Super duper short trip to Melaka

March 18, 2010

Last weekend was fun!
Was filled with bonding sessions with relatives!
I love to see all my cousins, uncles and aunts! They are so full of stories, jokes and humourous acts!

On Saturday, my family cooked lunch for the relatives to come over! There were about 4 families in my house!
Memang meriah sangat! Best!
Sembang sembang..and then Paksu dari Melaka datang! Dia datang untuk makan! hahaha.
Dia ajak we all to to his new house in Melaka the next day!
Oh oh..nak tau.. harituh I baked a vanilla cake. TAK JADI! :( Tak tau kenapa..! Sedih gila! Takpe..cuba lagi nanti!!

So on Sunday, my family bertolak to Melaka about 3pm sebab mama and papa ada kenduri tgh hari tuh. Sampai Melaka, terus pergi rumah Paksu ku sorang yang bujang ni!
Wow! The house is nice! WHY? Cuz he has a Doraemon-themed bed in one of the rooms! O.M.G. I WANT!

Seafood was our dinner that night! Paksu took us to this one sungai, I think it's called Sungai Punggor or Punggol..whatevala..but it's in a town called Alai. It's quite deep down to don't know where..tapi rupa-rupanya kat hujung hujung kampung tuh, there were a lot of seafood restaurants. Just choose which one you want!
But sadly, these people at the restaurants, they don't know what butter prawn is! wth. hahaha. Sad case! 
But overall, the place is nice! The funny part was that it was raining so heavily, and restaurant ni atap zink, so hujan memang lebat, so bising gila la bunyi hujan tuh! We had to terpekik-pekik kalau nak bersembang! hahaha 

Actually plan mula mula nak parking kat Bandar Melaka and pusing pusing Melaka bandar merah tuh, tapi parking was so hard as it was a Sunday PLUS school holidays kan, so memang susah sangat nak cari parking! 
So we decided to go to Melaka River Cruise, because all of us had not been there yet!
Everyone was so excited, especially the kids la kan!

The river cruise was really nice, but it was drizzling. But it stopped the moment we got on the boat!
The entrance fee was RM10 for adults, and RM5 for children. I think it's really worth it because the ride was 45 minutes and the view was gorgeous! Check these out! The lights were so terang and colourful! All of us were in awe  as we never thought Malaysia could have this kind of attraction! The river was definitely not 100% clean, but I can say it is about 90% clean which was definitely okay! The best part is that it didn't stink! Surprisingly, Malaysian river tak bau! hahaha. But it was so beautiful! I was so glad to see houses by the river, really remind me of the houses from the Portugese Era that I always see in musuems and textbooks! Melaka is awesome!

Itu Cik Hannah (pink shirt), the mosy happiest and hyper kid on the boat! haha

So itula cerita weekend Lina yang lepas!
This weekend, maybe tak kluar kot, because assignments dah bertimbun macam semak yang tak tebas 10 tahun! OMG. Rasa macam nak cabut je rambut kat kepala ni! Banyak sangat keje!!! ahhhh
But oh well, apakan daya. Im a student, so I have to what a student supposed to do, which is study, exams, assignments and a lil bit of fun and party here and there. haha

Oh lupa pulak..
Last Thursday, I won  a pair of movie screening passes for Solomon Kane!
I won through Twitter from Hot Magazine! hahah
Awesome kan twitter?? Contest dia senang je. Just be the fastes person to reply to the tweet and tadaaa! Dapat terus tickets!
The screening was at Cathay, nasib! Kalau kat KLCC ke or Pavilion, memang tak dapat pegi sebab jam and jauh sket! haha.
I took one of my lil sis to go with me an boy did we enjoy the movie so much!!
Solomon Kane WAS EFFING GOOD! If you love those kind of devil devil with scary creatures kind of movie, then this movie is for you!! The storyline was great, sound effects was the BOMB, creatures looked so scary and fantastic and of course, the hero was definitely a HOT man! :) Definitely worth my time!
Can't wait to get the dvd and watch it again and again!

Lina Pumpkin

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