Fragonard Perfume, France

October 31, 2012

Hi everyone! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Where are you celebrating tonight? Wherever that you're going for, be safe! I still remember when I stayed in a condo, kids would knock on my door for Trick or Treat. So cute! Now that I live in a neighbourhood that doesn't celebrate it, there's no excitement for me anymore. All these candies I have in my home are for me! haha

Anyway, my lovely Aunty Linda (Do check out her blog for full entries on her luxurious trip) just got back from Monaco a few weeks ago with her family. My family was showered with fragrance galore! One of her stops in her tour was a factory visit which was the Fragonard Perfume Factory. This is France's very own perfume brand. It's not available anywhere else except for France.

I was already in love with the packaging! You can use those as makeup bag as well :)

The miniatures are unisex. It's more suitable for older men and women, as its scent are more elegant and classy. Of course, my parents chose this set! :)

The two individual sets (Mademoiselle Fragonard Riviera & Mademoiselle Amore) are suitable for younger women. Its scent is of fruity and flowers. It reminds me of summertime and garden of flowers :) Of course, I could only choose one, and I took Mademoiselle Amour. It comes with a mirror as well! Now, the bag has become my makeup bag and I've been using the perfume everyday! LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent!! :)

Thank you Aunty Linda and family for the wonderful gifts!

Please click here to know more about Fragonard Perfume. Ladies, be prepared to see such beautiful packaging and sets! :)


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  1. @Alison Alison Yes it does! It's my favourite scent now. Can't leave home without it! :)

  2. This summer when I visited France i bought this Fragonard Mademoiselle Amour perfume and i totally love it :)

  3. @Haly Oh nice!! Totally love it right! The scent is just too good :) Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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