Hair Transformation!

April 02, 2012

Hi everyone!
So it was time to do something to my boring hair..colour faded, and hair was too thick and out of shape. This called for some serious hair makeover!
I headed to Onstage Studio at Bangsar (opposite Bangsar Village, next to Papparich). Sadly I forgot to take a pic of the salon, so I can't do a full review on it.

Onstage Studio is not like your typical hair salon, it's also actually a spa and a boutique. Services like nails, facial, massages are available here! Not to forget, they sell jewellery and clothes too! Unique, huh? Wait for it... the best part of it you can order Papparich next door and they will deliver to you, so you can eat while getting your hair done! Woohoo!


This is me before I coloured my hair...years back.

This is me July 2011 - March 2012

And finally, April 2012 till..we'll see how. :)

Im not too sure what this colour is called..but i think it's copper brown with ash blonde highlights? Something new to me..haha.

Cut + Colour including highlights : RM 350

So what do you guys think? To me the highlights are like terlebih terang, but hey no harm in trying something new! :)

Lina Pumpkin