iCity, Shah Alam

March 26, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!
Last Friday Night, yeah we danced on tabletops, then we took too many shots.
Eh?? No la..I went to iCity with Emma and Nina. It was unplanned at all, first we had dinner at The Humble Chef in Damansara Heights, and we didn't feel like going home yet. So we decided to go somewhere fun, and we thought of iCity. Last time pergi situ setahun lebih yang dulu..time tu got nothing..just trees and lights. But now..wow! There's a mini funfair going on kind of thing! NICE!

While on the way to iCity, we got lost, but thanks to Zaeim (Nina's Bf and Nina's GPS), we managed to find our way and find signboards heading to iCity. Finally after dok pusing satu Shah Alam cari signboard tulis iCity.. Shah Alam, please im begging you! Please put more iCity punya signboards at the entrance of Shah Alam! Orang dari luar Shah Alam tak tau mana nak pi la!! hehe.  Anyway, when we were on the highway, we saw a huge colourful ferris wheel which we thought looked like a gigantic lollipop landed on earth. We didn't know it was iCity's..fingers crossed. It IS iCity's! yay! That's when we knew, iCity dah baru!

Emma & Nina!
Giant lollipop that pops! :)
Can't get enough of the ferris wheel.
There were other rides too, such as:

Merry Go Round 2 tingkat!! First time! :)

Mini swing, pretty much macam at Genting Highland's punya, but smaller, and not that thrilling. Suitable for kids. Tapi kami naik jugak..hehe
The boat thing!

And there are a few more, but mainly for kids. We went around 11.30 pm and it was still opened! Oh ya...semua ni tak free ye. :) And if you're hungry or thirsty ke, no worries ada 7 eleven, and some restaurants :)

Entrance parking: RM10
Ferris Wheel: RM10
Merry Go Round: RM5
Mini Swing: RM5

Alhamdulillah, walaupun skejap je kat situ, tapi worth it :). Lebih seronok kalau dah berkeluarga, bawa anak-anak jalan kat iCity. heheh alamak..dah berangan dah ni..

Lina Pumpkin


  1. I've been wanting to go Icity! Did you try the fake snow or ice thing? Haha

  2. haha, I never tried the snow thing. But it looks fun! But of course, must bring more money..this place eats your money! hahaha.


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