My 20th Birthday! YIKES.

February 07, 2010

Sorry sorry for neglecting this blog and neglecting you!
I've been busy with college assignments, Circle K activities, dates with my girls and things of that nature!
But I don't feel like going out tonight, so here I am, in the mood to update as much as I can!! :)

Okay first of all, I just realised that I haven't blogged about my 20th birthday dinner which was last year, 17th November 2009. Thank you Ad for the pictures so now lets blog about it! :)

Venue : The Garden, One Utama
Attendees : Syu, Far, Neesa, Emma, Ad

At first I decided to take them for an exclusive dinner at a hotel, but then it was way over my budget so I decided to treat them at a restaurant that NONE of us have been to and it was The Garden at One Utama. We realised that we always walked passed by the beautiful attractive interior but never eaten there! So I thought, lets go there and see how it was!
Far was the first person to reach the place.. birthday girl lambat sket ye. Hey, I was FASHIONABLY late! ahahah. Far reserved for 6 people the moment she arrived. Thanks babe! Cuz I didn't make a reservation. HAHA. birthday girl apa la ni! Pemalas!

I was so happy to see that most of my Pumpkins could make it! Poor Aiysha and Nina had some family outings that couldn't be avoided :(  It's okay, family's first. I understand :)
We were SO mesmerized by everything! The interior, decorations, the waiters, the food, the drinks...everything was PERFECTO! I didn't complain about anything and this is rare for me because usually Im a bit you know.. picky and loco when I went into a restaurant that I never been too! hehe. I wanted to describe more on how beautiful and perfect the night was but I am out of words! So lets take a look at these pictures!! 
 Awwhh! My girls are so sweet! Birthday present from all of them!! 

Guess what I got? GUCCI Envy Me that I've wanted for so long! Thanks babes!!!

 Look how they serve the drinks!! In a mini jug! How cute and unique right!!

 My BFF! Syu, Ad and Emma! Such a sweet picture :)

 The birthday girl with all the crazy delicious food in front of her!

  I ordered Fish and Chips and again, Im so so amused how they serve my meal!

Oh yeah baby, it was a one hell of a food fiesta! Our table was FULL!
Okay Im gonna tell you what are those on the table alright! Well I had Fish N Chips, Syu had some noodles, Ad and Neesa had spaghetti, Far had Burger N Chips and Emma had pineapple fried rice. And I also ordered some chicken wings for side dish :) The price is not bad. Starts from RM10 if im not mistaken. It is something like Secret Recipe's price. 

The beast side of me nibbling on chicken wings!

Suhweet darlings! Far n Neesa.

I was forced to have a cake since it was my birthday. I didn't bring any cake though so I bought a slice from the place! At first the waiter wanted to sing me a birthday song, but I was like's alright, didn't want to create a scene at the place. hehe. I pemalu la. :)

Again im saying this, how awesome the place is! It even has my favourite musical instrument in the world!!
I was forced by the girls to play a song but I couldn't remember any, I meant I stopped my lessons like years back. I still know how to play but im not good in memorising music sheets! 

 Konon je ni!!

 So I passed the task to Ad!! She is a pianist FYI! :)

Oh God. Guess what? One of the waiters told the manager (lady behind) that it was my birthday and then suddenly she started the birthday song, along with her colleagues! Omg. IT WAS LOUD! But thank God the place was closing :) heeheh.

 After dinner, tak sah kalau takda supper kan! So we sambung our lepak session di Papparich Kopitiam, Kota Damansara. We needed our buns and tea and coffee!

And as usual, I can't live without my Iced Lemon Tea with Honey!! Yummm!

The night was greatttt!! Everything was PERFECT! :) Thanks girls for coming! So if guys nak makan at The Garden, go ahead! The food is good, and price pun not bad! :) They opened a new branch recently at The Curve. IT'S GORGEOUS! OPEN AIR GARDEN! Baru la Garden betul kan! haha! Look at my pictures carefully, lawa kan decorations dia??? Gilaaa laaa! I love this place! Would DEFINITELY go here again! :) 


Lina Pumpkin