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December 28, 2012

Im all for traditional spas, specifically South East Asian ones like Thai, Balinese, Malay, etc. You won't see me going in slimming centres and such like all those SUPER expensive ones that just want to sell their products, no-oh.

I was browsing Groupon one day and found a head to toe spa package for a cheap price, only RM 64 instead of RM 204 for 2 hours and 15 minutes and location (Kota Damansara)  was the plus point! I didn't hestitate to click the Buy Now button.

Location is the first thing I look for in Groupon. I will only take the ones near TTDI like Bandar Utama, Damansara, Bangsar, Kelana Jaya. haha. What about you? Does location matter to you when purchasing a Groupon? :)

So I booked my session on one fine morning and left 45 minutes prior, though my house is like 10 minutes away because I wasn't sure of the location, not so pro with the KD shoplots. I was looking for their signage "Samporna Sari Beauty & Spa". The spa is located at The Strand, not the Papparich side, it's the Gulati's side. I was going round and round but couldn't find the spa, so I called them for directions. After 15 minutes of looking despite the directions given (boo me), finally found it. It's located next to I-Hotel, behind Kia Motor. You need to take the lift located next to the hotel. I was relieved to see their banners placed near the lift and some posters in the lift :)

The Pamper Package that I bought includes:
  • 45-min crystal saltwater foot soak and scrub, foot mask and massage
  • 60-min full body massage with soothing eye mask
  • 30-min hair and scalp treatment and massage with coconut bath cream and aromatherapy oil
Now let's get into details of my treatment!

*Note that I MAY miss out some details of the treatment because this was done end of October and I can't remember the EXACT details. Spa owner, if I forget to mention some things, Im sorry!! :(


I was greeted by a friendly young lady who told me to get into my treatment room and changed into a robe, and she would be waiting for me at the salon area.

Salon area

1) She started off the treatment by applying coconut oil to my entire scalp. Coconut oil works to reduce scalp itchiness, hair fall, and dandruff problems. I thought this was a good one for me because I do have scalp problem. The therapist did a good job in massaging my head and neck (really needed the neck one!! BLISS!) so that the oil was fully absorbed into my scalp.

Okay as Im writing this right now, I can't remember if the next step was the head steamer or just wrapped my head into a hot towel and proceeded to foot spa... Im sorry, guys. I really can't remember...

Anyway, after hair, I went to the foot spa area where another therapist took over.

Foot Spa & Mani Pedi Area

2) She began by soaking my feet into warm saltwater for about 5 to 10 minutes for detox, to get rid of bacteria, sweat, and dead skin. I like the feeling of soaking feet into warm's like your whole body suddenly feels warm as well.

After foot soak, the therapist scrubbed my feet to slough away dead skin and smooth out rough parts of the feet and massaged it at the same time. Then she washed it off and applied foot mask to complete the ritual of a foot spa. If im not mistaken the mask was green! I felt like Shrek at one point. haha. She left it about 15 minutes, so I took out some magazines while waiting. It was kind of awkward because the spa is pretty much like an open at the foot spa area is located next to the reception and there is no wall between it. While I was reading my magazines, other therapists were chitchatting at the reception.. I just felt awkward because I was alone..I usually go to spas with a friend..

When the mask dried, she washed it off and I was completely amazed by the result. My feet were delicate, fairer, and... clean! I could see that the dark spots that I usually have on my feet are less.

3) Then, I went into my treatment room for a full body massage for an hour. She  massaged my feet and worked her way up. My favourite parts to be massaged are legs, back and head. I feel that hand/arm massage can be painful at times. The massage was alright, the pressure was light because I was on my period..

Treatment rooms

After massaging the whole body, she placed a herbal eye pillow onto my eyes. She left it on for about 10 minutes..I really like this one..the pillow is warm, smells of herbs or tea, really soothing and I feel fresh when I opened my eyes.

4) Lastly, the therapist washed my hair and blew dry it. Coconut oil really made my hair softer :)

Turn Ons:
  • The hair spa using coconut oil was a plus point.
  • Foot mask that worked wonders to my feet
  • Relaxing light massage
Turn Offs:
  • The chit chatting staff at the reception while I was getting my massage done. I was a little bit bothered by that because I could hear every word they said.
Service Quality : 4/5
Spa Experience : 3/5
Ambience : 3/5
Price : $$
Will I come back? : Yes

Rating Guide
1/5 : Poor
2/5 : Fair
3/5 :Average
4/5 : Good
5/5 : Excellent
$ :Budget
$$ : Mid-range
$$$ : Splurge

Samporna Sari Beauty & Spa offers affordable price for its services. Besides individual sessions, customers can book the place for spa parties like bridal showers, birthdays, etc.

They are located at: 
1st Floor, No 58-1 The Strand, Jalan PJU 5/20D Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya

Bussiness hour - Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30am to 8.30pm
Call them now for appoinment : 03-61510302 

Check out their Facebook page HERE for pricing.


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    1. Thank you so much :) I enjoy reading your blog! :) Keep in touch! xo

  2. Ahh.. In need of a good massage too.... :(

    1. hehe go go! This place is affordable, good for those on budget ;)

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  4. Hi Lina, Great review, found it online under spa KD, is it a women only spa or can men go as well?

    1. Hi Peter, sadly this spa has been closed down..

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