I want to unbox Bag of Love at Delectable by Su!

April 12, 2013

Hello dearies! Great news to all beauty bloggers out there, especially those who are fans of beauty boxes!

The Butterfly Project, an independent beauty bloggers community, is collaborating with Bag of Love this month! An unboxing tea party for Bag of Love will be held at Delectable By Su in Paradigm Mall!

Why I would like to review the Bag of Love and attend the Unboxing Tea Party?

Firstly, I love beauty boxes. You know that feeling and rush you get when you rip off the parcel and find pweeety stuff waiting for you to try 'em out! Oh I love that feeling. Beauty boxes have hit Malaysia like a storm, but what stands out Bag Of Love from other beauty boxes is that, it comes in BAGS! Like a makeup pouch and I find it awesome because you can reuse those bags to keep your makeup and stuff! Cool, huh? I've never got my hands on Bag Of Love yet, so Im keeping my fingers crossed that I get the chance to unbox this one! :)

Secondly, what other better ways to unbox the Bag Of Love than with other beauty bloggers who will go crazy fun together with you! This will be the perfect event for me to get to know other bloggers, make new friends, learn new things about others, and share some beauty tips with each other. I would love to share the excitement and happiness with other bloggers when unboxing the Bag of Love. This will be a nice way to spend my weekend filled with passion and fun! :)

Thirdly, did I mention Im a sucker for tea parties? As a sweettooth and tea person, tea parties make me the happiest girl! I would love to try out Delectable Su yummy treats as I've been hearing amazing reviews from many people :)

If you girls (and guys) would like to join the unboxing tea party, write a blogpost on why would you like to review the Bag of Love and/or attend the unboxing tea party at Delectable By Su. Don't forget to link back to The Butterfly Project's fanpage.

  • Fifty (50) bloggers from Malaysia will be selected to review Bag of Love's April Edition.
  • Out of the fifty bloggers, thirty (30) will receive exclusive invitations to the Unboxing Tea Party held at Delectable Su, Paradigm Mall on 27th April, 2013 at 11am (session 1) or 2pm (session 2).
Click here for more information regarding this contest!



*image credit to Butterfly Project's Fanpage


  1. Dear Lina,

    Thank you for the well-written post about our project and I'm so glad you're a Virgin for Bag of Love! we love virgins..ahem....


    1. heheh no problem Tammy! *fingers crossed* XOXO!

  2. Desserts are the best thing ever, aren't they? I'm such a glutton that I'd bake a pan of brownies and then wolf it down by myself within that hour. I'm so ashamed of myself.. or proud of my appetite. LOLOL

    Good luck dear!


    1. Yeah! Desserts are like sweet escape! Be proud of your appetite! Enjoy life! LOL. I saw 'Sabrina' in the namelist of the winners. Is that you? :)


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