Embun Day Spa, Plaza Mont Kiara

February 13, 2012

Hi everyone! 
Sorry for being away for more than a week. I was too busy hanging out with my girlfriends, especially with Syu, my best-est friend since I was 7. She's here in KL right now, came back for summer holidays but will leave again to Melbourne in a couple of days :(
We managed to go shopping, eating out here and there, lazing around, and pampering sessions for ourselves. Our choice of the month is Embun Day Spa, located in Plaza Mont Kiara. Honestly, I've never been to Plaza Mont Kiara, but passed it a thousand times, heading to somewhere else. I've heard of this spa when I was asking around and googling what are some of the best spas here in KL. One day as I was walking in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, a man approached me with a huge pamphlet in his hand. My first thought 'Oh no..he's gonna sell stuff..ahhh..'. Usually, I would just say Im not interested or Im in a rush. But then he told me he was selling spa vouchers. I stopped walking and turned to look at him with a huge smile on my face! SPA VOUCHERS. Really, a girl like me who loves pampering sessions, how could I say no to SPA VOUCHERS! I needed to pay only RM30, and would get 10 vouchers that expires in June 2012. Up till today, I've used 4 already! Sounds like I love the spa that much, yea!
When I first went to the spa with Syu, our bodies really needed some good massage. So I chose Kampung Massage which is deep and strong pressure, good for those who always have backaches like me, while Syu took Swedish Massage, because she never had it before! hahaha.
Embun Day Spa is located in Block E, Level 6. You can see it on your left when you exit the elevator.  The spa is quite small, but cozy enough! I've heard good reviews about the massages here. So why not, right? 

*picture credits to Google.

My masseuse was an Indonesian lady name Kak Wati, such a sweet and friendly lady which made my massage session the best yet! She gave me beauty and health tips while massaging me. I love it when they talk to me,  so that I can distract myself from thinking how painful this massage is. The most sakit part is when she massaged my stomach. She tekan very dalam, but she said it's good so that I'll have easy labor later. Good for peranakan! wow! I give 10/10 to Kak Wati for massaging me very well done!! She managed to lembutkan whatever urat-urat yang simpul, betulkan my back and all. I felt great afterwards! Hilang sakit-sakit belakang semua! Thank you Kak Wati!
Syu loved her Swedish Massage too! She said it was something different, the techniques were a little bit different, but she felt awesome aferwards too! I just love the feeling when you walk out of the spa, that light feeling, you feel like you're a whole new person! Voilaaa.
Our second trip to Embun Spa was a few days ago, joined by Far who was in need for massage too! This time, Syu and Far did Hot Stone Massage while I did Herbal Ball Massage. Oh My God, this was definitely my favourite type of massage. Herbal Ball Massage can cure muscles fatigue, insomnia and backache. There were at times where the herbal ball was too hot, but she told me to inform her if it was too hot, so I did and she put it at the side for a few minutes before putting it back on my body. I really REALLY love herbal ball massage!!! I want to do it again. Syu and Far said their Hot Stones Massage was fantastic too!
Oh, forgot to explain to you the vouchers I bought. There are 10 vouchers. 2 vouchers are free reflexology and Embun Massage for 30 minutes and first trial only. I didn't use those vouchers because 30 minutes is too short for me, hehe so I ignored it. 4 vouchers were 50% off, and the other 4 is buy one free one.

The Voucher Booklet

Some of the vouchers :)

Services at Embun Day Spa! Lovin it? I do!

My first visit which was the Kampung Massage, original price is RM230 for 2 hours. I used the 50% off voucher, so it was RM115. As for the Herbal Ball Massage, original price is RM320 for 2 hours and I used the 50% off, it was RM160. Not bad right for a super good massage! :) Total full satisfaction. Will definitely go again, well I have to use all the vouchers anyway! :)



  1. Having been here some time back, I quite enjoyed my treatment.

  2. Glad to know you enjoyed your treatment too :) Yay!

  3. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Fantastic work!


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