Review: L'erbolario Eye Cream

May 30, 2012

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since the last I did review on beauty products.
I've always had problems with my underye. It's always dry, and when I put on concealer to cover the dark circles and eyebags, it will get flaky at the end of the day. I tried countless of eye treatment products but still no changes. I asked a makeup expert if it's the way I put on concealer that it's not right or what? She said it's my super dry undereyes. Even when she touched my undereye, she said she could feel that it's really dry. So one day, I stumbled upon a cosmetic store from Italy called L'erbolario in One Utama. I was told that this brand has been in Malaysia many years ago but their first outlet is in Bangsar Village and OU is the latest branch.

Consulted with the sales assistant there, and she gave me some eye cream samples to try out for 2 weeks to see if it worked for me. It's amazing how the people here don't try to sell you things, so they give you a few samples to take home :)

Thank you God, my undereyes are better, hydrated, and softer! This eye cream has solved my beauty woes! YAYYYY.

Teach me how to pronounce this. Sounds so exotic ;)

The tube is really small :( It only comes in this size apparently..

All L'erbolario products are in Italian. So if you want to know more, ask the experts there or go online!

Just a small amount is enough to cover your eyes.

L'erbolario Eye Cream is of light base and non-greasy. Works to hydrate, add moisture, tone, reduce wrinkles and eye bags. It contains Camellia (the flower) and Grape seeds.

All L'erbolario products are made from natural stuff, which is suitable for me as my skin doesn't take chemicals too well. I definitely will go back to L'erbolario to try more products. Im a sucker for scented products, so this brand is definitely my kind :) Really..where have I been!

However, this brand is costly..well to me it is. This eye cream is RM120 and it's small, feel bummed out by this but hey, it works for my skin so it's worth the money!

My rate:  4.5/5

For more information on L'erbolario, head over to

I recommend this brand to those who love natural ingredients, scented products, and who don't mind splurging on beauty products like mad!


Beijing Day 3: Jade, Crystal & Pewter Factory/ The Great Wall

May 30, 2012

I've been looking forward to this day for all my life, to see The Great Wall of China, which is one of the 7 Wonders of the world. The Great Wall is further away from Beijing city. About an hour and a half..
But before we started climbing, the tour made a couple of stops to some factories along the way. *Saje nak habiskan our money..haha*

Jade lovers, you may love these because there are tons of jade jewelry and designs to choose from. Expensive, but I was told it brings happiness and good health? Who doesn't want it? Being a girl, I shopped. :)

Making jade!

Jade for Pillow case. Guilty as charged ;)

This is for the face, tegangkan muka anda!

Horses carved using jade. Beautiful and amazing piece of talent and art!
Next, CRYSTALS. I started to feel that this tour was made for women..because come on, jade, crystals, silks.. women love these! Sorry daddy :)

If you're willing to spend extra money on souvenirs, this will be the perfect stop for you!

Gorgeous crystal rings.
Those who are doing wedding preparations, you may want to consider using pewter as bunga telur, that is if you're willing to spend more on it. hehe..I found some pretty pieces that can be used as bunga telur, doorgift and hantaran case at the Pewter factory.

Omg..I would LOVE to have this as my hantaran casing! Gorgeous. But it's so mahal... :(

Thumbs up for this Pewter factory because it has a mosque and a Halal restaurant above the factory. So before we started our climbing adventures, we got our lunch and performed Zohor prayers. Unfortunately, there was some water shortage at the mosque, so kena beratur panjang to perform the ablution. Grrr... this was one of my turn offs of the trip.

About 15 to 20 minutes drive, I could feel the chills running inside of me, the wind got extra strong. It was a good sign that we reached our most desired destination!

Here we are!!! The start of the wall..

Look how steep the stairs are! I was panting already.. My confession, I didn't even manage to finish the first checkpoint. I took this photo when I decided to stop and go down..Couldn't take it. I wasn't fit for this.. :( I was literally shaking in my knees because of the height and the steep stairs, and out of breath too..
Gorgeous view. Look at that..ada orang sampai dekat sana hokayyyy!

This is my certificate ofclimbing the Great Wall eventhough just a few steps. hhehehe.

Tips Day 3
  • Do try to bargain when you shop at the factories. Most of them are crazy mark ups. Know what's worth, and start bargaining :)
  • Make sure you are fit enough if you plan to climb several checkpoints at the wall. Sports shoes or climbing shoes are the best. Flats are dangerous as the steps tend to be a bit slippery.
  • Be careful when taking photos at the steps, the best and safe place to take some shots are at the checkpoints. Do watch your steps! I almost tripped when taking photos at the steps..  :(

Day 2- Summer Palace/Silk Factory/ Pearl Factory/Tea Ceremony

May 24, 2012

About 30 to 45 minutes drive from the hotel, we went to Summer Palace. The wind was crazy cold yet sunny! So misleading... but a beautiful morning indeed! Anyway, Summer Palace is like a garden to the emperors and the royalty where they spent their Summer. Need I say much.. Summer Palace is such a beautiful place to have a stroll, ease the mind, release tension, take a breath of fresh air, and just enjoy the view. Just take a look at these...

The Palace! I can just imagine, sitting at the top of the palace, singing your heart out and hoping a prince charming will come and rescue you...

Gorgeous temple on a hill!
Love the kite :)

My next stop is an educational one, The Silk Factory! Lets learn how to make silk fabric! But before that, lets look at these pieces worn by the emperor and empress!

Beautiful casual outfit worn by the empress
The emperor put this on in times of war
Before we turned into shopping monsters, we were shown a few steps on how to produce silk, a mini demonstration. It seems like it's a pretty tedious job, so no wonder it's full of quality!

There are dead silk worms in there. Errr...
Layers of silk.

Dear fathers/husbands/boyfriends, be prepared to swipe your credit cards and take out some cash because we girls have some serious silk shopping to do! :)

When silk is imported to Malaysia, it becomes really expensive. So since we were already at the place itself, why not spend some moolah on some silk! I bought a few metres of silk to make baju kurung later :)

After 'messing up' the place searching for the prettiest slik designs, it was time for lunch and Zohor prayers. The mosque is one of the most unique mosques I've ever seen in my life. Such a pretty mosque with Chinese elements :)

Gorgeous interior!

Ladies, do you like pearls? I know I do, so the next stop was really my favourite, Pearl factory! There goes the ka-ching. Bought some pearl jewelry!

PEARLS! Straight cut from the oyster! So many pearls. God is amazing!

What's the point of going to China if you don't experience Chinese Tea Ceremony! There was a demonstration on how to drink tea, different tea has different ways of drinking it so it tastes better on your tongue. Interesting! The famous ones here are Jasmine, Oolong, and some wild flower tea.

Don't forget to buy some cute chinese teapots and mugs!

The tower of Oolong Tea!
Tip Day 2:
  • When you go to the factories, don't be pressured by the sales assistants but of course you should buy some stuff as souvenirs, plus they're cheap too! But don't be pressured into buying a lot of stuff. The sales assistants tend to give you this promotion la..that promotion la.. so pandai-pandai la ok!
  • Outside of Summer Palace, there are a bunch of people selling souvenirs. My tour guide told me not to buy from them because they will give you fake money should you need balance from your purchase. I kind of feel bad..they're poor and need money to live.. :( If you want to buy from them, and niat nak menolong, just make sure you pay the exact amount so you don't receive fake money for your balance. Spare some cash in your pocket, do not take out your wallet in front of them. There has been some snatching cases there.

Beijing Day 1 - Tiananmen Square/Forbidden City/Acrobatic Show

May 04, 2012

Hi everyone!
After finishing college in December 2012, I've been bumming around, lepak-ing here and there. Boring, no?Thanks to my parents, they decided to go on a family vacation to Beijing!! Mom has been a huge fan of the Chinese history. She made great conversations with the tour guide by asking questions about the country, while my sisters and I camwhoring nonstop. :)   Look for tips of the day at the end of each post!

When we touched down in Beijing, we were unlucky. It rained heavily and the wind was too strong. Nevertheless, the tour had to go on and not a minute to waste! Thank God I was already in my walking shoes! yippee!  We were greeted by a sweet lady name Helen who would be our tour guide. Oh, and my family took the Muslim tour because it would be easier for us to eat Halal food and stuff :)

Our first stop is Tiananmen Square!

Fighting the wind and the rain! Such funny moments when our umbrellas almost flew away!

The Tiananmen Sqaure has witnessed a number of important events in the Chinese History. It's also one of the gates to the Forbidden City.

Im happy to see beautiful flowers! It's spring anyway :)

Our tour guide, Helen :)
Forbidden City is located near the Tiananmen Square. So we had a 10 to 15 minutes walk. Seriously guys, don't underestimate the amazing-ness of Forbidden City. It's HUGE. While walking in Forbidden City, I couldn't help but thinking in my head 'Where is the exit?' haha. But my tour guide was really helpful and active, she took us to some of the interesting and important sites that we needed to see to save time!

Suka tengok rambut pakcik dalam gambar tu. I love the lion!

Here I am in Forbidden City!

The emperor liked number 9.

This marble is 500 years old!

The concubine's room! Sad story about the concubines, they couldn't go out, just stayed in the room and waited for their 'turn'. Looks didnt matter to the emperor, he wanted smart ones.

This is where the emperor took his evening walk. Beautiful garden!
I think I burnt some calories while walking in Forbidden City. Such a good place to work out, climbed the stairs, hills and whatnot! hehe This calls for a lunch right after!

Headed to an Islamic Chinese restaurant, I forgot to ask the name of the place. :( But anyway, if you're looking for a Muslim tour, your tour guide would most probably take you to this restaurant too because when I was there, I saw a few other tour groups! :)

If you take a closer look. They even served the chicken's head! :) LOL.

We managed to catch an acrobatic show after lunch! China is also famous for its oustanding acrobatic performance. If you can recall the opening of Beijing Olympics, I think it was one of the best opening ceremonies ever! Such talent!

Each of them went through a loop and head stand immediately!

This is one of their taxis other than cars. It's a bicycle + motorcycle in one. It fits only 2 people though and usually for short distance if suddenly you're tired of walking.

Dinner time! What does this say? Can someone translate for me? Is it the name of the restaurant? Leave me a comment!

Blessed. Chinese food is to die for. I noticed veggies and egg is a must! :)
So my first day in Beijing was full of challenges and adventurous! Great start!

Tips day 1:
  • Bring umbrellas eventhough it's Summer or Spring. The rain is unpredictable. My family had to buy 6 umbrellas which cost us 10 Yuen each. Always be prepared ok!
  • Be careful when crossing the streets. The vehicles most likely won't stop for you, and they drive really fast! I kena honk a few times!
  • Timing is crucial. Beijing has traffic jam like all the time. So make sure you plan your timing really well if you're on your own. This is important if you want to catch the acrobatic show. Be there 45 minutes before to get good seats.
  • Always bring wet wipes with you and hand sanitizer. Their toilets are very..uhhmmm... eww.