Winter in UK#6

January 26, 2010

Right now Im out of words. As in.. I don't feel like typing much but Im in the mood to post fab pictures!
So here goes! The last pictures taken from the trip!

New Year's Eve at George Square, Glasgow! George Square is something like Dataran Merdeka! But funny, to be at George Square required a ticket for admission but we didn't know so all we could do was to stand at the area! Kind of dissapoiting to know that such a public event required tickets! Kind of weird. But oh well, I guess Malaysia is ruling in this case! The fireworks were just okay but too short! I think Curve punya lagi lama kot!! and lagi power! But it's alright, finally I got to experience celebrating New Year's in another country! It was fun seeing 90% of the people on the streets were drunk and shouting around and some even passed out and puked everywhere. Girls took off their heels, walked in barefoot! We wanted to go the bar or club but the queue was too damn long and no way we would want to wait in line in this weather! was cold! effing -10 degrees! Salute you people! :) I forgot to bring gloves that night! My hand turned purple sadly. We took a cab home before all of turned purple!

I look like a retarded doll! Yikes!!


The next day is public holiday. Oh guess what, on 2nd January too! Cool! So we couldn't do much of course. Just stayed home, cooked, cleaned and I had to start packing for home! Booooo!!

The luggage was full! uh-oh

On the 3rd of January was sort of my last day in Glasgow because the next day we would be going to London. So to make me happy and feel satisfied, we had one last look to jalan-jalan! We went to George Square again to take more pictures, ate at some of my favourite restaurants for the last time..

 Time is running. Beautiful one!

It's the tallest cinema building in the world!

Ouh..remember I told you about Glasgow Winterfest? Well, we passed by the place countless times but didn't go on the rides. So since it was my last day, we had to go on the rides! AT LEAST ONE! So we decided on the merrygoround! I mean, the other rides are just crazy to gon in this kind of weather! Merrygoround is good enough :) It was 2.50 pounds per person. Not too bad! Hey, it was my last day!

Your lovely kiddos!

It's a slide!!!

Now this is what I call a REAL Christmas tree! Finally!

4th January was the day. The day that I was leaving Glasgow for London and to Malaysia, my home.
We didn't take a bus to London. Instead.. we took a flight! A budget airline specifically! Wow.. lina azhari..on a budget airline.. for the first time in my life! hahaha!
Well.cerita dia macam ni.
First, we had to take a train from Central Station Glasgow to Prestwick, which was the airport for budget know likw LCCT. It was a half an hour ride to the airport. When we got there, the airport was dead..empty! Good! haha. Tak lah panjang nak check in bags rite! Oh talking about bags, thank God we brought 2 luggage because to get on Ryan Air, one is allowed to bring a luggage up to 15 kg per item. So since I shopped like a fricking diva, I had to transfer some items to the other bag and keep on going back to the timbang to weigh my bags, to make sure that both were not more than 15kg. hahaha. Can you believe have to pay 20 pounds for every 1kg extra! damnnnn! Thank God my dad warned me about Ryan Air and thank God we checked the website to make sure of everything! Pheeeewhh..if not dah melayang brapa pound dah! a
About 10.45 pm, it was our call to board the plane! I was excited, nervous, nausea..everything all at the same time! I've never been on a budget airline! haha. This flight would take us to London Stansted Airport. And you know what was funny! When the plane touched down, a funny sound was blasting on the speakers of the flight to announce that the plane had arrived ahead of schedule! hahaaahahah! You know those kind of sounds like 'tadaa'. I swear, I laughed like a hyena!
London Stansted was also dead. I guess cuz it was midnight. We had to look for a bus ticket counter! The bus took off around 12 am and we managed to buy the tickets like 15 minutes before! Phewwh! It was a 2 hours bus ride to Heathrow Terminal 5. We didn't care what Terminal that it would lead us long it's Heathrow!
Terminal 5 was drop-dead gorgeous! The most beautiful airport I've seen!! We needed to go terminal 4 actually because my flight home would be at terminal 4. There was a shuttle bus among terminals but it past midnight so it was closed! ahhH! We were buntu for awhile. There was a hotel nearby, which was Sofitel if im not mistaken. I forgot what hotel was it. It looked so luxurious and we knew it could be expensive. Tapi dengan muka tebalnya, we went in and asked for the room rates. thanks. We didn't have that much money. haha. So we took a cab to terminal 4 where Jury's in was! The first hotel that I stayed when I arrived in Heathrow. 60 pounds per night for one room of 3 persons! Not bad! Plus it was near terminal 4! Easy for me to get to the airport the next day!
Thank God there was a room for us. I cleaned myself and went to bed..
Woke up early in the morning because my flight was at 10.45am . I checked in early around 8.30 am before doing anything else. haha. So before going to the departure area.. I had my last breakfast with my lovelies and took the last picture :(


I didn't know even departure pun ada fast track for the whole scanning machine thing! Cool! So i got into the departure hall quite fast. I had to go in early because mom wanted me to go to Harrods to buy some goods. So to kill time..while waiting for boarding.. I walked around the same place like a lost kid and at the same time shopping! woohoo sempat lagi! haha.
Announcement was made. Goodbye United Kingdom..hello Malaysia! The land of food and sunshine! :)

The first meal that was served in the flight! Yumm!

I love Malaysia because of the picture above:)
Till we meet again freezing UK! 

So itulah ceritanya.. :) 
Not in the mood to type lah sangat. I lied.
Damn. Once I start, I cannot stop.

Good night!


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