Jonker Walk and Om Burger,Ampang

February 15, 2012

Hi everyone!
Last Sunday, Syu and I were craving for some good food in Melaka. Syu has not been to Melaka in a long time. The last I went there about few months back. With the help of GPS, we managed to reach there safely and tak silap jalan! yay, but there were at times the GPS was being weird, but thank God I knew my way around in Melaka just a little bit. At least! Our main reason was to visit Jonker Walk. I love that place! The vibe, atmosphere, everything is just so much fun and full of cultures!

Actually, I was really craving for some ais kacang, and the famous ais kacang stall is Jonker 88. It's a must if you come to Jonker Walk! A MUST!

I was queueing up when I took this pic! You see...kena beratur tau! That's how laku it is!
My choice of the day. Nata de Coco Ais Kacang..TASTY!

As you can see, this ais kacang stall has a variety of cendol and ais kacang! Memang rugi if datang Jonker Walk but tak try Jonker 88! I said that already..
Potato Spring! so hard to find! I search in KL, can't find it anywhere, even at pasar malams. Finally found Melaka! haha A must try too. and you can choose many flavours. :) pepper..original..spicy..etc.. :)
It was a little bit rainy when we got there so the set up was delayed. Nevertheless, we had a good time eating these snacks. We didn't even need proper main dish for our dinner. HOWEVER... we suddenly felt the craving for some burger Ramly. We decided to head to Ampang, supposedly they have the best Burger Ramly there. My friend, Azleen took me there before and good Lord... the burger is heavenly! SEDAP!! Lain rasanya..because the way the burger is cooked, is totally different! Want to know how? Well you gotta see it for yourself! Google Om Burger, Ampang..and you'll get the address!

la la la la..*terbang*
Lina Pumpkin

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