Beijing Day 1 - Tiananmen Square/Forbidden City/Acrobatic Show

May 04, 2012

Hi everyone!
After finishing college in December 2012, I've been bumming around, lepak-ing here and there. Boring, no?Thanks to my parents, they decided to go on a family vacation to Beijing!! Mom has been a huge fan of the Chinese history. She made great conversations with the tour guide by asking questions about the country, while my sisters and I camwhoring nonstop. :)   Look for tips of the day at the end of each post!

When we touched down in Beijing, we were unlucky. It rained heavily and the wind was too strong. Nevertheless, the tour had to go on and not a minute to waste! Thank God I was already in my walking shoes! yippee!  We were greeted by a sweet lady name Helen who would be our tour guide. Oh, and my family took the Muslim tour because it would be easier for us to eat Halal food and stuff :)

Our first stop is Tiananmen Square!

Fighting the wind and the rain! Such funny moments when our umbrellas almost flew away!

The Tiananmen Sqaure has witnessed a number of important events in the Chinese History. It's also one of the gates to the Forbidden City.

Im happy to see beautiful flowers! It's spring anyway :)

Our tour guide, Helen :)
Forbidden City is located near the Tiananmen Square. So we had a 10 to 15 minutes walk. Seriously guys, don't underestimate the amazing-ness of Forbidden City. It's HUGE. While walking in Forbidden City, I couldn't help but thinking in my head 'Where is the exit?' haha. But my tour guide was really helpful and active, she took us to some of the interesting and important sites that we needed to see to save time!

Suka tengok rambut pakcik dalam gambar tu. I love the lion!

Here I am in Forbidden City!

The emperor liked number 9.

This marble is 500 years old!

The concubine's room! Sad story about the concubines, they couldn't go out, just stayed in the room and waited for their 'turn'. Looks didnt matter to the emperor, he wanted smart ones.

This is where the emperor took his evening walk. Beautiful garden!
I think I burnt some calories while walking in Forbidden City. Such a good place to work out, climbed the stairs, hills and whatnot! hehe This calls for a lunch right after!

Headed to an Islamic Chinese restaurant, I forgot to ask the name of the place. :( But anyway, if you're looking for a Muslim tour, your tour guide would most probably take you to this restaurant too because when I was there, I saw a few other tour groups! :)

If you take a closer look. They even served the chicken's head! :) LOL.

We managed to catch an acrobatic show after lunch! China is also famous for its oustanding acrobatic performance. If you can recall the opening of Beijing Olympics, I think it was one of the best opening ceremonies ever! Such talent!

Each of them went through a loop and head stand immediately!

This is one of their taxis other than cars. It's a bicycle + motorcycle in one. It fits only 2 people though and usually for short distance if suddenly you're tired of walking.

Dinner time! What does this say? Can someone translate for me? Is it the name of the restaurant? Leave me a comment!

Blessed. Chinese food is to die for. I noticed veggies and egg is a must! :)
So my first day in Beijing was full of challenges and adventurous! Great start!

Tips day 1:
  • Bring umbrellas eventhough it's Summer or Spring. The rain is unpredictable. My family had to buy 6 umbrellas which cost us 10 Yuen each. Always be prepared ok!
  • Be careful when crossing the streets. The vehicles most likely won't stop for you, and they drive really fast! I kena honk a few times!
  • Timing is crucial. Beijing has traffic jam like all the time. So make sure you plan your timing really well if you're on your own. This is important if you want to catch the acrobatic show. Be there 45 minutes before to get good seats.
  • Always bring wet wipes with you and hand sanitizer. Their toilets are very..uhhmmm... eww.

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  1. Thanks for all the information. How nice of you. My dad wants to visit Beijing soon.


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