Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour Bloom

February 28, 2012

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I went to Caring Pharmacy without a to-buy list. I was there aimlessly, but of course I got stuck at the makeup stalls. I bumped into this!

Maybelline's Lip Smooth Colour Bloom!

I usually don't buy lip balms, I always get them for free from birthday presents or freebies from makeup counters, etc. But somehow, I wanted to try this!

This is not your usual lip balm. This is like a lip balm with a hint of lipstick! If  you don’t feel like wearing lipstick, but still want your lips to have a little bit of colour yet still natural-looking, then this lip balm is suitable for you. 

 When you apply it, wait for a few seconds and you can see the colour of your lips have changed. This lip balm creates its own colour that is the closest to your lip colour. 

How amazing is that? Don’t believe me? See this for yourself! And no I DID NOT APPLY ANY LIPSTICK ON if you think Im lying. I swear to God, I only applied this lip balm!



Amazing, right? It's perfect if you want to achieve a natural-looking makeup especially during the day! And it does make my lips BLOOM!

Bonus points for this lip balm as it contains Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, so you can have smooth, soft, healthy and naturally gorgeous pairs of muah muah! :)

Oh and it has another shade which is peach blossom. Mine is Pink Blossom. You'll have a more orangey lip colour if you take the peach one, but it will still change according to your body temperature. 

Price: RM 14.90

You can get it at any pharmacy.



Delicious, Bangsar Village 2

February 28, 2012

Just want to share some pictures with you all of what I had for lunch yesterday with Leen. Delicious has never failed me. Their food is just so amazingly delicious! Thinking of hiring them for catering wedding? Lol!

Fried Calamari Rings as appetizer! RM15.90

My main dish: Classic Beef Lasagna. RM 20.90
Leen's main dish: Braised Lambshank. RM 40.90
Macadamia Cheesecake. RM 14.90
Delicious has quality service too. The waiters are friendly, and attend to you really quick! I have never had any problems with Delicious. :)

Rate: 10/10. :)

 Lot GF-1, Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 2,
Jalan Telawi, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
T: 603 2287 1554  F: 603 2287 1553

*Delicious is also available at One Utama, MidValley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, Dua Residency, Marc Residence and Straits Quay in Penang.

The Love Nails, e@Curve

February 27, 2012

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was packed with pampering sessions and catching-up with my bestie, Leen. Leen has been so caught up with work so she needed the weekend to let herself out. Since im still on my holidays,bumming around, why not join her for the weekend! 

We were in dire need of some nail fixing. My nails looked horrible, so dry, and looked every unhealthy. I kid you not, all the manicure shops are FULL, well because it was the weekend. After going round and round from The Curve, to Ikano, to e@Curve, finally one was available. Actually we passed it at first because it was full before, but after lunch, we checked it out again and it was available! Yippeeee! 

The Love Nails is located next to the elevator going up to the cinema, next to Skin Food. I think that's the best I can give you for directions. Super easy! This was my second visit to The Love Nails and I must say, I really love their service. Friendly manicurists, affordable compared to others, and quality results!

We did spa manicure instead of just normal buffing and colouring, just to treat ourselves once in a while. I forgot what's mine called but it consist of scrub and mask, and Azleen's treatment was honey scrub!

The first step the manicurist did was to do all the basic nail fixing, cutting, shaping, etc. And then she applied mango and peach scrub onto my arms and massage! It felt so relaxing and the sweet scent was a bonus point! Next, she applied mint mask which was in blue and wrapped my arms. For once, I felt like I was a part of Avatar! haha

I love this mint mask! As the mask was doing its magic to my hands, the manicurist worked on my nails for buffing. Oh and the mask was coolinggg which made me feel so relaxed!! After 15 to 20 minutes, she unwrapped it and my arms was as soft as baby's bum, smells great of fuits and mint, and fresh! 

My nails are shiny! yay!
Leen picked a natural colour to adhere to her office policy. LOL!
The Love Nails main products are O.P.I as well as other brands too.
Total cost:

Mine: RM 72 (RM 60 for Spa Manicure, and RM12 for buffing)
Leen: RM 48 (Spa Manicure and colour)

e@Curve (formerly known as Cineleisure)
Lot 1-41, 1st Floor, Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara
No 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, PJU 7,
47810 Petaling Jaya
03 - 7710 4336 / 016 - 395 4336

Kardashian Kolors for Spring!

February 24, 2012

Hi everyone! A fan of the Kardashians? Yay or nay?
Whatever your answers are, put them aside because their latest Kardashian Kolors for Spring for their Nicole by OPI line, is a must have for this spring!

To me, spring is all about fun colours yet maintains its classiness. With gorgeous flowers blooming everywhere (think Amsterdam tulips and Japanese Sakura!), it's just perfect to apply these colours and have a walk in the park (or anywhere actually, just being dramatic!). But you know what I mean! These latest Kardashian Kolors are lovely and very sweet, and you'll be the envy of every other girl in town! 

I think this collection hasn't hit Malaysian shores yet, Im still searching as many stores as I can. And when it does, I will get my hands on them and write a review on it! 

What do you think of the ad campaign for this collection? I like it. The colours of the dresses really scream spring, and everything is just so sweet! :)

Lina Pumpkin

-picture credits to Khloe Kardashian

Ikea Cork Board (Personalized: PINK)

February 22, 2012

 Hi everyone!
I was feeling a lil bit artsy today because I finally bought a cork board from Ikea yesterday and it looked pretty boring. Don't you think so?

So I decided to splash some colour to make it more 'ME!'

Of course, a hot pink would definitely be my choice!

I used D'ARTE Mural Paint from a stationery shop nearby. Very good quality, the colour applied is the same as what's in the bottle. Im saying this because I've bought some paints that have cheated me :(

A cork board is a must for me, because I tend to forget to use vouchers and stuff because I don't see them, if you know what I mean. I always keep them in my handbag and never check it. With a cork board, Im able to post up whatever I want, and as a reminder!

Here's the final result!

I haven't hung it yet because Im no good in drilling. I need a man to do this, which is my dad. The only man in the house. haha. I hope he will hang it soon..pretty please!

Ikea Cork Board (at Market Hall): RM19.90
D'ARTE Mural Paint: RM2.20

Lina Pumpkin

Jonker Walk and Om Burger,Ampang

February 15, 2012

Hi everyone!
Last Sunday, Syu and I were craving for some good food in Melaka. Syu has not been to Melaka in a long time. The last I went there about few months back. With the help of GPS, we managed to reach there safely and tak silap jalan! yay, but there were at times the GPS was being weird, but thank God I knew my way around in Melaka just a little bit. At least! Our main reason was to visit Jonker Walk. I love that place! The vibe, atmosphere, everything is just so much fun and full of cultures!

Actually, I was really craving for some ais kacang, and the famous ais kacang stall is Jonker 88. It's a must if you come to Jonker Walk! A MUST!

I was queueing up when I took this pic! You see...kena beratur tau! That's how laku it is!
My choice of the day. Nata de Coco Ais Kacang..TASTY!

As you can see, this ais kacang stall has a variety of cendol and ais kacang! Memang rugi if datang Jonker Walk but tak try Jonker 88! I said that already..
Potato Spring! so hard to find! I search in KL, can't find it anywhere, even at pasar malams. Finally found Melaka! haha A must try too. and you can choose many flavours. :) pepper..original..spicy..etc.. :)
It was a little bit rainy when we got there so the set up was delayed. Nevertheless, we had a good time eating these snacks. We didn't even need proper main dish for our dinner. HOWEVER... we suddenly felt the craving for some burger Ramly. We decided to head to Ampang, supposedly they have the best Burger Ramly there. My friend, Azleen took me there before and good Lord... the burger is heavenly! SEDAP!! Lain rasanya..because the way the burger is cooked, is totally different! Want to know how? Well you gotta see it for yourself! Google Om Burger, Ampang..and you'll get the address!

la la la la..*terbang*
Lina Pumpkin

Embun Day Spa, Plaza Mont Kiara

February 13, 2012

Hi everyone! 
Sorry for being away for more than a week. I was too busy hanging out with my girlfriends, especially with Syu, my best-est friend since I was 7. She's here in KL right now, came back for summer holidays but will leave again to Melbourne in a couple of days :(
We managed to go shopping, eating out here and there, lazing around, and pampering sessions for ourselves. Our choice of the month is Embun Day Spa, located in Plaza Mont Kiara. Honestly, I've never been to Plaza Mont Kiara, but passed it a thousand times, heading to somewhere else. I've heard of this spa when I was asking around and googling what are some of the best spas here in KL. One day as I was walking in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, a man approached me with a huge pamphlet in his hand. My first thought 'Oh no..he's gonna sell stuff..ahhh..'. Usually, I would just say Im not interested or Im in a rush. But then he told me he was selling spa vouchers. I stopped walking and turned to look at him with a huge smile on my face! SPA VOUCHERS. Really, a girl like me who loves pampering sessions, how could I say no to SPA VOUCHERS! I needed to pay only RM30, and would get 10 vouchers that expires in June 2012. Up till today, I've used 4 already! Sounds like I love the spa that much, yea!
When I first went to the spa with Syu, our bodies really needed some good massage. So I chose Kampung Massage which is deep and strong pressure, good for those who always have backaches like me, while Syu took Swedish Massage, because she never had it before! hahaha.
Embun Day Spa is located in Block E, Level 6. You can see it on your left when you exit the elevator.  The spa is quite small, but cozy enough! I've heard good reviews about the massages here. So why not, right? 

*picture credits to Google.

My masseuse was an Indonesian lady name Kak Wati, such a sweet and friendly lady which made my massage session the best yet! She gave me beauty and health tips while massaging me. I love it when they talk to me,  so that I can distract myself from thinking how painful this massage is. The most sakit part is when she massaged my stomach. She tekan very dalam, but she said it's good so that I'll have easy labor later. Good for peranakan! wow! I give 10/10 to Kak Wati for massaging me very well done!! She managed to lembutkan whatever urat-urat yang simpul, betulkan my back and all. I felt great afterwards! Hilang sakit-sakit belakang semua! Thank you Kak Wati!
Syu loved her Swedish Massage too! She said it was something different, the techniques were a little bit different, but she felt awesome aferwards too! I just love the feeling when you walk out of the spa, that light feeling, you feel like you're a whole new person! Voilaaa.
Our second trip to Embun Spa was a few days ago, joined by Far who was in need for massage too! This time, Syu and Far did Hot Stone Massage while I did Herbal Ball Massage. Oh My God, this was definitely my favourite type of massage. Herbal Ball Massage can cure muscles fatigue, insomnia and backache. There were at times where the herbal ball was too hot, but she told me to inform her if it was too hot, so I did and she put it at the side for a few minutes before putting it back on my body. I really REALLY love herbal ball massage!!! I want to do it again. Syu and Far said their Hot Stones Massage was fantastic too!
Oh, forgot to explain to you the vouchers I bought. There are 10 vouchers. 2 vouchers are free reflexology and Embun Massage for 30 minutes and first trial only. I didn't use those vouchers because 30 minutes is too short for me, hehe so I ignored it. 4 vouchers were 50% off, and the other 4 is buy one free one.

The Voucher Booklet

Some of the vouchers :)

Services at Embun Day Spa! Lovin it? I do!

My first visit which was the Kampung Massage, original price is RM230 for 2 hours. I used the 50% off voucher, so it was RM115. As for the Herbal Ball Massage, original price is RM320 for 2 hours and I used the 50% off, it was RM160. Not bad right for a super good massage! :) Total full satisfaction. Will definitely go again, well I have to use all the vouchers anyway! :)