Winter in UK #4

January 13, 2010

Right now listening to We the Kings's songs. Their songs remind me of highschool. Ah. Gawd. I feel so old. Bleh.


We decided to spice up our hoildays by baking and relaxing at home! Since it is my talent (alamak..perasannya!), Leen needed my help! We walked to town to buy some baking needs and groceries! On the way, we passed by a very scary-looking graveyard. It is probably more than 500 years old! And there were a few huge tombs at the top of the hill.. oh yeah..the graveyard is on a hill by the way. The huge tombs were probably important people of Glasgow of ages ago! I think the cemetery (better word) looks really awesome and ancient! I'm a sucker for ancient stuff! I think it only looks scary during probably looks so damn beautiful in spring right! :)


On the way to the market, my heart was so eager to check out this which is located at George Square. It's like to remember the people who had contributed to the country I think.  I think it's beautiful!

And this building was located right in front of it! It's office! cooliesss

And for lunch, I had chicken and chips again. Omg.. I tell you.. fried chicken in Glasgow is like mouthwatering!! It's too good!! How do they do it! I bought this at Chicken Ranch! Anyone going to Glasgow, I recommend you to go there!

So we got our ingredients.. time to bakeeee!! :)

On the way...

Defo fresh from the oven!!

Tadaaaa! Cute tak?? hehe. Simple simple je! But tasty tau!

To be honest, kami melayan banyak movie sambil makan! Macam macam...


If im not mistaken.. we just stayed home today. Watched a bunch of movies..Leen did some laundry.. the rest of us did some house cleaning as it was tres messy! haha. Cleaned the la! Today Leen nak masak so I helped Azleen cooked dinner. Well I didn't think I cooked anything. I just chopped the vegetables of what I remember. with fire? BIG NO-NO.

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