Super Junior's Concert!!!

March 22, 2010

20 March 2010

THAT was THE best Saturday ever!!
I went to Super Junior's concert with my lil sisters and her friends and my oh my, Super Junior blew my mind away!
I've never thought I would become such a big fan of K-Pop, thanks to my little sisters that now I am influenced by them and now im addicted to Super Junior!
I've always loved their songs but the fact that I WENT to their concert had made my fascination towards them higher and higher!!

It was their 3rd or 4th time visit to Malaysia but this was their first concert here!
Thank you to Marctensia and other sponsors for inviting them to do the concert!!

We reached the stadium just in time. And omg. the crowd was nuts! There were boys, girls, college adults like me, parents, grandparents, everyone la... were present to witness this spectacular show!
The queue was super duper long of course and it got out of control as all of a sudden some fans went bollocks and attacked the entrance gate and the guards were ignored! hahaha

Thank God my girls and I got in safely, no one got stepped on.
When the staff wanted to tear our ticket as the entrance procedure, there was quite a delay..why? BECAUSE..
The staff changed our seats to the first row of our area!!!
Actually, our seats were at the last row but because the cameras were behind us, and they were afraid if we would stand up, so we might block the camera la kan! So they changed our seats to first row! Thank youuuuu!

There were a few opening acts which most us were not familiar with but I tell you, they were great singers and dancers!!
About 8pm, Super Junior went on stage and damnn..their opening and introduction was WICKED!
I meant the stage was they appeared everywhere!
Each of them appeared at different corners of the stage!
OMG! And one of them was SO near to us, like just below our tier!!! omg gila!

Look at this!

Omg. Im so out of words! Not enough vocabulary to describe this concert!
It's definitely my most favourite concert so far!!
It's been so long since I've been to a pop concert with real stage settings and beautiful showmanship like this!!
I mean, that night, there were lasers, indoor fireworks almost at every starting and ending of a song.
Super Junior even did some acting when they put on a play for 'Puff The Magic Dragon'! So cute right!
This concert was PERFECT!
It was like watching a concert, a play, a movie, a musical! Everthing mixed up into one!
And I loved how they filled up the time when the boys were getting ready for the next song! They showed on the screens some videos of them! Very cute and funny!
I don't know how else to describe this concert! It was mindblowing! I think I almost wanted to rip off my clothes or something! HAHA. kidding kidding.
And I loved it when they came near to my area, omg, there were SO CLOSE! I could die.

I definitely had a gooooooooooooood time at the concert!
I couldn't stop singing, dancing, jumping, swearing, taking vidoes and pictures!
And now i'm deaf, lost my voice, feet died, whole body sore.
But who cares about the pain, it was worth every beat of my heart!!
I love you Super Junior!!
Why didn't I bump into y'all when I was in Korea that day!! hahaha.
Damn, now Im thinking of going back to Korea soon!

Okay everyone, if you want to see more pictures, do visit my facebook page. But I haven't uploaded yet, but keep on checking cuz I will upload them soon.
And if you want to see videos, I will upload it on my Youtube page soon!
Just hold on or keep on checking if you wish!
I will update you here too!

Lina Pumpkin


  1. The stage looks awesome. It must be a worth watching concert.

  2. Siwon blew my mind away too! <3


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