Jessie J Live in Malaysia

March 21, 2012

Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to catch Jessie J at Sunway Surf Beach on last Friday! Thanks to my friend, Far for the free tickets! I wanted to buy but I was broke (hehehe!), so rezeki dapat free tix dari Far! Alhamdulillah...  Tapi Sunway Surf Beach ni memang leceh, parking susah sangat. It took us 45 minutes pusing cari parking! I prefer concerts at Stadium Bukit Jalil, parking banyak!

I love Jessie J but Im not a huge fan, so I don't know her other songs. I only know Domino and of course, Price Tag! But with amazing vocals, I did not mind spending my hours listening to her other songs. Although I couldn't sing along much, I was blown away by her performance, showmanship, and definitely her vocals! Damn. This girl can sing!!! And lagu-lagu dia yang lain pun best jugak!!

I took my sister, and Azleen and her sis along with me! We had a really good time dancing to Jessie J's songs! I notice most of her songs are very catchy and upbeat! LOVE IT!

We actually had a very good view of her and quite close, but my camera was being a jerk.

I love her flowy red dress! It's so hot and looks very comfortable. Damn, I want to make the exact same one just for the fun of it! hahah. Jessie J looks really pretty!! She's gorgeous! Did you know that she is really funny? You should see how she interacts with the crowd. Super friendly and sweet :) She's so cool la!!

Thank you Jessie J for including Malaysia in your tour destinations! You made my night! I love you! Malaysia would love to have you again!!

Lina Pumpkin

*some pictures are my own. 
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