International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010

March 24, 2010

24th March 2010

Sunday yang lepas, my family and I nak check out Hot Air Balloon Festival kat Putrajaya tuh. Orang semua dok berbuih mulut bercerita pasal festival tuh, so my family pun nak check out! Cuz last year kitorang tak pegi. Hoping Sunday punya would be fun, sebab closing ceremony kan, mesti happening festival tu!

But..bila dah nak sampai Putrajaya tuh, dongak ke atas, nak tengok langit, langit dah gelap. ALAMAK..
Nak hujan ke ni?? Alaaaa..sedihnya! Kalau hujan, tak dapat la hot air balloons tuh nak take off kan!

Dok berharap sangat so that tak hujan..

So sementara tunggu balloon ballon tuh nak take off..kitorang pun jalan jalan kat festival tuh.. Banyak sgt benda yg dijual! Macam macam tau! Baju..slippers.. decoration rumah.. kites..ballloons Hello Kitty banyak sgt. Ni kalau cousin Lina yang kecik tuh (Hannah) ternampak balloon tuh, mesti dah melalak nak Hello Kitty tuh. hahaha!

Dalam pukul 6pm macam tuh, balloon tuh dah start nak pasang. Tapi tgk langit lagi, MAKIN GELAP LANGIT!! Alamak..guruh pun dah bunyi..tak lama lagi sambaran kilat pula tiba!

Nasib dapat nampak 2 balloons..!

Kitorang sedih sangat..heart-broken semua tak dapat tgk hot air balloon take off.. dah lah first time kat festival ni!! Lina pun kesian tgk keluarga keluarga lain yang bawak anak anak kecil nak tgk balloon tuh, semua sedih :(

So kitorang pun lari ke kereta nak balik..
Nasib tak pulang rumah dengan tangan kosong.. Nasib Lina sempat shopping kat festival tuh.
Lina beli WALL STICKERS!!! Dok mengidam benda ni..mentang-mentang la dah ada bilik baru kan..dinding yg masih putih kosong.. so Lina nak letak wall stickers banyak banyak!

Masa dalam kereta tuh.. papa tgk kitorang semua muka dah sedih masam.. papa pun bawak pegi Alamanda Mall sebelum balik! yayy! Sebab dia tau, the only way to pujuk anak-anak dia is to bring them to a shopping la..kata  anak gadis kan! hahahTerus muka semua senyum lebar! :)
Dah lama jugak Lina tak pegi Alamanda..the last time was YEARS ago, masa mall tuh first first bukak dulu.
Cantek jugak Alamanda ni.. kedai dia pun not bad! So kitorang jalan jalan..makan dinner..tunggu hukan berhenti sket..baru balik!

Kitorang sempat singgah kat this one dessert place at Alamanda foodcourt, cuba tgk betul betul. Macam macam ada!! best!

Sedih memang sedih tak dapt tgk festival tuh..
Tapi yang penting, keluarga pergi dan balik dengan selamat. Sebab hujan was so lebat, memang potential accident. My heart was beating like crazy in the car!
Alhamdulillah.. :)

Lina Pumpkin

CLEO Snapshot!

March 24, 2010

24th March 2010 (notice that there is no date stated above next to the time, so Im going to do this for every post now onwards, putting a date before I start the post, which is the date of this blog is updated. Hope you'll get what I mean! Purpose of this is to let you know that this blog was updated on this date, sebab layout ni tak tulis date!! It feels incomplete to me cuz this is like a diary to me, so if there is no date, then how will u guys know that this blog is updated when kan! ;))

I bought my CLEO Magazine yesterday and guess what I saw? Yes, besides the YUMMY hunks for this year's CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors! 
Well, not a few pages spread of me but a picture of me!!
Check out the last page of the magazine! Im at the bottom of the page. My picture was chosen from CLEO's website. There was a contest where readers can upload pictures at the website and the best picture will be featured in the magazine!
Unexpectedly, my picture was chosen though I didn't win from the highest votes! The editor loved my picture! haha
Well thanks to my lil sister for taking the picture and thanks to my girls for acting silly and crazy in the picture! hahaha.
I might not win any prizes, but this is perhaps the best prize for me, to be featured in a magazine that can last forever. Oh ya, I never throw my magazines! So if you come into my room, you'll see stacks of magazines at EVERY corner of my room! Im a magazine freak if that's what you call it! :)

So now I can scratch my list of things to do before I die.
6. To be featured in magazine


Lina Pumpkin

Super Junior's Concert!!!

March 22, 2010

20 March 2010

THAT was THE best Saturday ever!!
I went to Super Junior's concert with my lil sisters and her friends and my oh my, Super Junior blew my mind away!
I've never thought I would become such a big fan of K-Pop, thanks to my little sisters that now I am influenced by them and now im addicted to Super Junior!
I've always loved their songs but the fact that I WENT to their concert had made my fascination towards them higher and higher!!

It was their 3rd or 4th time visit to Malaysia but this was their first concert here!
Thank you to Marctensia and other sponsors for inviting them to do the concert!!

We reached the stadium just in time. And omg. the crowd was nuts! There were boys, girls, college adults like me, parents, grandparents, everyone la... were present to witness this spectacular show!
The queue was super duper long of course and it got out of control as all of a sudden some fans went bollocks and attacked the entrance gate and the guards were ignored! hahaha

Thank God my girls and I got in safely, no one got stepped on.
When the staff wanted to tear our ticket as the entrance procedure, there was quite a delay..why? BECAUSE..
The staff changed our seats to the first row of our area!!!
Actually, our seats were at the last row but because the cameras were behind us, and they were afraid if we would stand up, so we might block the camera la kan! So they changed our seats to first row! Thank youuuuu!

There were a few opening acts which most us were not familiar with but I tell you, they were great singers and dancers!!
About 8pm, Super Junior went on stage and damnn..their opening and introduction was WICKED!
I meant the stage was they appeared everywhere!
Each of them appeared at different corners of the stage!
OMG! And one of them was SO near to us, like just below our tier!!! omg gila!

Look at this!

Omg. Im so out of words! Not enough vocabulary to describe this concert!
It's definitely my most favourite concert so far!!
It's been so long since I've been to a pop concert with real stage settings and beautiful showmanship like this!!
I mean, that night, there were lasers, indoor fireworks almost at every starting and ending of a song.
Super Junior even did some acting when they put on a play for 'Puff The Magic Dragon'! So cute right!
This concert was PERFECT!
It was like watching a concert, a play, a movie, a musical! Everthing mixed up into one!
And I loved how they filled up the time when the boys were getting ready for the next song! They showed on the screens some videos of them! Very cute and funny!
I don't know how else to describe this concert! It was mindblowing! I think I almost wanted to rip off my clothes or something! HAHA. kidding kidding.
And I loved it when they came near to my area, omg, there were SO CLOSE! I could die.

I definitely had a gooooooooooooood time at the concert!
I couldn't stop singing, dancing, jumping, swearing, taking vidoes and pictures!
And now i'm deaf, lost my voice, feet died, whole body sore.
But who cares about the pain, it was worth every beat of my heart!!
I love you Super Junior!!
Why didn't I bump into y'all when I was in Korea that day!! hahaha.
Damn, now Im thinking of going back to Korea soon!

Okay everyone, if you want to see more pictures, do visit my facebook page. But I haven't uploaded yet, but keep on checking cuz I will upload them soon.
And if you want to see videos, I will upload it on my Youtube page soon!
Just hold on or keep on checking if you wish!
I will update you here too!

Lina Pumpkin

Super duper short trip to Melaka

March 18, 2010

Last weekend was fun!
Was filled with bonding sessions with relatives!
I love to see all my cousins, uncles and aunts! They are so full of stories, jokes and humourous acts!

On Saturday, my family cooked lunch for the relatives to come over! There were about 4 families in my house!
Memang meriah sangat! Best!
Sembang sembang..and then Paksu dari Melaka datang! Dia datang untuk makan! hahaha.
Dia ajak we all to to his new house in Melaka the next day!
Oh oh..nak tau.. harituh I baked a vanilla cake. TAK JADI! :( Tak tau kenapa..! Sedih gila! Takpe..cuba lagi nanti!!

So on Sunday, my family bertolak to Melaka about 3pm sebab mama and papa ada kenduri tgh hari tuh. Sampai Melaka, terus pergi rumah Paksu ku sorang yang bujang ni!
Wow! The house is nice! WHY? Cuz he has a Doraemon-themed bed in one of the rooms! O.M.G. I WANT!

Seafood was our dinner that night! Paksu took us to this one sungai, I think it's called Sungai Punggor or Punggol..whatevala..but it's in a town called Alai. It's quite deep down to don't know where..tapi rupa-rupanya kat hujung hujung kampung tuh, there were a lot of seafood restaurants. Just choose which one you want!
But sadly, these people at the restaurants, they don't know what butter prawn is! wth. hahaha. Sad case! 
But overall, the place is nice! The funny part was that it was raining so heavily, and restaurant ni atap zink, so hujan memang lebat, so bising gila la bunyi hujan tuh! We had to terpekik-pekik kalau nak bersembang! hahaha 

Actually plan mula mula nak parking kat Bandar Melaka and pusing pusing Melaka bandar merah tuh, tapi parking was so hard as it was a Sunday PLUS school holidays kan, so memang susah sangat nak cari parking! 
So we decided to go to Melaka River Cruise, because all of us had not been there yet!
Everyone was so excited, especially the kids la kan!

The river cruise was really nice, but it was drizzling. But it stopped the moment we got on the boat!
The entrance fee was RM10 for adults, and RM5 for children. I think it's really worth it because the ride was 45 minutes and the view was gorgeous! Check these out! The lights were so terang and colourful! All of us were in awe  as we never thought Malaysia could have this kind of attraction! The river was definitely not 100% clean, but I can say it is about 90% clean which was definitely okay! The best part is that it didn't stink! Surprisingly, Malaysian river tak bau! hahaha. But it was so beautiful! I was so glad to see houses by the river, really remind me of the houses from the Portugese Era that I always see in musuems and textbooks! Melaka is awesome!

Itu Cik Hannah (pink shirt), the mosy happiest and hyper kid on the boat! haha

So itula cerita weekend Lina yang lepas!
This weekend, maybe tak kluar kot, because assignments dah bertimbun macam semak yang tak tebas 10 tahun! OMG. Rasa macam nak cabut je rambut kat kepala ni! Banyak sangat keje!!! ahhhh
But oh well, apakan daya. Im a student, so I have to what a student supposed to do, which is study, exams, assignments and a lil bit of fun and party here and there. haha

Oh lupa pulak..
Last Thursday, I won  a pair of movie screening passes for Solomon Kane!
I won through Twitter from Hot Magazine! hahah
Awesome kan twitter?? Contest dia senang je. Just be the fastes person to reply to the tweet and tadaaa! Dapat terus tickets!
The screening was at Cathay, nasib! Kalau kat KLCC ke or Pavilion, memang tak dapat pegi sebab jam and jauh sket! haha.
I took one of my lil sis to go with me an boy did we enjoy the movie so much!!
Solomon Kane WAS EFFING GOOD! If you love those kind of devil devil with scary creatures kind of movie, then this movie is for you!! The storyline was great, sound effects was the BOMB, creatures looked so scary and fantastic and of course, the hero was definitely a HOT man! :) Definitely worth my time!
Can't wait to get the dvd and watch it again and again!

Lina Pumpkin

Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah #5

March 13, 2010

20 February 2010

We are back on tour after a few days break!
I didn't know that we could walk to their hotel (the people that were in the same tour group) from our hotel. The streets were a bit scary because there were so many people selling things in your face, follow you around and beggars are everywhere. I wanted to give of course, but I couldn't, cuz once I give, others will come follow me around and beg! I even saw some of them put their little children in the middle of the street for begging! Omg. Things like these make me shed my tears.

I quickened my pace, hoping to reachnthe hotel as fast as possible.
I was so glad to see friends from the tour. Suprisingly, we missed them and they missed us too!We had quite a number of sightseeings to check out, guided by the same ustaz that we had on our first
day of the tour, I still don't know his name by the way, but we call him Ustaz Lame cuz he says the lamest,
and funniest things ever! He rocks!

1st stop : Gua Thur. This is the cave where Prophet Muhammad and his best friend, Abu Bakkar As-Siddiq
stayed in for a few nights, to hide from the bad people while he was on his way to Madinah. Actually we could climb the mountain to check out the cave but it would take us about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach the cave. We didn't have enough time, as we had many other stops to go to.

2nd stop : Padang Arafah. This is a wajib place for Haj pilgrims. They have to wukuf here and there, there is a hill called Jabel Al Rahmah, where Prophet Adam and wife, Hawa met when they first came to Earth. And Muslims can go up the hill and pray to God. And in that pray, one should pray about finding love for marriage and for the rest of your life. And of course,me who is single and available, I climbed up the hill and prayed to Allah so that I would find the love of my life soon, get married and have children :)
However, I was dissapointed to see people scribbling their signatures on the most important feature of the hill! Oh God. I seriously believe that the attractions in Makkah should have more security or guards standing around so that no one does stupid things like that! The tiang is supposed to be a landmark kind of thing! ahh It makes me mad.
But..what made me even MORE mad are the workers there who kept on pestering me to buy things, or ride on their camels. OMG. THEY FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE.
I WAS SO MAD. I said NO NO..but more are coming! They even touched your arms or pull you to their camels! And SubhanAllah, they are number one liars!
Don't believe them if the say riding the camel is only 5 bucks. The moment you turun from the camel, they would charge 10 or more and say things like 'oh the camel jalan jauh'
or like 'you took so many pictures of my camel'. AND..they even took out their polaroid camera to take a picture of you without your consent, and then make you pay for it! ARGH. It makes me so mad. I felt like a papparazi when they are following me around but at least the celebs had to only pose for the camera
and not do anything else or even take out money! I couldn't take it anymore, I walked quickly naik my bus balik! Omg. Crazy! It spoiled my mood at the place.
And u know what...while I was praying in front of the tiang, they even stood in front of you and sell things! I was THAT close to pushing them down the hill!
But hey I couldn't do that or else God wouldn't grant my prayer to find a boyfriend! Astaga.
Before we left, dad agreed to pay one of the guys and asked my sister to ride on the camel. I didn't want to ride because I didn't want my jubah to stink.
And God. There were shit everywhere. Gross.
After all those crazy hustle and bustle of Arafah, we moved on with our sightseeings, but just lalu only, tak turun from the bus. We passed by a few mosques which Prophet Muhammad loved and had a lot of experiences in it. And we even passed Bukit AnNur, where Gua Hirak is located. This is the cave where Prophet Muhammad diturunkan his first wahyu, when he was first elected to be a prophet.

Jabel Al-Rahmah. I love group picture :)

Now lets climb the mountain and pray hardcore!

I was thinking should I touch the camels or not. Hmmps.

The lil sisters on the camel! Pretty right the camel!

The moment you get down the bus, all of these people will follow you!

This is where the Haj pilgrimage camp out on one of the days.

Gua Hirak!

21 February 2010

This was our last day of tour. 
We went to a little town called Hudaibiyah, where  the Hudaibiyah war occured during the Prophet's time.
This is peninggalan batu batu yg pernah Nabi buat dijadikan macam camp. It's called Baitul Ridhwan.

We were also told that Nabi Muhammad pernah buat korban kat bukit ni! cool!

The tour also took us to ladang camel again, just in case if anyone wanted to buy some fresh camel's milk to bring back home! Dad bought a 20 bottles! ahahaa

OMG. They're hot!! hehe :)

Our last stop for the day was a museum! It was a mini museuym but it had fantastic antiques! Check these out!

The stairs in Kaabah!

The great door of Kaabah!

Awesome colourful Quran!

It shows how Telaga Zam-Zam works!

22 February 2010

Sadly, this was my second last day in Makkah.
But lucky me my period was done, I was cleaned and I managed to go to Masjidil Haram! OMG!
Alhamduilliah, God had granted my wish! :) I was so happy! Tak sabar nak tawaf!
So I managed to tawaf.. I didn't buat Saie semua sebab tak buat tawaf pun dah syukur amin! Yang penting, dapat langkah masuk Masjidil Haram and pegang Kaabah!
Omg. I touched Kaabah okay! And it smells so good! Macam flowery perfume!!
Tawaf was fun! Sambil tawaf tawaf tuh, I baca baca doa and also doa for my friends yg they all kirim! Bawak list lagi ha! Takut lupa nak doa untuk sape sape ke.. Alhamdulillah! Dapat jugak tgk Kaabah depan mata..siap pegang lagi!! :)

Beautiful Masjidil Harram nightscene :)

23 February 2010

Our last day in Makkah, headed back to Jeddah to get to the airport.
And on the way to airport, we stopped by for lunch at one of the most famous Asian restaurants is Jeddah and prayed at a floating mosque at the Red Sea! It's the Red Sea people! The sea yang Nabi Musa belah laut tu! Awesome kan!

Jeddah is really beautiful and different from Madinah and Makkah. Jeddah is by the beach so it reminds me of California baby! It was really windy that day! Loves it!

The Red Sea!

The floating mosque!

Till we meet again, Middle East! 

With all my love,
Lina Pumpkin