Should you get rid of all those old magazines?

January 11, 2012

Okay, so you have like tons of magazines piling up in the living room and your room. And they are old ones, well maybe not too old, probably about a few months ago punya edition. So what do you do with those? Do you throw them away or recycle it?
Well, as for me before I get rid of those magazines, I will pull out all articles that I like that I find useful, and file them according to section. For example, beauty, fashion, and life tips.
Sebenarnya this is what I've been doing for the past one month, korek balik magazine yang lama lama tu, belek belek tgk mana article yang berguna untuk refer in the future..senang! Tak payah nanti susah nak belek balik page mana and from which magazine. Buang masa je. So, a tip for all of you, kalau ada article yang anda suka, tear it out and file them. Senang nak tengok nanti :) And then barulah boleh buang those magazines! hehe

Share with me some tips. I don't bite! :)


  1. I have been collecting magazines for ages and was about to get rid of all of them. Thanks for your tips and yes, tearing out the pages which is of interest will take up less storage and easy to refer.

  2. Yeap, that's right! :) Im trying to make it as a habit now. hehe. Thanks for viewing my blog :)

  3. omg. that's so true. but i threw them all away already masa new year. bad move. i only tore out colourful pages sbb i use them for crafts. but stilllll, great idea lina. i'll keep that in mind next time

  4. Thanks Amalina! hehe I pun still slowly making this a habit. haha


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