Ikea Cork Board (Personalized: PINK)

February 22, 2012

 Hi everyone!
I was feeling a lil bit artsy today because I finally bought a cork board from Ikea yesterday and it looked pretty boring. Don't you think so?

So I decided to splash some colour to make it more 'ME!'

Of course, a hot pink would definitely be my choice!

I used D'ARTE Mural Paint from a stationery shop nearby. Very good quality, the colour applied is the same as what's in the bottle. Im saying this because I've bought some paints that have cheated me :(

A cork board is a must for me, because I tend to forget to use vouchers and stuff because I don't see them, if you know what I mean. I always keep them in my handbag and never check it. With a cork board, Im able to post up whatever I want, and as a reminder!

Here's the final result!

I haven't hung it yet because Im no good in drilling. I need a man to do this, which is my dad. The only man in the house. haha. I hope he will hang it soon..pretty please!

Ikea Cork Board (at Market Hall): RM19.90
D'ARTE Mural Paint: RM2.20

Lina Pumpkin


  1. nice purchase and think maybe I should get one rather then sticking all messages on my fridge with the magnets on it.

  2. Nava.K: I used to stick messages on the fridge too, then it got too messy so I bought this cork board! :)


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