Like 70% or 30% to the ground! Damn it man! But funny gila la..when we all tried to avoid from jatuh! haha.


Oh..bukan that boxing yang tumbuk tumbuk tuh! This is like the Day of Goodwill, where zaman dulu they box up presents and give to charity.. if im not mistaken. If wrong, please correct me! But now, Boxing Day is known as SHOPPING DAY! It's when all items are on crazy sale! Cut cut cut down price! It can be as low as 90 cents! But in Glasgow it was not that good! The sale was just normal, just like any other day's sale. But I heard in London is a total chaos! Gucci boots for only 30 pounds? GUCCI! OKAY! Oh God. I'd go crazy if I were in London at that time. Thank God I was in Glasgow. Tak lah gila sangat. Tak lah perabih duit sangat! hehe. But.. I shopped a lot too!

Debenhams was opened at 7 am but other shops opened around 9 or 10 am. So we went into Debenhams first. Their Debenhams is GIGANTIC. It's like 4 or 5 floors. But it was not just the brand Debenhams.. it had other brands too like Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and other stuff. I wanted to test if my debit card was working before I shopped a lot later. So I bought about 3 or 4 belts from Dorothy Perkins in Debenhams and swiped my debit card to pay. And it worked! Yay! But it's kind of sucky because they gave you the look if you're the owner of the card.. because people in Glasgow usually use their pin number when they pay whereas I (foreigner) must sign because duh..maybank is not available in Scotland. I don't know if you get what I mean.. but agak annoyying bila nak bayar! Hello! DO I LOOK LIKE IM A BURGLAR! haha. But  they didn't say anything.. but it's just that when I had to sign, they would look at you to see if you know how to follow the exact same signature as on the card. Gawd.

It was 10 am and we rushed to Primark (the cheapest good clothing store there is) and I went bizerk!!! I spent about 80 pounds.. which is like RM450 of 30 items. Worth it! I bought lots of girl boxers, leggings, jeggings, tops, jeans, pajamas! Wow! Variety! And later I needed to go to H&M to look for my lil sis's tops. I had to go to the kids section because she is so blardy thin! When I wanted to pay, my debit card was declined! OMG. My jaw dropped! I was like ' What?? No! I have like few thousands in my account! How is this possible' Well well well. I had no frickin idea that this little guy (debit card) has a limit! WTF. I could only spend RM500 per day! damn it!! Thank God I had cash with me at that time or else I had to put the items back where they belong and walked out of the store with  cherries on my cheecks! So roughly I could only spend about 90 pounds perday! aiyaa!! Well now I know!

I admit, Primark is good but stupid. Why? Because they use paper bags! Since I shopped a paper bags were torned okay!! Because the weather was wet and the rain and snow were falling down! Oh and that was my first time rasa snow turun!!! bestt!!! I felt like a miracle just happened before my eyes and that Im in heaven! Semua putih jeee!  :)
Leen and I had to run to a nearby store to buy a plastic shopping bag! It was HILARIOUS! My paper bags were totally ruined!! So we bought a huge plastic bag and stuff all our items in it and carried it around! Tak larat nak jalan balik because we shopped like crazy.. we hailed a taxi home!
The blue bag is the plastic bag! It's really big actually!

Yes..the room was starting to get messy :)
Only girls are allowed to have messy room!


We decided to loiter around town! Had some good lunch and dinner.
And OH YEAH! I bought tickets to Jamie Kimmett's gig! At first the counter guy was like ' who?'.. then I was like.. takkan takda kot! Peliknya! Rupa-rupanya.. it's a gig with lots of bands! And Jamie was like the opening or something! Nasib 5 pounds je! haha! I was jumpy jumpy throughout the day! Couldn't wait to go to his gig!
We decided to watch a movie, Avatar 3D! And this would be my first time tengok wayang overseas!
The cinema's building is slim and slender..about 9 floors I think! And the queue to buy tickets was so bloody long and thank God for kiosks machine, I just used my debit card to buy the tickets! kan senang!! haha. Avatar was 0-KAY.  Not as good as I expected. It only got better toward the end. The starting  of the movie is just too draggy and I almost fell asleep! haha.
Oh..AND. Guess what?? Cinemas kat situ FREE SEATING! Tak ke gila!!! It's like.. lets say you're late to the movies with your boyfriend..and what if only one seat is on the right.. and the other seat left is on the other side of the cinema.. then kena seperated! SAD RIGHT! Thank God  we came early! We bought the tix at 4 pm but our movie was at 8pm or something! haha And..their cinema is not carpeted! But nonetheless, their cinema hall is HUGE! Lets camwhoe while killing time.
OH OH.. LOOK at my winter coat! Macam budak baik nak pegi church kan! hahahaha! It's so vintage! I love it! :)

That's it for now!


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