The day I saw Katy Perry live!

December 26, 2010

Hey dear readers :)
I can never thank you enough for actually taking the time to read my blog though it's nothing much. Just letting you know again, that my blog is more like my diary, but of course i don't put personal stuff here, but just pretty much of what I did today and stuff like that.
Well today was lovely. My grandmother and uncle stayed over my place for a few days. My grandmother is not well these days, so my uncles and my dad are taking turns taking care of her. I hope she gets better :) My uncle is here because it's the weekend and he doesn't work on weekends. I love it when my house is packed, especially when it's occupied with my lovely relatives. I love the atmosphere of huge and loud dinners. Everything is just so.. happy!
We stayed home during the day, did nothing really.. just lazed around. But for dinner we ate at Jom Makan in Kota Damansara. Has any of you been there before? I love that place! It's one of our family's favourite restaurants. The service is really quick, it's cheap, friendly staff, food is too damn good! I recommend you to try Jom Makan! Really worth it!
I had Nasi Goreng Orang Asli. Kind of funny, non? Well, it tasted really good! It's actually like a normal fried rice, it's just that the rempah they use is quite different. Tastier than other types of Nasi Goreng. Well you have to try it for yourself!
After dinner, sempat singgah dvd shop. I bought 4 movies -Letters to Juliet (I LOVE this movie so much!), Legenda Budak Setan, Semerah Cinta Stiletto ( I love Lisa Surihani and Farid Kamil), and Vampires Suck.
Letters to Juliet is so romantic. I know that romantic comedy movies, most of them have the same endin which is happy ending and people ask me on and on 'Why do you watch it when you already know how's the ending like?'. Then I tell them, 'Well, of course I know the ending to a typical romantic comedy movies, but why do I still watch them is that it makes me happy,it makes me forget about getting my heart broken or never find my true love again, it makes me feel as though the world is full of happy people and full of love.What's so wrong about feeling those way if it makes me happy?'. And then, they do not dare to clarify any further. I mean, we do what make us happy. So why argue? :)

So tonight was a chick flick for me. Watched Letters to Juliet and Semerah Cinta Stiletto. I am not the kind of person who really has to see the movie as soon as it comes out. I like to wait for it to be out on dvds and watch it at home. But of course unless it's Harry Potter and Narnia, then I will watch em in the cinemas. Seriously guys, im a sucker for romantic comedies. :)

Now shall we continue on my story for summer in July?
Okay, the day after Emma's party, I was geared up for a very interesting and adrenalin-pumping night. I got tickets for MTV World Stage, live in Sunway Lagoon. Im so thankful and relieved that MTV chose Malaysia again this year for World Stage. Do you think it's every year in Malaysia? Lets just hope so!!! So this year's act was not as many as last year's, but still, my favourite band, Tokio Hotel and favourite popstar Katy Perry were all set to perform for Malaysia!

I went with my sister,Arina and her friends. The day was very wet too, it was raining heavily before I got there! Actually I missed the first act which was Bunkface because it took me about an hour to get a parking space! But luckily i've seen Bunkface a lot of times already so it's not a big deal for me to miss it :)

Second act on stage was The Wonder Girls! One of Asia's favourite girlband from Korea :) They are really good live though! Love their costumes, their dance moves, their vocals, everything was good! No wonder they can go really far :) Sorry if the photos are not good, I suck in taking photos in concerts because I was too busy enjoying myself!!


Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel!

Toktio Hotel FTW!!
 The moment that everyone was waiting for and probably the main reason why people had to go for this year's MTV World Stage! Who would have thought, Katy Perry landed in Kuala Lumpur! I never thought I would see her in person! IM A HUGE FAN!! All covered, she agreed to the rules and regulations of concerts in KL, she threw an awesome and mind-blowing performance that night! Sang all her hits and even new ones! Oh God, Katy Perry is the BOMB! She was so beautiful! Ah, she's always so beautiful!

 I hope next year's MTV World Stage will be in KL too. Rumours saying that it will be in Singapore? I don't know, but whatever it is, Im going to go all out and full-force to get the tickets!

Alright, that's it for today! Off to bed! Good night!


3 days with Jake

December 24, 2010

Hi! :)

I know that it's winter on the other side of the world, but I told you I would start blogging now from where I left off, right? That should be my summer post! Do you know how I remember where to start from? Well, I looked at my previous posts (I stopped at the Children Party for the kids from Myanmar) and then I referred to my planner and checked the things I did after that. Simple as that! So lets start..

My best friend of 15 years, Syu came back from Melbourne for her winter holidays in July. She brought along one of her best friends in Melbourne, Jake. I heard a lot about Jake, what a great guy he was and how he really took care of Syu and everything! Jake is from San Fransisco and he was in Melbourne for a student exchange program. I was so excited to meet Jake when Syu called me that she had rested and ready to hang out!
Sunset from my balcony! Beautiful right?

We took Jake for some Ramly Burger goodness just around the corner. That is Syuhada and I's favourite Ramli Burger stall ever since we were 6 years old? Yeah, THAT long. The abang who makes the burgers dah kaya dah sekarang! Hebat kan! :) I loved the expression on Jake's face when he first tasted the burger. He admitted it was SO GOOD and was wondering why don't they have this around the world! haha. Well Jake, it's Malaysia's pride, we don't want other people to copy it! So you better not make one there and give it to your friends! Kidding :)

After our burger session, Syu got a call from her friends inviting us to hang out at Reggae Bar! I always here people talking about Reggae Bar and finally I got to see it for myself. Raggae Bar is a double storey club/bar. The ground floor is more of like a club, where people can dance and the songs that are played are alway R&B! Whereas the 1st floor is a bar, a relaxed and chilled atmosphere, where people just sat, talking, while listening to Reggae music :) We were not in the dancing mood, so we went to the 1st floor and just hung out and talked..and talked.. and talked :) There I met some of Syu's good friends studying in Melbourne. Im so glad Syu introduced me to her best friends in Melbourne! :) Some of them drank the night away but I don't drink alcohol, so I just had some Coke and Pepsi non stop! :)

Syuhada and Jake! Isn't he such a cute guy? Very friendly. I felt like I've known him for years! Story story with him is really fun! 

Met Joe Ann Chavry (girl on the left), who is Syu's bestie in Mlebourne too! She's from the Maldives :) Very pretty girl :)


Woke up super duper early for Penang! And it was a day trip! Hebat tak? It took us only 3.5 hours to get to Penang, imagine la betapa lajunya Syu's driver drove us there! Surprisingly, no road block, no speed trap! yay :) Being good Malaysian citizens, we taught Jake our food, culture and interesting spots in Penang. First stop, tak lain tak bukan, lunch at Taman Kota Lama. And of course, semestinya, we had it! The sole reason why people go to dine at Taman Kota Lama, is because of its mouth-watering Mee Sotong and Coconut Milkshake that is to die for!

mmmmm..sedap and addicitve. Coconut milkshake! Ya Allah, mana nak cari kat KL ni!!

Mee Sotong! Ni pun takde kat KL tau!! Hanya di Penang Taman Kota Lama! yeah!

After lunch, we went to Cheong Fatt Tze mansion, or better known as The Blue Mansion. This house has a wonderful history, click here to know more! Managed to only capture the outer part of the mansion. They don't allow cameras inside the mansion.. boooo hooo :(  At this place, I know a lot about the Chinese traditions and culture!!

This was near one of the temples. I forgot what it's called.. I think it was The Goddess of Mercy Temple!

Saw a Chinese play in front of the temple. VERY interesting! I understood the story :)

After visiting the temples, just a few blocks away we visited a mosque, Masjid Kapitan Keling. Beautiful mosque!

Teruskan perjalanan kami untuk explore more temples..malangnya.. kami sesat.. haha. last last.. call driver suruh amik :)

Oh before I forget, when we were lost, we saw a market. But the market was full of man. I was like, 'is that a gay market or something?'. But it doesn't look fun or happy happy at all. The atmosphere in the market was dull, depressed, scary and everyone looked very suspicious. Then it clicked to my head, I saw it on a documentary once... It was a market for people to sell stolen stuff!!. Oh..My..Effing.. Lord..! No wonder! I saw a man selling about 5 pairs of shoes which looked like they had been worn several times! Omg.. Syu and I were so scared because we had our bags with us and Jake had his awesome huge camera. What if someone was eyeing us and planning to snatch it? Oh shit.. so we acted cool, pretended like we were not afraid of anything, just kept on walking, passed by the market with our heads held up high, and Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened to us. Phoned Syu's driver quickly to pick us up! haha.. WHAT an adventure!!

When the night came, Batu Ferringhi was calling :) The night market of Batu Ferringhi was definitely Syu and I's favourite market! Semestinya, we had dinner at Long Beach Foodcourt, situated along the night market. And if I come to Penang, I MUST have this awesome fried oyster egg! Holy moly.. SEDAP YANG TERAMAT!! Jake loved everything we ordered! Bagus Jake ni, semua dia suka, semua sedap! Memang adventurous!

 DAY 3

 It was the last day for Jake in KL. So we took him to our favourite mall, the mall that we grew up in, One Utama la.. mana lagi! We went for fish spa! Syu was too afraid to try as she got ticklish very easily. Well it is very ticklish at first, but after some time, you are numb to it :) I love fish spa!!

We went to Batu Caves too! One of my favourite spots in Malaysia :) I don't know why, I just LOVE climbing up the stairs of Batu Caves!!

Tak sah kalau datang Malaysia, tak  tengok KLCC at night. So we went to the fountain area, near KLCC to get the BEST view of KLCC. Sampai terbaring-baring ha tangkap gambar KLCC ni! Masuk juga muka si Syu ni! haha.

So that's basically of what we did when Jake came here :)
I miss you Jake! Hope you will come back to KL soon! or yet, wait for me in San Fransisco :)
Love you hun!!