Amanda Imani, New Face of ZA & Launch of Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

February 16, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

On 23rd January 2013, ZA had officially launched the brand's new ambassador, Miss Amanda Imani, and ZA's Spring/Summer 2013 makeup collection. Thank you Chan Tsi Ying from Shiseido for inviting me to witness these two important events of the brand :)

Before the official launch started, a number of bloggers were given the opportunity to have a sit-down session with Amanda Imani regarding this amazing news that has sparkled her career.

Amanda Imani is a 21 year-old multi-heritage singer-songwriter, recording artist and an entrepenuer. She graduated from Upper Iowa University in Psycholog&Communications. Amanda's journey as a rising star started off in 2008 when she first performed for a Public Bank event, Show Time.

Following her debut, she was nominated for various awards in 2012 including the Best Local English Album award during AIM17! Her singing career blossomed to fame when she won awards such as the Top 3 Selangor Young Talent Award in 2011, Best Young Talent by World Association of Festivals & Artists(WAFA), Best Original Song award - "Selamilah Cinta" during the 20th International Music Festival Discovery in Bulgaria, and The Best Vocal Award for New Female Artiste during APM 2011.

In 2012,  Amanda paired up with Malique (one of Malaysia's famous rapper), for her single "Cemburu". She also launched her own branding label as the highlight of that year. Amanda just finished her latest English single, 'Like A Boss' that was written and created by her.

Having been a fond user of ZA products, Amanda Imani has been using ZA since she was 17.

"ZA has always  been one of those products that I would always go for because it’s reasonably priced but very good quality. I started using their makeup first and I really like it. ZA’s makeup is very light and not over the top. Im a very simple girl when it comes to dressing up and getting ready so I like something that is easy to put on. ZA has always been the product that I throw into my makeup bag because it’s amazing for people on the go. ZA products are easy and convenient to use and you get a whole range of different colours and textures to work with. It suits my skin type as well," says Amanda Imani.

The rising trend of fair and bright skin, Amanda is the ideal choice to represent ZA's concept, which is young and vibrant beauty.

"Amanda is one of the freshest faces in the entertainment industry and we think she really captures the identity of the brand. Her overall fun, upbeat vibe and down-to-earth personality are very admirable and relatable to most of our consumers these days," says Jane Lee, General Manager of ZA Malaysia. 

"Amanda's fun, bubbly and positive attitude is very ZA. The fact that she loves makeup and skincare as much as her music and that she enjoys sharing her experiences on social media can be very inspiring to people," says Chery Wong, Deputy General Manager of Advertising & Publis Relations.

Im glad I got the chance to talk to her, because she is really friendly, humble and down-to-earth person :)

Cozy place for an interview session.

Besides introducing Amanda Imani as the new ambassador of ZA Malaysia, ZA launched its Spring/Summer 2013 collection too. Let's see what they've got first and we'll get into details later! :)

New Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation and Perfect Fit Concealer

Killer Volume Mascara and new shades for Eyes Groovy

Total Hydration Day Cream and Night Cream White, and BB Cream UV White

Some of the existing products were displayed as well. Totally love the display :) Roses and pink...definitely loving it!

Speech from Jane Lee, General Manager of ZA Malaysia.

Explaining the secrets of ZA's latest collection!

Amanda Imani explained to guests her favourite picks from ZA, accompanied by her friends.

With the marketing team of ZA Malaysia!

As the event came to an end, it was time to makan!The food was so sedap!!! Yes I love to eat!

NOW..let's get into details of ZA's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection! If you've always been a fan of ZA, you gotta add this to your collection, and if you've never used ZA before, I hope this post will make your move to give it a go! hehe.

Here we go!

Killer Volume Mascara (RM34.90)

The secret to this mascara lies in its one-of-a-kind brush that is able to hold up more mascara liquid, thus coating individual lashes evenly. The enhanced formula contains Hollow Air-Fiber that coats individual lashes, giving a darker appearance. It's formulated with Volume-Styling wax and Curl-Keep polymar oil to curl and hold lashes all day long. Eyes will look much bigger and more defined!

Eyes Groovy (RM39.90)

07 Pinkish Brown/08 Clean Gray/09 Wine Red

Adding more shades to the Eyes Groovy collection, these four-colour eye pallette come in shades of neutrals and pinks to complement the season. These colours are suitable for both day and night, and everyday look. It contains Brilliant Powder Complex which gives eyes a stunning glow, Skin Fit formula for easy application, and Vitamin E to nourish eyelids and is dermatologist-tested.

Lip Drops (RM18.90)

11 Sweet Sweet/12 The Pink/13 Crystal

ZA is expanding is Lip Drops collection with sheer shades! It promises to give shiny, dewy and plump lips without any sticky feeling. The Drop Seal formula and Collage gives shine and moisture. The sweet aroma if Lip Drop is a mixture of orange, mixed fruits and flowers! Mmmmhh...sweet kisses, perhaps? :)

Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation (RM36.90-refill, RM 14.00-case)

This gives you the most natural finish. It is lightweight, yet offers high coverage. It uses Micro-Fine Powder to correct uneven skin tone and give radiance to dull skin. The Poreles Powder formula fills in uneven pores for a polished finish. Rich in Water-holding Collagen, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, this enhanced product retains moisture and nourishes skin!
It's Amanda's favourite!

"I enjoy doing my own makeup so that's why Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation is perfect for me. It gives me a natural finish and leaves my skin feeling very radiant and fresh all day long. It also helps to retain the moisture of my skin. So my skin looks healthy and glowy!"

Perfect Fit Concealer (RM30.90)

Blemishes? Scars? Dark Circles? This is your saviour! Formulated with Perfect Cover Powder, this concealer provides high coverage and conceals any imperfection. The Skin Fit Prescription prevents creasing throughout the day. Its cream based spreads easily on skin, besides containing Water-holding Collagen, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid.

"This is my must-have especially when Im travelling. Whenever I don't feel like wearing too much makeup, this conceals blemishes, scars and it certainly helps by covering up my dark circles. I love that it's creamy and when used with the powder foundation, my skin looks especially flawless," says Amanda Imani.

Total Hydration Day Cream White (RM26.90)
Total Hydration Night Cream (RM28.90)
Hydration and whitening in one! What more could you ask for? This is formulated with advanced Double Whitening Complex, a first ZA technology to combine whitening ingredients, Tranexamic Acid and Vitamin C to brighten skin in just 10 days. Infused with Total Hydration signature Amino Mineral Complex, gives more moisture to skin and radiant appearance. It keeps skin protected throughout the day with SPF 18/PA++ and anti-UVA/UVB for the day cream, while the night cream replenishes lost moisture.

Total Hydration BB Cream UV White (RM 27.90)

Skin will stay fresh and matte with 100% natural Oil Control Powder while the Color Control Powder provides higher whitening coverage for spots and freckles. This BB ceam gives skin a natural even-looking finish with brighter, longer-lasting and effective coverage!

Thank you ZA Malaysia for the generous goodie bag and giving me the chance to try out these new products! Will review them soon :)

ZA Spring/Summer 2013 will be available nationwide from January 2013 onwards. 

With fellow blogger, Rabiatul Adawiyah!

She looked stunning, kan!
"Less is more, and skincare comes first," says Amanda Imani.



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