Winter in UK #5

January 23, 2010

Hey everyone!
Hope all of you are doing fine! :)
Okay Im a girl who fulfills her lets continue with my UK post :)


This was the BEST day ever!
30th January 2009 is defo a date to remember!
I met my favourite singer, Jamie Kimmett!! OMFG.

Okay okay. During the day, we wanted to do some last shopping of the trip. I promised myself, after this day, I was not gonna shopping at all dah! This was the last one! haha. Needed to control muhself real bad!
We went out early in the morning so we could get things done by afternoon because at night, we were going to A GIG!

 Last minute shopping! Dorothy Perkins and M&S!

I was so excited that I couldn't rest. I felt so restless!
We pushed off around 7pm and it started snowing like hell! Of all the times! Dah lah we had to wait for the taxi outdoor! No taxi came stopped by. SO SAD! So we called like a private taxi agent kind of thing, where the taxi drivers drove their own car and they charged less than the normal public taxis! haha.
So a nice car came to get us with the oh-so good looking driver! Leen wrote down the address of the music venue just in case the driver didn't know where it  was located. But what the heck right, the driver was a young guy and thank God he knew where he was heading! He looked like he was a gig lover :) HOT!

The moment we got to King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (YES, that's the name of the music hall, cun kan!) we straight away went in and only to find that the place was so full of men with beer in their hands that we were the only Asians there. IT.WAS.AWKWARD. Everyone gave us the look like ' who thell are these Asian chicks? What are they doing here?' Seriously! They gave us THE stare. We looked at the time and the show started at 8.45 pm, and it was only 8pm. Sigh. So.. since Leen and I don't drink, we didn't want to sit at the pub looking like two lost tourists who were so jakun, so we went out and waited at a nearby stairs until it snowed HEAVILY AND BADLY, that we decided to stay near the door which has like some kind of roof la. The place ws underground though, FYI. So unique I tell you!

Finally, people started to queue to enter the hall. I was keeping my eyes out for Jamie.
And yes I spot him! OMG. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was him! him! So cute!!! His style was just too good! At first he past by me and didn't notice me I guess. I wanted to call out his name, but he seemed busy talking to people, shaking hands and getting ready on the stage. So I told myself, hopefully we could talk after the gig. Just wait. :)
He kicked off REALLY GOOD! Oh, this was the first time Leen listening to Jamie's songs and boy she liked em! yay!! :) He sang all his hits, which definitely managed to make my heart flutter and melt and burn..all at the same time! Well done Jamie! He was so good that 30 minutes of him was totally not enough!

Oh by the way, there were other bands performing too! Want to know what's the best part? Ehem ehem.


He was singing..and suddenly he paused. 
He thanked the crowd for coming and omg..surprise surprise! He was like ' We have people here from Malaysia tonight. Came to Glasgow to see my gig'  OMGGG. I think I almost pissed in my pants. He acknowledged us to the crowd! SO SWEET OF HIM! Everyone was cheering and the spotlight was on us! Omg. I felt like a celebrity!
Soon it was 9.15pm, and his show ended! This is it.. I told myself. I wanted to talk to him!
So Leen and me stood at one corner and he was heading toward our direction.. so.. apa lagi! Kami pun bertegur sapa! We just talked and talked about Malaysia.. he was talking about Scotland.. his experience in Los Angeles and stuff like what we do and study and all! He was asking me what do I think of Scotland and even asked if I was going to move there! hahah. That was a bit random but I find it cute! Gawd! It was SO NICE talking to him! He is so laid-back and cool that I felt so comfortable with him! I couldn't stop smiling and if only the place had more lights, I think he could see that I was blushing the whole time. I was like star-struck or something. ffuuuuh. :) I had the BEST time that night! He was so friendly and sweet! Love him! :)

We didn't stay for the next bands because we were tired and wanted to head home and go to bed.
Tidur lena la malam tuh! :)
After the gig, in the taxi on the way home, at home, on the bed.. I couldn't stop smiling. It's like a dream come true.. :)

It was so nice meeting you! Hope we will meet again!!


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