Beijing Day 3: Jade, Crystal & Pewter Factory/ The Great Wall

May 30, 2012

I've been looking forward to this day for all my life, to see The Great Wall of China, which is one of the 7 Wonders of the world. The Great Wall is further away from Beijing city. About an hour and a half..
But before we started climbing, the tour made a couple of stops to some factories along the way. *Saje nak habiskan our money..haha*

Jade lovers, you may love these because there are tons of jade jewelry and designs to choose from. Expensive, but I was told it brings happiness and good health? Who doesn't want it? Being a girl, I shopped. :)

Making jade!

Jade for Pillow case. Guilty as charged ;)

This is for the face, tegangkan muka anda!

Horses carved using jade. Beautiful and amazing piece of talent and art!
Next, CRYSTALS. I started to feel that this tour was made for women..because come on, jade, crystals, silks.. women love these! Sorry daddy :)

If you're willing to spend extra money on souvenirs, this will be the perfect stop for you!

Gorgeous crystal rings.
Those who are doing wedding preparations, you may want to consider using pewter as bunga telur, that is if you're willing to spend more on it. hehe..I found some pretty pieces that can be used as bunga telur, doorgift and hantaran case at the Pewter factory.

Omg..I would LOVE to have this as my hantaran casing! Gorgeous. But it's so mahal... :(

Thumbs up for this Pewter factory because it has a mosque and a Halal restaurant above the factory. So before we started our climbing adventures, we got our lunch and performed Zohor prayers. Unfortunately, there was some water shortage at the mosque, so kena beratur panjang to perform the ablution. Grrr... this was one of my turn offs of the trip.

About 15 to 20 minutes drive, I could feel the chills running inside of me, the wind got extra strong. It was a good sign that we reached our most desired destination!

Here we are!!! The start of the wall..

Look how steep the stairs are! I was panting already.. My confession, I didn't even manage to finish the first checkpoint. I took this photo when I decided to stop and go down..Couldn't take it. I wasn't fit for this.. :( I was literally shaking in my knees because of the height and the steep stairs, and out of breath too..
Gorgeous view. Look at that..ada orang sampai dekat sana hokayyyy!

This is my certificate ofclimbing the Great Wall eventhough just a few steps. hhehehe.

Tips Day 3
  • Do try to bargain when you shop at the factories. Most of them are crazy mark ups. Know what's worth, and start bargaining :)
  • Make sure you are fit enough if you plan to climb several checkpoints at the wall. Sports shoes or climbing shoes are the best. Flats are dangerous as the steps tend to be a bit slippery.
  • Be careful when taking photos at the steps, the best and safe place to take some shots are at the checkpoints. Do watch your steps! I almost tripped when taking photos at the steps..  :(

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