Review: L'erbolario Eye Cream

May 30, 2012

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since the last I did review on beauty products.
I've always had problems with my underye. It's always dry, and when I put on concealer to cover the dark circles and eyebags, it will get flaky at the end of the day. I tried countless of eye treatment products but still no changes. I asked a makeup expert if it's the way I put on concealer that it's not right or what? She said it's my super dry undereyes. Even when she touched my undereye, she said she could feel that it's really dry. So one day, I stumbled upon a cosmetic store from Italy called L'erbolario in One Utama. I was told that this brand has been in Malaysia many years ago but their first outlet is in Bangsar Village and OU is the latest branch.

Consulted with the sales assistant there, and she gave me some eye cream samples to try out for 2 weeks to see if it worked for me. It's amazing how the people here don't try to sell you things, so they give you a few samples to take home :)

Thank you God, my undereyes are better, hydrated, and softer! This eye cream has solved my beauty woes! YAYYYY.

Teach me how to pronounce this. Sounds so exotic ;)

The tube is really small :( It only comes in this size apparently..

All L'erbolario products are in Italian. So if you want to know more, ask the experts there or go online!

Just a small amount is enough to cover your eyes.

L'erbolario Eye Cream is of light base and non-greasy. Works to hydrate, add moisture, tone, reduce wrinkles and eye bags. It contains Camellia (the flower) and Grape seeds.

All L'erbolario products are made from natural stuff, which is suitable for me as my skin doesn't take chemicals too well. I definitely will go back to L'erbolario to try more products. Im a sucker for scented products, so this brand is definitely my kind :) Really..where have I been!

However, this brand is costly..well to me it is. This eye cream is RM120 and it's small, feel bummed out by this but hey, it works for my skin so it's worth the money!

My rate:  4.5/5

For more information on L'erbolario, head over to

I recommend this brand to those who love natural ingredients, scented products, and who don't mind splurging on beauty products like mad!



  1. My under eye is kinda dry too!!! Darn it RM120 so exp!

  2. Good for you Lina. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  3. Do u know if it's tested on animals?

    1. Hi there! Im not sure tho..sorry about that :(


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