Simple Plan Live in KL (again!)

January 27, 2012

Those of you who know me really well, you would know that Im a huge fan of Simple Plan, ever since ther first song 'Im Just A Kid' came out which was like 10 years ago! I was 13 back then. So basically I can say that I grew up listening to them! Remember how punk pops was the it thing before house music and gaga music took over? (No offense to Gaga, I love her too!). When I heard they were heading to KL 7 years ago, I went nuts. I joined the Underground Simple Plan Fan Club (for Malaysians only) and we got the chance to cut the line for the autograph session and performed for them for a mini showcase in KDU. I remember they had some kind of telematch in KDU with students. I don't know if this fanclub still exist or not. That was my first time meeting Simple Plan, my favourite rock gods. They mean a lot to me, their lyrics, their songs, everything! It's like they speak the story of my life. The following year, Simple Plan came again for a full on concert in Bukit Kiara. I went with Syu, my best friend in the entire world and we went crazy again. We waited for them at the airport, greeted the guys, welcomed them with gifts. Sadly I didn't manage to snap any photos because there WERE SO MANY PEOPLE at that time and I was being pushed around like a doll! :( But  I was glad I could see them RIGHT in front of my eyes. The following night was their concert and I managed to be in the front row because I went super early!! Stupid me, I forgot to eat so toward the end of the concert, I almost fainted and got myself out of the crowd. What a spoiler! After that night, I didn't know when would Simple Plan come again. Finally, after 7 years of waiting, back with their new album, Simple Plan visited Malaysia again on January 14, 2012!!!!!!!! I think Im back to my crazy fangirl days! Oh how fun!
Im so happy when they added Malaysia to their Get Your Heart On World Tour 2012! It was held at KL Live, just the perfect venue for a comeback, not too big and not too small, and wherever you stand you are guaranteed a good view. I went with my sister who is also a crazy fan of the guys. The opening act was by a local band, The Revellers who are also my exhighschool mates! Wow, congratulations for winning the opening act audition. You have made TTDI proud! hahaha. The bank rocked it at KL Live, playing a cover and originals! You should check them out, they're on Facebook, know the lot. 
About 15 minutes later, Simple Plan got on stage and their first song of the night was Shut Up! OMG, That's my favourite song!! The set for this show was awesome, more than awesome! They played pretty much all their famous tracks, including new ones, and some covers and medleys! I tell you...they still HAVE IT!! This is why I love them so much! They're always good in what they do, they know how to interact and appreciate fans, they're friendly, sweet, talented and more! Im so glad they came, definitely the highlight of the year and heck the year has just started! I hope I don't have to wait another 7 years, I'll probably bring my kid and husband then. Wow..can you imagine if that really happens? I can tell my kid 'Yo son, I've been listening to these guys ever since I was 13 and now Im seeing them for the fourth time, with you and Dad.' WOW! hahaha okay enough rambling, here are some photos and goodies!

I want to see them again! Managed to singalong to almost everything that night! I STILL HAVE IT! hahaha


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