iCity, Shah Alam

March 26, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!
Last Friday Night, yeah we danced on tabletops, then we took too many shots.
Eh?? No la..I went to iCity with Emma and Nina. It was unplanned at all, first we had dinner at The Humble Chef in Damansara Heights, and we didn't feel like going home yet. So we decided to go somewhere fun, and we thought of iCity. Last time pergi situ setahun lebih yang dulu..time tu got nothing..just trees and lights. But now..wow! There's a mini funfair going on kind of thing! NICE!

While on the way to iCity, we got lost, but thanks to Zaeim (Nina's Bf and Nina's GPS), we managed to find our way and find signboards heading to iCity. Finally after dok pusing satu Shah Alam cari signboard tulis iCity.. Shah Alam, please im begging you! Please put more iCity punya signboards at the entrance of Shah Alam! Orang dari luar Shah Alam tak tau mana nak pi la!! hehe.  Anyway, when we were on the highway, we saw a huge colourful ferris wheel which we thought looked like a gigantic lollipop landed on earth. We didn't know it was iCity's..fingers crossed. It IS iCity's! yay! That's when we knew, iCity dah baru!

Emma & Nina!
Giant lollipop that pops! :)
Can't get enough of the ferris wheel.
There were other rides too, such as:

Merry Go Round 2 tingkat!! First time! :)

Mini swing, pretty much macam at Genting Highland's punya, but smaller, and not that thrilling. Suitable for kids. Tapi kami naik jugak..hehe
The boat thing!

And there are a few more, but mainly for kids. We went around 11.30 pm and it was still opened! Oh ya...semua ni tak free ye. :) And if you're hungry or thirsty ke, no worries ada 7 eleven, and some restaurants :)

Entrance parking: RM10
Ferris Wheel: RM10
Merry Go Round: RM5
Mini Swing: RM5

Alhamdulillah, walaupun skejap je kat situ, tapi worth it :). Lebih seronok kalau dah berkeluarga, bawa anak-anak jalan kat iCity. heheh alamak..dah berangan dah ni..

Lina Pumpkin

Jessie J Live in Malaysia

March 21, 2012

Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to catch Jessie J at Sunway Surf Beach on last Friday! Thanks to my friend, Far for the free tickets! I wanted to buy but I was broke (hehehe!), so rezeki dapat free tix dari Far! Alhamdulillah...  Tapi Sunway Surf Beach ni memang leceh, parking susah sangat. It took us 45 minutes pusing cari parking! I prefer concerts at Stadium Bukit Jalil, parking banyak!

I love Jessie J but Im not a huge fan, so I don't know her other songs. I only know Domino and of course, Price Tag! But with amazing vocals, I did not mind spending my hours listening to her other songs. Although I couldn't sing along much, I was blown away by her performance, showmanship, and definitely her vocals! Damn. This girl can sing!!! And lagu-lagu dia yang lain pun best jugak!!

I took my sister, and Azleen and her sis along with me! We had a really good time dancing to Jessie J's songs! I notice most of her songs are very catchy and upbeat! LOVE IT!

We actually had a very good view of her and quite close, but my camera was being a jerk.

I love her flowy red dress! It's so hot and looks very comfortable. Damn, I want to make the exact same one just for the fun of it! hahah. Jessie J looks really pretty!! She's gorgeous! Did you know that she is really funny? You should see how she interacts with the crowd. Super friendly and sweet :) She's so cool la!!

Thank you Jessie J for including Malaysia in your tour destinations! You made my night! I love you! Malaysia would love to have you again!!

Lina Pumpkin

*some pictures are my own. 
*some pictures credits to Tianchad.com

Jari Spa, Solaris Dutamas

March 11, 2012

Hi everyone!
Last weekend, Leen and I booked ourselves at Jari Spa for a facial and body scrub. I've never done facial before, so I was a bit nervous of what was going to happen. My skin is actually quite sensitive, if the products used are not suitable, my face will itch and breakouts all over for a few weeks :( That's why I've been so afraid to do facial. But I need to do it. Belum try, belum tau kan! 

Jari Spa is located in Solaris Dutamas. Solaris Dutamas is still kind of new, so there are still not many people, and a few stores. But they do have a lot of restaurants, pubs, and beauty centres. 

One thing about Solaris Dutamas, you have to know where do you want to go so that you can find the suitable parking space. If not, you're going to waste your time looking for your destination. And you have to know your destination and know the blocks! 

We took the couple room because well we wanted to do it together. It would be more fun!

The couple room was quite small, but cozy enough for a pampering session! 
Shower tub in the room too!

The spa is of Balinese style and interior.

Pevonia Botanica product range.

There are two branches of Jari Spa and I heard the one in Wangsa Maju is more luxurious, and the Dutamas's is like a mini one. But that doesn't matter! Most important is the service :)

The whole set of products that they use for my facial and body scrub.
We started off with one hour facial for combination skin using Pevonia Botanica products. Oh my..I really love these products! They smell amazing, like flowers! It's like they poured extracts of roses, lavenders and all other kinds of flowers onto my face. Heavenly!

Then, they put on face mask as the finale, before scrubbing our bodies. I chose the Peach Mango scrub! Sadly they didn't have lulur :( But it's okay, any scrub will do because I really needed some scrubbing please! The scrub was 30 minutes, and later they took of the face mask and it was time for shower. Seriously, I could see my daki on the bed. Eerrkkk...malunya!! Badanku kotor rupanya! Tapi sekarang dah bersih! yay yay!
Before you start, you can choose your products at the lounge. Everything smells soooo goooood!

I like this spa. The facial was very well done! I could see my face has less dark spots and blemishes now! My body is totally clean and super soft :)

Happy faces of Leen and I after being pampered!

Jari Spa is like hot cakes. Seriously. You have to call at least 2 weeks before your chosen date because they are always full! woahh!

The therapists are very friendly and funny too which made our spa sessions a fun one!

Total cost:

Facial Pevonia Botanica for Combination Skin: RM89 (1 hour)
Body Scrub: RM 80 (30 minutes)

Web: www.jarispa.com (It's not updated, check their Facebook page instead for service menu)

A2-U1-5, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel:03 - 6205 3624
Fax:03 - 6205 3524

(Wangsa Maju) No. 29, Block 1D,
Jalan Wangsa Delima 12,
Wangsa Maju, 53300
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel:03 - 4142 2533
Fax:03 - 4142 2533

Pammi Beauty Saloon, Bangsar

March 08, 2012

Hi everyone! 
A couple of days ago, I accompanied Farhana to do some bridal henna in Bangsar. It was like a tryout, to see if they can do amazing henna art for her Majlis Berinai in August. Those of you who are not familiar with 'Majlis Berinai', in English is 'Bridal Henna Night'. This event is not compulsary, but it's a tradition in the Malay, Indian, and Arabic culture. Bridal Henna Night happens a few days before the wedding day, and someone will do henna art for the bride, family and friends. 

I love henna so much. I remember buying a number of henna boxes when I did my umrah last two years. 

We went to Pammi Beauty Saloon although I was 45 minutes late. Thank God there were not many people that day so the beauty therapists were quite free. Phewhh...

I forgot to take pictures of the saloon, was too caught up chitchatting with Farhana while my hand is being pampered with henna. haha.

My henna art! I love it! RM15.
Some of the services offered!

 What I love more about this place compared to other beauty saloons I've been to in Bangsar, Pammi Beauty Saloon has manicure and pedicure services too! Oh, and there is a hair saloon at the back! You can get your face work, nails, and hair done all in the same place!

Check out more pictures of the place here http://mykampung-bangsar.blogspot.com/2012/02/pammi-beauty-saloon.html

I will definitely come back here for a full head to toe experience and will tell you all about it! :)

        Pammi Beauty Saloon
No 24-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
(Above Swensen’s)
TEL : +603 2284 5488
Email : info@pammibeauty.com
Web: www.pammibeauty.com