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March 24, 2010

24th March 2010 (notice that there is no date stated above next to the time, so Im going to do this for every post now onwards, putting a date before I start the post, which is the date of this blog is updated. Hope you'll get what I mean! Purpose of this is to let you know that this blog was updated on this date, sebab layout ni tak tulis date!! It feels incomplete to me cuz this is like a diary to me, so if there is no date, then how will u guys know that this blog is updated when kan! ;))

I bought my CLEO Magazine yesterday and guess what I saw? Yes, besides the YUMMY hunks for this year's CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors! 
Well, not a few pages spread of me but a picture of me!!
Check out the last page of the magazine! Im at the bottom of the page. My picture was chosen from CLEO's website. There was a contest where readers can upload pictures at the website and the best picture will be featured in the magazine!
Unexpectedly, my picture was chosen though I didn't win from the highest votes! The editor loved my picture! haha
Well thanks to my lil sister for taking the picture and thanks to my girls for acting silly and crazy in the picture! hahaha.
I might not win any prizes, but this is perhaps the best prize for me, to be featured in a magazine that can last forever. Oh ya, I never throw my magazines! So if you come into my room, you'll see stacks of magazines at EVERY corner of my room! Im a magazine freak if that's what you call it! :)

So now I can scratch my list of things to do before I die.
6. To be featured in magazine


Lina Pumpkin

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