LFM Charity Bazaar

April 15, 2010

LFM stands for Lung Foundation Malaysia. My best friend in the whole wide world, Adlina had invited me to volunteer at a charity bazaar organized by LFM.  Knowing me who loves charity work like this, I definitely said YES! Adlina's dad who is a lung specialist is the chairman of the foundation and the bazaar!
The bazaar was held in Kampung Sg Penchala on 28th March 2010. So close to my home!
Around 8 am, Ad and I made our way to the venue to set up before the public started to pour in. There were about 25 booths, ranging from selling clothes and house decorations, food, drinks, games corner, and so much more! 
Ad told me that the bazaar was a bit last minute and was not advertised that well. There were not that many people before 11am. But as soon the time is approaching to lunch hour, more and more people came to the bazaar! yay! I guess because they wanted to buy food for lunch :) 

Still early in the morning..I could barely open my eyes while setting up our booth! hehe

Ha,,tadaaa! We were incharged of Fun and Games corner!

There were two games.
1)Darts (as usual, tak sah kalau bazaar takda darts kan!)
2)Kick the ball masuk goal but blocked by a huge teddy bear (THE HARDEST GAME)
Winners will get merchandise from LFM! There were caps, keychains, t shirts :) I got the cap! hehehe

Ye..saya petugas di situ! :) Dengan rela hati! Plus dapat sijil tau, boleh lah letak dalam resume for job application later kan :)

Adults that dropped by at our booth were only interested to play the darts!

But, the kids LOVED the ball game!! Especially this kid below, he was so interested in the ball game!
So he invited his friends and cousins to join him to score the ball! Thanks to these beautiful and funny children, ketidakpuashati mereka telah menambahkan our profit! 
Oh ya.. the entrance fee of the game is RM3 per game. You will be amazed how much we earned at the end of the day just by playing these 2 games...

Our guests of honour was Pak Lah and wife, Jean Abdullah! I tak sempat nak take pic with Pak Lah, everybody serbu him..but I got to take a pic with the beautiful wife! Omg, she's so sweet, very friendly and down to earth! Love her!

As the place was starting to get crowded, it was the perfect time for some dancing! I never say no to dancing so I joined in the fun! We danced poco poco! I sucked in it but oh well I had so much fun dancing with all these kakak kakak and aunt aunt and also Chef Ismail!! :)

Ha tengok tu.. Chef Ismal kita sungguh semangat! haha he's so funny and cute! Love him!

This auntie that was holding me was afraid if we pushed each other! hahah

This band below is perhaps the most talented children i've ever met. They are like 12 or 13 years old? But OMG, they were SO GOOD! They sang a number of songs with full energy and emotions! The kid's voice was BAM!! I want them to perform at my wedding for sure!! :) I will upload video of them soon! Right now I can't find the file! booo..

There were about 2 or 3 other bands performed too but I didn't manage to take pics because our booth was full of kids so we had to layan them all!  hahah.

Below : Our booth's neighbour was offering manicure and hairspray services! Also attracted the kids! :)

Aik? Who is this cute little boy? Well..this kid was stuck with us for more than an hour trying to win the games. The parents left him at our booth cuz they wanted to walk around the bazaar and meet their friends. We were babysitters at some point! hahah. But this boy was so cute and smart! I miss him :( Hope we'll meet again! The parents gave a whole load of coupons for the kid to use at our booth! haha

With my most favourite chef in the world, Chef Ismail! He ajak to join his cooking class! yayy! Nak join! mesti join! If not tak kahwin la saya nanti.. :) hehe.

Guess what? We earned about RM500!!!!! omg. Our booth only was already 500 bucks! Imagine other booths? wow. This bazaar was definitely a success.

Thank you Haneesa dear for coming although you came so late! Too bad other pumpkins couldn't make it! It was definitely more fun if all of us could make it! But takpe.. we still had fun kan Ad!

The bazaar ended early because all the food finished early! I think I visited all booths but takda la beli semua! I bought some awesome cookies from a stall by Food Insitute of Malaysia! Whoa, I didn't know there is such college in Malaysia! If I knew I would have studied there! haha. There were a lot of food at the bazaar..nasi beriyani.. desserts..Chef Ismail's famous pie..mamak..macam macam! Happy semua dapat makan kenyang! Alhamdulillah.. :)

Around 5pm, everyone started to pack and rest. Omg.. we looked like satisfied Ah Long after a long day trying to catch debters! hahah

Lina Pumpkin