My Top 10 Happenings of 2012

December 27, 2012

In a few days, it'll be a new beginning for all of us. 2013 is approaching (boo you, Mayans!) and I still can't process in my head that my little sisters are growing up, and I am.. well getting old? haha

2012 has definitely taught me a lot about love, life, and the real world. I can say that I travelled a lot this year due to graduation, and was fortunate to visit places that I've been dying to see.. I also got my first job this year and it showed me a lot about the perks and dirts of a corporate world and helped me to see what I really wanted to do..

2012 has been a rollercoaster ride for me - and Im proud to have awesome friends and family by my side to go through the days.

As the year coming to an end, I would like to reminisce and share with you my favourite moments of 2012; where I've been or what I've done.


Here we go!

10) Everyday I'm shuffling... LMFAO CONCERT *dance*

THE BEST concert of the year that I went to ! Danced all night and not even a single song that I stopped dancing. The best part? Everybody shuffled when that song came out. I could feel the thumping of the floors and it seemed like it almost cracked. The atmosphere was out of this world!!..Everybody just have a good time..

9) Interviewing celebrities was part of my job!

I was given the opportunity to interview a number of celebrities for my job..namely Mia Sara Nasuha, Fizo Omar, Elfira Loy, and Kaka Azraff.. Thanks to one of the clients for their amazing projects :) This is a photo of me and Mia Sara Nasuha, one of Malaysia's famous child actress after interviewing her for Hari Raya. Adorable :)

8)  Seawalking in Sabah!

Ahhhhhhh! Nothing beats the joy of waking under the sea! I was like an astronaut but instead of walking in space, I was walking in the clear blue waters of Sapi Island. Such an experience. I love the sea!

7) Sunbathing on the gorgeous islands of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand! 

Just look at the photo. No editing needed. No awesome camera needed. The island is beautiful as it is!! 

6) Pride Festival, London

I was in London in July to visit my friends and of course for holidays. I managed to catch one of the world's most famous events -The Gay Pride Festival which was celebrated everywhere in London. I could never forget seeing cheeky, wild, and sexy costumes worn by men! There are no other days where you see good looking male models strut around London, topless.

5) The FIRST cousin to get married!

 My cousin (the guy in purple with the tengkolok on his head) , is the first cousin to get married. After so much pressure of when is the big day and with who, he finally did it! haha. Who's next? The grandmother is hinting..none other and my elder sister. Long way to go, grandma..

4) The FIRST pumpkin to get married!

My best friend, Farhana was the first among us girlfriends to get married! If this is your first time reading my blog, my girlfriends and I we call ourselves pumpkins, since we were 14? And it got stuck till today and perhaps forever! So don't get confused, because Im not talking about a round orange fruit. Last time we would talk about highschool, and now we talk about marriage! OMG. Now Farhana is 3 months pregnant!

3) I went to Scandinavia!

After used to having a number of Finnish neighbours who happened to go to the same college as I was, I couldn't wait to go to Finland because their culture was REALLY different and I wanted to experience it for myself. Despite the quiet Finnish and individualistic culture, I loved their nature more than anything else.

2) I climbed The Great Wall of China! 

Errrr..correction. I climbed the starting point of The Great Wall of China. haha. Was not fit enough to go up there. I did climb a few steps and was out of breath. Dad took the family to Beijing in April. Subhanallah, Im still amazed on how they built the wall.

Ready to see what's my number ONE???







I finally graduated from HELP University College!! So happy to see most of my coursemates graduated together too! It is undeniably true that your college years are the best years of your life. I was holding back tears on graduation day. Im proud of what I've achieved thus far! Alhamdulillah :)

There you go! Those are my top 10 unforgettable memories of 2012 :)

What's yours? Do share in the comment box below, or do the same blogpost! :)



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  1. Looks like a great year!
    Lots to look back on!
    Thanks for following my blog, I've just returned it, and I just loved the content on your blog!
    Lots of Love,
    Grace X

  2. Thanks so much! :) I like your blog content and good photo quality :)

  3. Great photographs, it looks like you had a great 2012 :) Congratulations on your graduation x

    1. Thanks Heather!! :)
      Also thank you for dropping by my blog :) xx


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