Day 2- Summer Palace/Silk Factory/ Pearl Factory/Tea Ceremony

May 24, 2012

About 30 to 45 minutes drive from the hotel, we went to Summer Palace. The wind was crazy cold yet sunny! So misleading... but a beautiful morning indeed! Anyway, Summer Palace is like a garden to the emperors and the royalty where they spent their Summer. Need I say much.. Summer Palace is such a beautiful place to have a stroll, ease the mind, release tension, take a breath of fresh air, and just enjoy the view. Just take a look at these...

The Palace! I can just imagine, sitting at the top of the palace, singing your heart out and hoping a prince charming will come and rescue you...

Gorgeous temple on a hill!
Love the kite :)

My next stop is an educational one, The Silk Factory! Lets learn how to make silk fabric! But before that, lets look at these pieces worn by the emperor and empress!

Beautiful casual outfit worn by the empress
The emperor put this on in times of war
Before we turned into shopping monsters, we were shown a few steps on how to produce silk, a mini demonstration. It seems like it's a pretty tedious job, so no wonder it's full of quality!

There are dead silk worms in there. Errr...
Layers of silk.

Dear fathers/husbands/boyfriends, be prepared to swipe your credit cards and take out some cash because we girls have some serious silk shopping to do! :)

When silk is imported to Malaysia, it becomes really expensive. So since we were already at the place itself, why not spend some moolah on some silk! I bought a few metres of silk to make baju kurung later :)

After 'messing up' the place searching for the prettiest slik designs, it was time for lunch and Zohor prayers. The mosque is one of the most unique mosques I've ever seen in my life. Such a pretty mosque with Chinese elements :)

Gorgeous interior!

Ladies, do you like pearls? I know I do, so the next stop was really my favourite, Pearl factory! There goes the ka-ching. Bought some pearl jewelry!

PEARLS! Straight cut from the oyster! So many pearls. God is amazing!

What's the point of going to China if you don't experience Chinese Tea Ceremony! There was a demonstration on how to drink tea, different tea has different ways of drinking it so it tastes better on your tongue. Interesting! The famous ones here are Jasmine, Oolong, and some wild flower tea.

Don't forget to buy some cute chinese teapots and mugs!

The tower of Oolong Tea!
Tip Day 2:
  • When you go to the factories, don't be pressured by the sales assistants but of course you should buy some stuff as souvenirs, plus they're cheap too! But don't be pressured into buying a lot of stuff. The sales assistants tend to give you this promotion la..that promotion la.. so pandai-pandai la ok!
  • Outside of Summer Palace, there are a bunch of people selling souvenirs. My tour guide told me not to buy from them because they will give you fake money should you need balance from your purchase. I kind of feel bad..they're poor and need money to live.. :( If you want to buy from them, and niat nak menolong, just make sure you pay the exact amount so you don't receive fake money for your balance. Spare some cash in your pocket, do not take out your wallet in front of them. There has been some snatching cases there.

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